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How can a life be turned upside down? I'll tell you, your parents are killed in front of your eyes without the slightest scruple, luckily I got away with it and I still wonder to this day how a moron can shoot two people within seconds of each other? So my father asked the leader of the gang that murdered my parents to take me under his wing and I was enlisted in a gang! Instead of growing up with my family and not wondering what tomorrow is going to be like or if I have the right to continue living, if I'm going to get shot! I should be living in wealth, in protection and security instead of living in this situation I live from day to day! My father was the manager of a computer database for the whole world and I am the only heiress who will never be able to claim her due! I'm watched, protected and trained for every situation, I'm very good at hand-to-hand combat, I'm also very good at aiming, but the boss's two right-hand men don't want to take the risk of anything happening to me. Am I considered one of them? An intruder who lives with them? I don't know but time will tell me !

Thriller/Mystery All public. © © Tsusuki

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We came out of a charity event where my parents were the special guests of the evening - my parents were financiers because my father had his own business in the computer industry, so he always told me.

- You'll see Kaitlyn later! It's not easy managing the world's data!

- Dad! This is Seattle! Not Washington!

- Yeah, but you'll see! You'll be rich and so will my grandchildren! From my company Collins Inc!

- It's still too early to talk about it Tom! She's only twelve years old!

- Yeah but it's still good to talk about it Sarah! Kaitlyn may be little but she understands everything I say!

We then spent the whole journey in my dad's lovely black car, the one he uses very often for work, so I could get home to see my dog Medor who is a lovely golden labrador, he is very gentle with me and likes to protect me from bad people. My mother stood next to me, unable to take her eyes off her phone, even in the car it was all about work, never taking a break.

- Mr Collins, the guards have just warned me that there may be movement around the house, they say it's best to change your route to the flat which is in the city centre

- Thank you, Warren. Follow the directions then.

- Of course, Mr Collins!

- What about Medor? He'll be all alone.

- My dear, he'll be well looked after by Nicky and then you'll see him tomorrow morning we'll ask the guards to bring him back

- But he won't be here to sleep with me tonight!

- Oh, Tom! Say something too!

- Your mother is right, we'll get someone to bring him back to you in the morning

I loved my dog more than anything, I felt safe when he slept with me I didn't have nightmares, I was also afraid of the monster who changed his hiding place to scare me but he liked to be hidden under my bed following me around

- Mr Collins, we have just arrived, the perimeter has been established by the security company with the support of the police, you can leave without any inconvenience!

- Thank you Warren!

We got out of the car, my father took me on his shoulders as we passed by the photographers who were only waiting to take a picture of Tom and Sarah Collins' daughter with the sweet name of Kaitlyn, but tonight he had many, many more than usual.

I heard a loud noise, I felt my father collapse to the ground followed by my mother, luckily Warren had got out of the car to take me back inside the building. He had fallen to the ground as I could see blood coming from his leg but before he had time to put me down, before he closed his eyes, lying on the ground, I was all alone.

- Did you get it? Why did I hear more than one shot?

- I don't know, Calel, there were too many paparazzi around!

- I think we got the wrong person...

- We'll shoot him at another time, there are too many shots that have been fired to go unnoticed!

- They are the wrong people at all you mean! Look at this battlefield!

- Please...take care of Kate please...said a very weak voice not far from me

- We can still save him, right? Two large hands plugged my ears while I could still hear a word the man said

- No Alto, we can't do anything more, his head just fell on the ground, his torso is flat he just breathed his last...He was a very close friend of the chief if he finds out we'll all be in big trouble so tell me who is the bastard who made the mistake of shooting him and his wife instead of the photographer!

- It's not just a mistake...the shooter targeted them for another reason

- It's Pietro Calel! He says he has completed his revenge and can die in peace!

- Shoot him and tell him that thanks to his efforts we have to take care of a kid whose disappearance will be claimed tomorrow, in the media, the press and all over the world! Put his gun at the crime scene, we'll need a culprit for this mistake!

- But what was he to the chief?" said a man coming out of the corner of the building

- It was his hired financier," the man looked at him.

- Pietro has just been placed at the scene of the crime! He resisted, but this idiot...this moron quickly understood that he had no other choice," said one of the two men, putting his phone in his pocket and looking at me

- Take the girl and let's go!

- I want my dog! I want Medor!" I said, crying without understanding what had just happened

- Alto take care of her!

- We'll have to get her dog back then! It's the least we can do so she doesn't start crying!

- We're doing it in the morning so I'm knackered! No. We're going to do it right now, tomorrow the storm is going to come up anyway and we won't be able to go anywhere so show us where you live little

I had to show the way to my house, when I got out of the big black car I could see the guards who knew me, I went back to my room looking for my stuffed animal and my dog, he wisely followed me to the car. They all smiled at me and waved, I could go out with the dog without being caught or pulled inside the big house.

- Did you get your dog?

I just nodded my head so much that I was afraid to speak, Medor had put his head on my lap as he always did to reassure me, they took me to a place I didn't know it was a very big house hidden in a forest far away from the city, someone put me in a bed with a blanket on the floor for Medor while I would be strong with my stuffed animal in my arms.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of the television on full volume, I sat down on the stairs, I didn't know where I was and Medor had decided to join me. Following the sound I heard, I eventually saw the two men, who took me with them last night, sitting on the sofa.

- The kid is awake Cal

- I never had to deal with a kid Alto! And now admire the catastrophic show!

- NEWS FLASH! The Collins family was murdered last night as they left a Walters family charity event, their bodies were found this morning at the front door of their flat, the driver was badly injured but the worst part of the whole thing is that the sole heiress of Collins Inc. was abducted by individuals no one has been able to identify and the police are investigating...Hold on! I've just been informed that a man was found at the scene of the crime! He was at the back of the building where the tragedy took place...with the murder weapon!

- All because of Pietro who wanted him dead...Now he's had his bloody revenge...Now it's up to us to raise him as we can!

- But you don't think it's a healthy place for her, I mean to grow up, let alone for a kid, we shouldn't...

- If you have another idea I'm ready to hear it!

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