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Dexter Sazuke

Evansville, Indiana. A rather innocent and small city, apart from the roving thugs, giant rats, girl scouts, transgenders, feminists, weaboos, school shooters, and um.. Crazy scientist organizations... Yea.. Not a very good city, actually.. The story revolves around a gang by the name of Satan's Dick Ring, and more specifically, a short teenage boy by the name of Dexter Sazuke, or at least that's what he goes by.. He had been tormented for years by, said, organizations, and plans his revenge. Meanwhile, this organization ends up affecting the gang he's in as well, and they fight along side him. Dexter WILL get his revenge for all the pain they caused him, the depression, anxiety, the sadness.. But will it turn out the way he would like? Or will he loose everyone close to him?

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   Our story begins in a dark bedroom lit only by the bright light of a computer screen. The walls were decorated with posters of anime girls (both young and old) in tight bikinis squeezing themselves in overly sexual ways, detention slips from elementary school proudly displayed as if treasured artifacts, and a picture of Adolph Hitler with a caption that said "Heroes never die" displayed above the computer monitor. The floor was covered in wet and dirty socks used for god knows what, along with countless video games (most revolving around hentai), magazines (also mostly revolving around hentai), and dirty shirts and pants that have probably never been washed. Quite a few pairs of pants had been stuffed with old McDonald's chicken nuggets that our main protagonist probably planned to keep as a snack while in class, but never got around to eating them. A few pairs of unwashed underwear were laid on his desk, T.V., and bed. They were stiff and dirty to the point that they might literally crack into pieces if touched. Those pieces were as sharp as glass and could easily be used to cut yourself if you were in an emo mood. Under his horrific bed that was so unbelievably dirty that it emitted toxic fumes that could kill someone who isn't used to the environment, was a broken sex robot that he had found in an alleyway while chasing an old lady with a bat. After he got her purse he quickly ran off, satisfied with himself. While doing so the robot caught his eye. It was laying in a nasty dumpster along with a homeless man using the robot's artificial boobs to keep him warm. Our main protagonist literally fought the poor man for the robot, but valiantly won after pulling out a switchblade. While it didn't work at all, he was still a horny fifteen year old so he would see what he could do to fix it up, since it was damaged rather badly. On his door was a picture of a cute kitten clinging to a tree branch, but instead of  an inspirational quote being captioned it  said "It's not rape if we're both crying" and if someone were to go into his closet they would be greeted with hundreds of little beady eyes. He kept his marionette collection in there. He was going through some strange phases at the time this collection started. He began listening to heavy metal christian music, and christian rap. He had stopped masturbating attempting to be a "holy being". Didn't last long.

    He had a large T.V. with an xbox 360 hooked up to it.  At his computer desk sat the creature himself in his natural habitat. It was early in the morning and he was about to head off to school, but he woke up extra early so that he could pull a quickie. No Nut November? HAH! More like Nonstop Nut November! You could barely hear the sound on lotion squelching and squorching over the sound of anime girls, who looked  questionably young moaning and screaming. They were tied up so that they couldn't resist the main protagonist in the hentai. It was rape. But it was still hot.

   If one didn't know better, one might think that this room belonged to some sort of pedophile, which would be false, for the most part.This room did not house a pedophile. No. It housed a legend in the making. This boy didn't look like much, but there was much more there than meets the eye. But that's for another time.. 

   The legend's name is Dexter Sazuke. Dexter is a rather short individual, which  he was very self conscious about. What he lacked in height, however, he made up for in intelligence, reflexes, strength, and useless knowledge about mental disorders. Dexter had long brown hair that reached his neck in the back, and covered his ears on the sides. In the front, his bangs covered his eyebrows, and nearly reached his eyes, but didn't touch them. All he did was comb his hair out, and made it into a short of bowlish cut. He had blue eyes that seemed to sparkle in the sun. His skin was rather pale as well. Dexter, to shorten it up, was not hard on the eyes. Not by any means. In fact, it's astonishing that he had never had a girlfriend.

   Dexter was never a hit with the ladies. But, he was also very picky as well. And unlucky. Dexter only liked nice girls that legitimately liked him, and that were kind people. When he did fall for a girl, however, they either rejected his love, or something catastrophic happened..   But enough about that..

   Dexter, like most people, had a secret. Well, in his case, he had a lot of secrets, and not just his loli porn addiction, I'm talking REAL secrets. But, just like his friends all did, you'll find them out in time.

    After he busted a nut he grabbed one of the nasty tube socks off of the floor and he wiped up the evidence, then he putt it on, despite the fact that it had never been washed, yet used for the same purpose several times a day. He stood up and took a step and the sock left a wet footprint. He then picked up another old crusty sock from his putrid floor, but one half of the sock  broke off and the other half stuck to the floor as if super glued. He put on a pair of khakis, and a polo, his school's uniform. He quietly put his shoes on, and left the house without a sound to catch the bus.

   He had to walk about a mile in order for his bus to pick him up. The bus driver refused to go to him. Or anyone else. They all gathered in front of a nearby strip club for old people. The windows were easily seen through, so it was a pretty horrific sight for everyone who rode the bus, especially on Tuesdays when the strippers start having sex with the customers. Thus the name "Touchy Tuesdays".  Dexter didn't mind this walk, though. Anything to get out of his house.

   Dexter hated his parents. His mother was always drunk, and his step dad was just an overall dick. He hated living there, but he had no choice.  He had nowhere else to go, and he didn't want to be a burden to any of his friends. He had to stay.

    Dexter was deep in thought when out of nowhere a large black truck with poorly painted flames on the sides was coming at him. He quickly snapped back into reality and dolphin dived out of the way right as the truck passed. Instead of turning around and charging once more, they just laughed and drove off, yelling things like "Hah! Faggot!".

