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The Mzimelas

My natural hair is so nappy that I spent the better part of last night styling it.

No black woman has business doing her natural hair in the morning, especially if going for an interview.

The frustration can drive a saint mad but I'm glad at how it turned out, it's a little 'here comes the bride' but I've styled it neatly with intricate twists that meet in the end to make a nice bun.

Lindzy advised I wear a wig because well, it's much more appealing and feminine, so he claims.

Fortunately for me Noxolo took all my wigs last week to wash, dye and style because apparently they looked like dead rodents, sigh....

I don't even know why I love her.

I've paired my high waisted beige pants with a white turtle neck and my knee length beige Coat, and a simple necklace and stud earrings.

I look bomb no questions asked and I've researched the company and the position I applied for so much that at this point I'm pretty sure the job is mine.

It was somewhat hard to research the brothers, they live very private lives. Other than the youngest's lavish lifestyle that's all over social media.

The speculations of white collar crimes are just that, speculations, no case, no reason just rumours.

I'm rather early but what the heck, you can never be too sure with Joburg traffic, rather not take the chance.

As I get out of the car, I spot one of the three brothers, it's clear that it's the 2nd one, that's how much I've looked them up on the Internet.

They seemed very dignified and ooze power, but up close he's not that poised.

He' built like an athlete, no that's too generous, he's broad, thick and tall like how someone who used to be an athlete would look like.

The line where fat and muscle meet have now been blurred, his short hair is unkept and and he's in all black and smoking, while scrolling through his phone.

Whatever dignity I'd adorned them with has gone

No way in hell this man is smoking weed at 10:30 in the morning, not that weed itself is the issue.

I enjoy a joint every now and again (every 2nd day at this point) but this is different, it's a job interview for crying out loud.

All this effort to look good and now I will probably be interviewed by someone who's high.

I still want the job though

A smart person would make small talk maybe by pretending they don't know where they're going, but not me.

I don't know how to play cute and charming to save my life and the email clearly stated 3rd floor and the receptionist will be there expecting me.

He's staring right at me with a bored look, as I walk towards him (the entrance door) I greet good morning and the bundle of joy merely nods with an


Mnx I walk past

"Miss Zungu, you barely have enough experience for this position," he rudely states.

Firstly, why is he even here!

The interview started at 11am and the youngest brother Nsizwa has taken a liking to me.

He has already hinted that the job is mine, matter of a fact when this cave like man walked in, we were done with the pleasantries and about to part ways.

He doesn't give me a chance to respond and while looking at his brother with annoyance, goes on to say

"I swear it's like y'all advertised this post at Rockets or something" he shakes his head and looks at me

"You have a Utube channel?" The bored look on his face throws me off

"Yes, is that a problem" I ask with a straight face

"It's a free country, it doesn't affect me so guess not, it's not a problem" he says sitting down looking at Nsizwa's Ipad

"Lesedi here is more than a uTube Star, I think she'd make a great addition"

" Star? With only a thousand followers, mnx please man Nsizwa don't patronise the girl.

Lesego, I'm sure you're a nice girl but we running a serious business here.

Slay queens have been coming in here all morning and it's clear that when my brother was tasked with getting this position filled, he just threw flyers at the club, and here you guys are now''

The whole time he's spewing all this nonsense he's scrolling through the iPad. Focuses on something on the iPad, expands an image and lets it go again, after making a questioning frown at the iPad.

I know it's either my CV or the questionnaire that Nsizwa was filling in for his other brothers who missed the interview, at some point I'm sure he recorded it as well.

"I'm sorry if my brother misled you, you're just not what we're looking for''

His tone is softer almost apologetic and his raspy voice doesn't sound as rude as he initially was, whatever he saw on the ipad softened him a bit.

Finally he looks at me giving a fake smile that barely moves his face or show his teeth and I realise the job really isn't mine.

I know he is the Alpha amongst his brothers even though he is the 2nd eldest, his lazy red eyes an indication of him being indeed high seem cold.

His beard though full and thick is also unkept, and his brown skin has a few frackles around his nose and just under his eye, not a lot though, they could even pass as beauty spots.

For someone so wealthy I would have expected him to be, I don't know... Somewhat well taken care off, this infront of me is nothing short of a has been ladies man and well if the job isn't mine. I'm not one to kiss ass

"The name is Lesedi, and as much as you're entitled to your opinion, given that it's part your company, it's downright disrespectful that you'd miss the whole interview but somewhat come to that conclusion.

