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Before the Racism

(It is recommended that you read Hell on the Streets before reading this, or else many elements may not make sense.)

   Ethan was a happy boy. He was living with his parents in Africa. His parents were missionaries whom were hell bent on helping the less fortunate. In Africa, many people did not have food, clean water, shelter, medicine. Ethan and his parent's wanted to change that. 

   Comfort was not something found easily in Africa. Being there meant no air conditioning, and probably no bathing for weeks. But Ethan didn't mind. He loved helping others. He didn't care what race, what gender, what religion. He just loved seeing a smile on their face.

   Ethan woke up one day in one of the small medicinal building's designated sleeping areas. They didn't have any blankets, just an old sweaty mat on the floor. Sadly Ethan's parents got horny often, and they had nowhere to do it, other than in the woods every once in a while. And when  i say "every once in a while", i mean quite often. So Ethan had the room to himself quite a bit, so he'd masturbate, while thinking about his pet cat. After masturbating all over the sleeping rug, and not cleaning it up, he'd get up, get dressed, and he'd go into the main area of the building, checking to see if they had any patients, or anyone in need of nourishment. Nobody was there, which was odd. Usually Black Bertha was waiting there to give Ethan a hug for helping out her people, but she wasn't there. He felt as if something was off, but he shrugged it off, so he just stood at the reception counter for about an hour waiting for his parents. He was just playing with his balls, while once again, thinking about his cat back home. But he became alarmed when a bunch of black men in camo uniforms busted down the door, and aimed their guns at him. They shouted in an odd language that Ethan didn't really understand. He only knew bits and pieces. But from what he gathered, they said "Let me see that little Nickelodeon girl pussy." Ethan, however, did not have a Nickelodeon girl Pussy. Not knowing what to do other than bending over for them, which he did not want to do, he just got on the floor. He had surrendered. They hog tied him and taking him to their camp.

   Ethan couldn't understand why they were doing this. Why they would just turn on the people who had helped them. But Ethan didn't know that there was a war going on in Africa, and that the niggers who attacked him were different than the niggers  who he was helping. These niggers killed anyone who wasn't wearing their uniforms. The other niggers were peaceful.

   After a while of walking, they'd come upon a camp, that Ethan presumed to be their's. They threw Ethan down on the ground with a bunch of other survivors. Most of the survivors were quiet due to their fear of being shot and/or raped. Ethan look around attempting to get a good lok at his surroundings. His view was limited because of all the people around him but from what he could tell, he was in a village filled with little huts. It was almost a tribal village. 

   The soldiers began bringing people into one of the larger huts against their will. After doing so, a loud gunshot could be heard. Ethan knew what happened. One by one people where brought to the hut, and shot. Then he noticed someone he knew being dragged against his will. It was Ethan's dad. His mom followed soon after. And Ethan could do nothing about it. He began to cry. He had nobody now, and he was probably going to die. Ethan was the only one left by now, other than some ginger kid, who probably has no friends. His bangs were covering his eyes, and he had a green hoodie on. Why he was wearing a hoodie in such heat, Ethan didn't know. They were just about to grab Ethan when there was a sudden gunshot. Ethan couldn't tell what it was, because it was behind him, and he was still hog tied but he saw the soldier in front of him, who was about to grab him fall to the ground. He heard another gunshot, and another soldier fell. Another one. Another one. This continued for a while until nobody stood. Ethan heard someone coming up behind him. He looked over at the ginger kid, who was looking back with his mouth open in awe (because he wasn't hog tied) Ethan felt someone untying him, and one he was free from his bondage, he'd quickly look back at his savior. It was some old guy with an eye patch. The old man had a white beard, and a scar that extended from under his eye patch. However, the scar went over his eye patch for some reason as well. The old man had on some camo army fatigues and some muddy brown boots. Lastly, he had a rifle on his back. Next, he untied the ginger boy, who looked as if he didn't know what was happening. Ethan didn't know what was happening either.

   "Where are your parents?", asked the old man.

   Both of the boys would look down at the ground in a melancholy way.

   "I see." The old guy pulled walkie talkie out of his pocket and began speaking into it.  "Yea.... I took care of the camp. Two survivors. Both kids. Yea. Uh huh... Alright." The old man stopped talking in his walkie talkie to talk to the two boys. "You guys have any family you can stay with?"

   Ethan had no clue about any other family members, and the ginger kid just shook his head.

   "No.", he said, getting back on the walkie talkie. "Alright." 

   "You kids are coming with me."


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