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Why does the world seem to always be against us? We lead different lives, yet in the end, we’re all the same.

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Lloyd Ogawa

"Let's make a promise to each other... You and I are going to be friends forever!" The young girl sticks out her first, stubby pinky extended.

"You make it seem like we're going to die or something." the male laughs, and the girl huffs. Upon noticing that the girl was serious about pledging their allegiance with their fingers, a small smile plastered onto his lips. His pinky extends and her face instantly lights up with excitement.

"You have to keep your promise! You have to!" her lips pressed together in seriousness. The boy lets out a loud laugh, throwing his arm over her shoulder and nodding his head.

"I promise we'll be together forever."

The girl scowled. Why did I have to remember such a stupid memory right now?

She sighed. If only she knew back then, how stupid and naive she was. How despicably innocent her childish aspirations were, that a stupid promise made by clasping their pinkies together was a contract set in motion. When she was growing up, she wanted to be a princess or a superhero. But boy was she wrong. She was far from it. Present her would probably laugh in younger her's face.

Promises were stupid. They were never kept. Through consistent trial and error, she had learned it the hard way. But it would be hypocritical of her to say that she had never made a false promise because at the end of the day she was human. But to her, it was almost despicable to think that she was exactly what she hated. The type of personality that she hated the most.

Though she knew how much she despised it, nothing could stop her heart from fluttering so disgustingly whenever someone promised her something. Her face would flush and her eyes would begin to water. And no matter how many times the voice in the back of her mind would yell at her to run away, that it was a trap. She couldn’t help but believe every single word they would say.

And this would probably be her downfall.


The classroom was littered with whispers and murmurs of the students. They stared at her as if she was a character straight from a movie. Yet she remained nonchalant. Could she blame them? Half of her face was destroyed. Skin disturbed and scarred, flaking at the corners of her left eye. The scarring had barely begun to set in place, thus there was a large skin-colored bandage that needed to hold her skin together so that it would heal properly. Her hair was short near her scalp, and it pathetically couldn't hide the rest of the wounds that went up to her ear.

She was thankful for the private school-style uniform she had on for shielding the rest of the students from the rest of her left side, which quite frankly was not in the best shape she could hope for. It would be for the best to spare the other students from prolonged trauma.

“Go ahead and introduce yourself to the rest of the class.” the teacher motioned, starting at her expectingly. The warm expression on her face was enough to help the girl’s slight nerves settle down. She inhaled deeply, then exhaled immediately after.

“I-Uh...okay. Uh... my name is No- It's Lorelei.” her voice was dry and raspy, eliciting gasps from the students who quite literally couldn't have had a single idea of what she would sound like.

“Alright Lorelei... take a seat in the back, next to Lloyd.” the woman states. The girl nods her head, taking a second to scan the entire classroom. From the corner of her one good eye, she could see a pale hand raise.

The male in the back of the classroom waves his hand, motioning her over towards him. Cautiously, she makes her way down the aisle scanning the rest of the faces that she probably had to make herself acquainted with.

She felt awkward. Way more awkward than she did when she attended [Information Deleted].

Lloyd was an attractive young guy. his hair was silky, as the color of fizzy champagne, swept to the side. His skin was pale, dusted with a rosy blush against his cheeks. His almond-shaped eyes stared up at her curiously, eyelashes fluttering ever so slightly in her direction, and his expression was curious.

She can feel his gaze run up her entire body and swirling all over her face, more specifically at her damaged skin and it felt like his eyes were picking at her bandage, pulling it off to see the horrendous injury. She purses her lips, places her bag on the desk, and takes a seat. His gaze lingered on her, and his body physically squirmed to accommodate where she was sitting. Lloyd stared directly at her, making little to no effort to hide that he was looking at her.

Lorelei maintains her stare towards the teacher, who was writing down mathematical formulas on the board with a black marker. In the corner of her right eye, Lloyd's face stayed in her direction.

“Stop looking at me.” the dark-haired girl states in a barely audible whisper, that only he could hear.

“Sorry,” he replies, promptly smiling at her. His voice was sultry, like an audiobook reader. It was deep and alluring, yet smooth like butter. Lorelei scrunched her eyebrows towards the teacher; the woman now solving the formula she had written down. And it was almost immediately, that Lloyd's weirdness was shoved out of her brain, instead replaced with one of the only things she allowed herself to bring from whom she used to be. Her hatred for mathematics.

Lorelei lets out an annoyed huff, unzipping her bag and digging around for a pen and a notebook.

Her book was found instantly, but she couldn't say the same for her writing instrument. No matter how far she dug into her bag, she couldn't seem to find the pen that she specifically remembered tossing into her bag. The brunette, purses her lips, turning towards her weird seatmate. His eyes met her own, and he gave her another smile. Lorelei felt a chill run up her spine, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood.

