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A mysterious destiny falls on the shoulder of an innocent pastor so as he unveils the true meaning of the Mighty powerful being among us.

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The Lost Land

The Lost Land as it is called by the people living in the present times, full of happy mysteries that you will all want to know even before I start this story that feels to be of all times.

It all started a long time ago when people used white finger magic to cure their diseases and solve various cultural and social problems affecting them. Most of all income was earned here, due to the fact that people come from many miles for healing and protection in this memorable land of Westhood.

Alen, king of the Westhood has two sons Eric and Herol, and a beautiful daughter named Lucia. It is obvious that the first son will be crowned King when the father dies. And today in Westhood King Alen comes out from the openness of his palace looking at the people who loved and appreciated the time he has been ruling Westhood.

The King's broadest smile indicated a good thing to happen today, from the point of view of the city could not be appreciated at any cost one would think.

"Some said I'm a lion," said the king. "However, the people of the east say I am not the King that I deserve to be called and do not have that ability" he continued.

This time his eyes looked up at the blue color of the sky.

"No man has ever preserved so much honor and respect that others even dare to praise him too", The king still insists.

Most of the men and women of the Westhood stood around still waiting for the next words from King Alen. He takes a step forward and the heel of his foot hits the flow.

" My people!, When I turn ninety years old.Now is the right time to let go of the truth that continues to lie in me".

The king now looked sad and endured the sadness that was in him, in other words the truth is killing him from the inside.

"And others think that it is sad. To leave my kingdom, no!", he raises his voice in anger.

"I see the pain, I see the shadows around me, I see..." now the King's voice is getting less and less.

"I don't see anyone but me, cold without bread or honey or breath" he stopped for several seconds taking a deep breath,

"Death is what I see" he finished. The king now gets the situation and moves on.

"No one will escape so I'm happy today, I present my favorite heir of Westwood!,Eric...!"they all applause vigorously along with some of the little girls' word claimed to love this person.

"Yes, yes, yes...he's my son" finished the King.

Eric slowly moves closer to his father's back and smiles too.

"I present the future leader of Westwood, Eric Abraham son of Simba"

The king smiles at the audience and slowly looks at his son. "Welcome my eldest child, speak to them boldly",

The king leaves to walk towards his golden throne painted with lions.

"King Alen the unbroken lion of the west" ,Eric now speaks, the whole crowd loves and admires his father. This makes him feel strong and happy that all he has in his mouth is now that he is about to become King.

"People of Westwood!, together with my father you have done something that has not been done yet, you climbed hills and mountains, crossed rivers, lakes, seas and oceans to become the most powerful kingdom of this century",

People are shouting this time louder than before to hear what Eric is talking about.

"I know the message here is through the finger" The crowd falls silent for a moment and then Eric raises his white finger.

The white finger is what every citizen of Westwood had, this was indicated by black nails on the fourth finger, it cures any problem of consciousness in the human body and there is no place in this world where there is this cure than Westwood.

So people from all over the world came to this place for treatment. Yet this white finger magic binds all kinds of demons and witchcraft in human history. The power of the white fingers differed from person to person as the schools taught how to use this magic since ancient times to that age so they used it as they were told.

But for others, it's a characteristic that they are born with and how learn to use the power in time of their lives. This power is successful in various ways, there are those who are trained to use it in war, namely soldiers,there are healers, magicians and finally the King had a golden finger which is the strongest of all, doing all sorts of things.This is also inherited directly from the King to the prince who aspires to be the next King.

"Once I take the golden finger as the King of Westwood, you will all witness the bravery of Alen's son, hahahahaaa..." Eric cut the sound to continue talking to them.

"Let's wait for my day, when I wear it" Eric speaks loudly at the moment, thanks to my family father, mother, sister and my strong brother Herol"

Eric looked back and nodded to signal his brother to come forward. Herol had never expected such an honor.

"My brother talk to those people", Eric whispers to Herol.

"Hello, I greet you in the name of Westhood", Herol does not have the courage to be with the crowd because he has not been raised to do so since then. His soul is filled with many desires to get this blessed position and he continues.

" My brother here, our family are really good people, for all this time we have ruled in peace and harmony, so we deserve this kind of continuation. And I...a...a..., thank you all for your cooperation, above all all. , thanks to him (laying his hands he started in Eric) our next king" He finished.

The crowd cheered on the King's decisions for that day. Herol's stammering, no one knew where it came from.

It was morning again in King Alen's castle, men and women wake up late because of yesterday's feast, but a big breakfast is always on the table for the king, regardless of how the maids slept or what they did at midnight, it is out of King Alen's order. A few minutes later, Abe's family is at the table ready for the royal meal that was prepared earlier.

"Where's Herol, hasn't he woken up yet?" asked the King. They all look at each other, Eric and Lucia.

"I didn't see him at dinner anyway" replied Eric.

"What about you!" he asked his family more seriously. A little while they asked each other, the conversion started while the King stared at them. He stands-the King.

"You (he points to one of the maids, Hana doesn't answer) look at his bedroom".

The king orders. Two days later Herol was nowhere to be seen in any corner of Westhood, two days left for Eric to be crowned as the next King. The king sat on the big couch in the palace, sitting in anger and sadness. What did the Lion of the west do to his son Herol or who did he do wrong to the point of taking his son.

In fact the King never believed that his son would run away willingly, he gave them all what they deserved as sons and princesses. It is true that it made the king leave angry, he pulled the blanket down, throwing things on the ground in anger. His heart turned to stone wondering where he would find his son.

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