This position was sent through one of the best recruitment agencies with a 2 week, 2 stage qualifying criteria, before even securing this ghetto ass interview. Obviously you wouldn't know that considering you didn't take the whole thing serious enough to be clear headed, or bother with a shower"

Now I'm on my feet and with these heels on and the two of them seated, I feel powerful and refuse to be intimidated by trust fund and corruption money.

"Oh and for you to reduce to me nothing more than a club groupie/ slay queen is sad but no jab because it simply means I look good.

You wouldn't know that though since you're nothing but a pot head who wouldn't know what cleaning up well looked like even if it was staring him right in the face" Nsizwa rubs his cheek covering his mouth as he holds back a smile.

Phakamile isn't amused but more shocked and confused than angry, he must not be used to people telling him where to get off.

I reach out my hand to a smirking Nsizwa and thank him for his time, he stands and holds my hand longer than necessary as his smirk becomes a full blown smile.

He is a beautiful man, 2 or so shades lighter than his brother, troublesome and charming just by the look in his eyes. He thanks me as well for coming in.

I may be annoyed but I still have manners, with my head held high I walk out.

Fuck! I hate being taken out of character, I really thought this job was mine, it's upsetting.

From the research I've done, the 2nd eldest seemed more put together than the other two, only for him to be the reason I don't get the job.

To think I had hoped for him to be the one that interviewed me, what a joke.

Maybe him only being on LinkedIn was the red flag, this isn't how it was meant to go but I refuse to be hurt by this, good thing I took leave instead of just resigning, and still have two whole weeks to strategize my next step.

I was only going to resign at my current job after I've been paid but I may have to add sick leave when the 2 weeks is up.

The place is too toxic no amount of money is worth working there.

Noxolo is unreachable while lindzy is at work and going home now will just have me in my feelings.

Driving people around seems like the perfect distraction, I'm still at Zencourt Office Park, which is also owned by the Mzimelas.

The app pings the minute I turn it on,

great it's a trip to Pretoria, good money and weirdly enough the person requesting is 15 metres away, a Mashaba.. okay.

He better not want to talk all the way there, I think to myself as I drive to block 13.

Clearly the brief when they were building this office park was Eco-friendly, the buildings are devided by mini bushes, most of the parking is underground, only guests park outside.

There's even trees on top of the buildings, I knew the brother's dabbled in property but this is something else. The buildings are mostly tinted glass and steel than concrete.

You wouldn't think it's June with all the greenery and flowers, money well spent, sigh...

I would have loved to work in a space like this, maybe even take walks during my lunch breaks...

Lufuno Mashaba is already waiting by the carport.

He keeps checking his phone then the number plate so I know It's him.

His cologne speaks for him, fresh and a little sweet, he only greets after closing the door and making himself comfortable.

"Hi, I have sanitiser, wet wipes, packet of nuts and water if you'd like some, check the pouchy thing behind the the seats" I respond back

" That's considerate thanks, do you mind if we pull up to the garage (gas station), I need some painkillers. I have a terrible headache" he asks as he gulps half of the 750ml bottle of water I had offered.

Honestly I mind, I get paranoid as a woman driving Taxiezy, what if they rob me, or hi jack me and because of that, I never leave my house without the pepper spray keychain and BB gun secured under my seat.

"You're in luck, I got some painkillers", I say already taking them out the glove compartment, he downs two after having the nuts, no questions asked.

It must be nice being a man, just taking pills from strangers, but I'm glad he does

"I see why you're rated 5 stars, this is nice, thank you'' he humbly says

"don't mention it, would you like to connect to aux or bluetooth for music" I ask driving out of Zencourt

He says silence is fine since the painkillers haven't kicked in yet... oh but they're already are, I can tell because his voice is a lot lower and deeper.

Honestly they're more sedatives than painkillers, more opioids than paracetamol.

As predicted he is out cold just as we get to the N1.

I love long trips, it's good money and I get to explore different towns and suburbs.

Every once in a while I'm taken down town or to the township but fortunately nothing eventfully bad has happened so far.

I'd hate to use the bbgun or pepper solely for the fact that it maybe used against me too.

The first time I used the babygun on a human was on my ex Rampedi, back when he was just a classmate, in my defence he came running towards me after dark and I mistaken him for a tsotsi (thug).

To think he was running to give me my house keys that I had dropped on the carpeted classroom, poor guy.

I knew he was a keeper when he reassured me, it was fine really because no woman living in South Africa should be walking around without some type of protection.

If I had known he was going to break my heart the way he did, I would have shot him twice, preferably on his balls.