   "Those bastards."

   Allow the omniscient voice to explain. Dexter's parents don't feed him, because they're dicks. Huge dicks. Huge black throbbing wet dripping hairy cum soaked dicks. They purposefully make Dexter miserable. They both beat him, they starve him, and his step dad even locked him into the basement for a week once. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. In order to provide for himself, he joined a gang with a rather questionable name. The gang was a bunch of highschoolers who robbed people, beat up kids for lunch money, things like that. They weren't proud of it, but it was how they provided for themselves. Everyone that was in the gang had a reason that they were in the gang. And the gang's name? Satan's Dick Ring.

   The name derived from when the leader, who's name is Ikusei, was watching a show on Adult Swim called "Jack and Triumph". Regrettably, the show no longer airs, but there was an episode where Jack and his dog, Triumph, tells Jack's mom that they get kidnapped by a terrorist group called "Satan's Dick Ring". While unoriginal, it is a bit of a tribute to the show. 

   Dexter got up, dusted himself off, and checked himself for scrapes that needed tending to, and then moved on until he saw the usual group waiting for him. His friends.

   "Hey Dexter!", said Josh waving.

   Josh, wasn't attractive, not by any means. He had long dirty blond hair in the same style as Dexter had it, along with beautiful blue eyes (one of the few things that was actually appealing when it came to him). He had mild acne problems, and was having an all out war with the neck beard disease. He had to shave every morning just to avoid growing a nasty greasy neck beard. But, Josh was overall liked by everyone. For the most part. He was funny, kind, and a great ass kisser. His favorite quote was "Overt Flirtation will get you everywhere in life" -Arcade Gannon.  He lived by this quote. He could get whatever he wanted out of girls, and sometimes guys, just by complimenting and flirting. He was the master of manipulation, but he did draw the line when it came to manipulating people into doing certain things.

   "Hey man.", said our main protagonist, giving a weak smile. "Some Reapers tried to run over me on my way here." 

   "Ah, I hate those stupid f@cking faggots! We'll deal with em soon enough, after we shoot up the school..".The area grew quiet. "Awwwww just kiddin!"  Everyone began laughing. The Speaker was Ben. He was the most popular in the group. He had short brown hair, was tan, and had a little chin beard.   He pretended to like sports just to be cool, but really he just loathed such things. He saw sports as an "excuse to play with balls".  But he was a good person and would back any of his friends up in a fight. It really came in handy when Josh got in over his head, when doing things like flirting with the girlfriend of the football team captain. 

   "Guys, we need to burn those guys in an actual fire.", said Sammy. Sammy was the youngest in the group, but that didn't mean a thing. He was short, had the young Justin Bieber hair style, but with black hair. He had blue jeans, and a red Perry the Platypus T-Shirt. He was still a cool guy. He was partly Arabic, and often liked to climb on peoples backs. He spoke very loud as well. Just like his brother. 

   Bean was his brother's name. He was obviously part Arabic (since they were brothers) and he was a mechanic in training. He could fix about anything.  But he also had medical training. So if anyone in the gang needed something fixed, or medical attention, Bean was there, with his face wrapped in an old towel. Did I mention that he was always shirtless? He was always shirtless. Along with old ripped jeans.

   Then there's Jacky. Jacky was also a mechanic, but nobody will let him touch their stuff, ever  since Ken caught Jacky having sex with their bus driver's bus. The exhaust pipe is still stained from that night. As a result of this, he was never let into the gang. He doesn't say much ever. Instead he sleeps. A lot. And flirts with girls that he knows other people have a crush on. He has a faggot haircut that is pretty much just gelling all your hair to the side and lifting up your bangs. He was the definition of faggot.

   Taylor and Sidney were twins. But Taylor had black hair and was a bit chubby.  She was sweet, and cute. Not to mention her luscious breasts. Sidney didn't talk much, but she was cute as well. Neither of these two were in the gang. They weren't much for committing crimes.

   The gang talked about everything from killing homosexuals to Borderlands  to raping children while waiting for the bus driver. The group waited for about an hour before the bus actually came. She came swerving along, and hitting every rodent, every squirrel, every rabbit that she could. The group boarded the bus hesitantly. They all feared the bus driver. Her name was Miss Curly and she was old and wrinkly to  the point that she looked like a corpse. She had two peg legs, and no arms, just nubs, and no eyes. How she was hired, the world may never know, but students speculated that she either had a hot daughter she got her to suck the principal off, or she is banking it. Likely the first reason considering she is working as a bus driver. They boarded the bus and the group went to the back. The back was reserved for any members of Satan's Dick Ring and anyone that they chose to bring. The others knew better than to go back there.

   The bus driver began yelling at the students for having their phones out despite the fact that nobody had one out. Finding something to yell about was her favorite thing to do. And since she was blind she often just had to make up things to yell about.




   This horrific screeching lasted the entire ride. She crashed into the same tree as usual once they made it to school. A tree with a large dent in it, right near the entrance that she always managed to hit. That was their cue to get off. She stared at everyone as they scurried off, despite her being blind. As Sammy was about to get off, she looked at him, grinned, and a giant wart that was on her face burst open and the pus from within the green slimy face bubble got all over Sammy. He screamed and writhed in agony as he literally rolled off of the bus. Dean leaped into action, picking him up and taking him to the most sanitary place in the school: the bathroom. Everyone else hurried inside of the school so that we could get a seat before some black kids steal them.  Dexter should have been worried about Sammy, but there was only one thing on his mind. Surviving the school day.

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