"Do you have a pen?" She asks quietly. His head tilts to the side, blinking at her. Lloyd then nods his head, picking up his bag from the ground next to him, shoving his pale hand into one of the outer pockets, and retrieving a black fountain pen. He carefully hands it over to her already extended hand, making sure that his hand grazed her own ever so slightly. Her eyebrows furrowed again, this time in complete disgust as she snatches the pen from him.

"Thanks." her voice dry and dull. Lloyd nods his head, glancing down at the sheet of paper he was writing on. He pursed his lips and scrunched his small eyes. He huffs, proceeding to write something down on his paper. Lorelei follows suit copying down the numbers from the board. She could hear slight shuffling coming from right next to her, again adverting her gaze from her paper towards the blonde male next to her. This time he was whispering something to another student right next to him. The girl mentally scolded herself for arriving so late into the year, even if she had no way to control the situation. She already knew that this seating arrangement was going to be rather, annoying.


The class ended way faster than she could've ever hoped for. Lorelei began to shove her notebook back into her black bag when Lloyd glanced up at her. He hadn't put anything away at all.

"Hey, a new girl... What class do you have next?" He asks, his voice again giving her a slight shock.

"Huh? Me?" The girl raised an eyebrow at him, looking around to make sure she heard correctly.

"Yeah, you. No one else here is new." He laughs, bringing his fist up to cover his mouth politely. Lorelei scoffs loudly, rolling her eyes.

"Does that matter to you?" She sucks her teeth, prompting him to laugh again. The student next to Lloyd stands promptly, extending his hand for him to shake.

"Alright, man. I'll see you later." He states and Lloyd nods his head, shaking his hand in return.

"Alright, man...Of course, it does. You look so eager to leave." He then turns and grins up at her. She blinks.

"What about you? Why haven't you packed up yet? Don't you have another class after this?" She stops momentarily, her hand pressed onto her hip, as she peered down at him.

"Oh, me? I have a class. It just happens to be in here... So I don't have to leave. Don't have to move a muscle... but you, do. And I'm nosy." Lloyd's cheeky smile never faltered. Lorelei couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"I have English." She states and his cheeky smile turns into a smirk. The brunette stared at him expectingly.

"You know what's crazy, new girl?"

"Please don't tell me we have the same class again." She whines, and he remains silent. Lorelei feels a sensation of despair wash over her entire body, as she flops back down onto the chair.

"We're going to be the best of friends, new girl." He places his hand on her shoulder comfortingly. Oddly enough, she felt the calmness that he was exerting be absorbed into her skin. And for a moment, she almost smiled at him. Almost.

It was safe to say that Lloyd wasn't as annoying as he was during their math class. During English, he was calm and quiet. Reserved if you will. His attention was 100% on the board and on the teacher, who it was obvious had a tad bit of favoritism towards the blonde. The female students in the class turned their attention solely onto him whenever he raised his hand (which was quite often), their expressions radiated mesmerization, faces flushed ever so slightly. The girls giggled whenever he cracked a horrible joke and they were quick to shower him with compliments. It was impossible to not see him soak in the attention. Like it was his skill. During their lesson, the teacher passed out an assignment that would prompt them to work together. Almost immediately the entire female population in the class had crowded around their merged desks, so much so that her desk was moved and she has shoved abruptly to the side. Lorelei let out a small huff, snatching her bag off the ground, readying herself to go around the class and pair up with any of the other students (who were all guys) who stared at Lloyd with envious and stern looks. That was until she felt a warm hand clasp around her wrist.

She had no idea what possessed her, and in the heat of the moment, the girl violently snatched her wrist back with such force that the person jerked forward from the sheer amount of strength in her heated thrash.

Lloyd just so happened to be the victim.

Almost immediately she had around 15 pairs of heads snap in her direction, murderous looks in their eyes. All of the girls stared at her with the same amount of viciousness as a rabid dog, practically foaming at the mouths. She would be lying if she said she didn't feel the slightest bit intimidated by the situation. She glances down at Lloyd who was rubbing his arm to alleviate a bit of the pain.

"Let's work together new girl." He chokes out. All the girls, including Lorelei, stared at him with mirrored expressions of confusion. They all let out a collective:


"I want to work with you, new girl. Come sit back down." the blonde pats the seat next to him, beckoning for her to come back. Hesitantly, she makes her way back to her desk, sitting down cautiously.

"You want to work with me? Really?" safe to say she was a bit skeptical, and rightfully so. There were so many girls around them, he didn't have to choose her at all. They were all probably thinking the same thing too.

"Yeah really. I told you, new girl. You and I are going to be best friends, I can even introduce you to my other best friend! You're going to love him, new girl!" He grins, the scowl on his face melted away.

Lorelei maintained her confused expression. This guy is so weird.

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