So naive to think he was going to be my first and last, Bawo ( lord).

I catch myself smiling at how I've grown in the past 5 years since I met him at Wits.

We were both doing the Wits-plus part time course, him majoring in psychology and I in Marketing.

He left after the 1st semester but not after landing me as a girlfriend and me losing my virginity to him only a month after shooting him in the stomach.

Secretly I was glad when he decided to drop out, I could barely concentrate in class when he was there, new to the sex thing, his mere presence would turn me on, logic and common sense would leave me completely, at some point the man was driving my car.

During the day he'd have the car while I rub my thighs together just counting the hours before I saw him, not knowing he had a whole fiancée and a 2 year old baby, the baby was 4 by the time I found out about the whole thing.

I only found out about it because his best friend/ bestman posted the wedding pictures on instagram.

The shock of seeing your boyfriend getting married to someone else when you didn't even know you're the side piece.

Oh!! Father god!!!

I ran to the clinic to test for STDs, the minute sanity came to

I spent days clapping my hands once, sighing and going

" wow" "yeeeh" " bawo" "how"

Thinking about it, I was the best candidate

I had 2 jobs, working at a call centre Mon-Fri 9 to 5 and waitressing on weekends and most afternoons I had classes. Never demanded his time and not on Facebook or twitter

After I saw the instagram post I had Lindzy who has facebook, to look him up, only to find his family affair on blast...

hell every 3rd post was about his family... on top of being hurt I was angry at myself for not paying attention for 2 years, 2 whole years.

No one believed me. Sure I barely knew his friends and had only met his siblings but he had never met a single friend or family of mine, I just figured it would happen when we were less busy. He was working as a therapist/ counselor at a high school.

I was too busy to even realise the man is never busy, my calls didn't go through for a week but when I called with Lindy's number it went through.

I'm not the confrontational type and it was clear he was on his honeymoon, so I'd hang up when he answered, not really sure where to start.

I changed my number and moved to a new flat.

3 weeks later he came to my workplace and claimed to have been in an accident and lost all his valuables including his phone.

Imagine!!! Just imagine!! The same car that was parked right outside!!

I lost about 16kg after finding his wedding photos, I had been so sad and depressed I didn't realise how dangerous I could get.

He came just an hour before knock off time, I told him I knew about the wedding and he should just leave.

He didn't

He kept asking reception to call for me so I had security escort him out of the building.

Knock off time came, and I was walking towards the parking lot, I saw that his car was blocking mine but luckily my colleague had parked infront of my car and as he was approaching I had hoped he'd move his car so I can drive off without interacting with this man.

Rampedi got out of his car..

"Baby I can expl" I slapped him silent before he could finish"

"Lesedi I know you're".. Again I slapped him, his eyes changed.

No longer pleading, with his eyes squinted, for a second I thought he was going to hit me back but he just stared in disbelief.

"Kevin please move your car before I kill this man." I told my colleague who also was staring at me in disbelief but luckily he did as told and I got into my car.

The serial cheaterman tried to open it a tad too late as I'd locked it. So he ran towards my collegue and aggressive pulled him out of his car

Going on and on about the bro code and how he was just trying to talk to his woman.

His Woman!!! Where?? who?? What?? His woman?? Those words were my undoing

I'm not really sure how it happened but I got out of the car and started shooting at him, even when he fell to the ground I shot at him and when the plastic bullets ran out I kicked him until the security guards got involved.

They all knew me as the timid soft spoken lady and of coarse I was the talk of the whole building for weeks.

Rampedi kept coming back since there was no other way to contact me but the security guards would threaten him, at one point they called the police on him when he would park opposite the building.

On those days I had to get a lift from my colleagues to avoid him following my car.

There was never any closure, no real conversation after seeing the pictures, the only thing that mattered was the fact that he lied about who he was and hid a whole family for 2 years.

Two months later, I realised it had gotten out of hand when everyone at the police station knew me by name and Lindzy kept insisting he wasn't going to stop. The security guards complained as well about constantly having to chase him away.

I requested a restraining order and when I got a court date, I had it sent to his wife and I haven't heard or seen him since.

Break ups are weird, from sharing your life with someone to becoming strangers instantly.

After that I became a hotter more determined version of myself.

I left waitressing because he would show up at the restaurant too and started driving taxiezy on weekends.

Unfortunately I've also been single since then, but I'm happy, even bought my first house just a few months ago and paid off my car.

Silly how every time I think about the bbgun Rampedi comes to mind...

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