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In the age of the Griffin, star empires exist in the milky way galaxy that often engage in interstellar trade, expansion campaigns and cosmic warfare. Commerce and cultural development among these planetary empires is regulated by an ancient governing body called the Imperium. In their complete control is an exotic metal called Imperium Gold that is so rare and valuable, star empires are known to use this metal to maintain their economies.

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Nti Otep is my name,

I am a powerful wisdom dragon

blazing in an indigo flame.

My great wings

soar over astral planes,

gliding on cosmic winds of stellar aether.

Seekers of sagas

even serpentine nagas

learn of the tale I tell.

I speak of pleasure worlds,

and seven mystic realms.

In these lands of legend are sparkling springs

pure and clean like wishing wells.

On star journeys I travel there,

breathing cosmic energies

like falcons breathe in air.

I can fly in eight directions

teleporting to anywhere.

My mystic eyes gaze inwardly

beyond the second sight.

The dragon magic I wield

deals a deadly blow,

in a fight where might makes right.

In the age of the Griffon

planet Minix of myth

became rich from thirty six pleasure dome planets.

Their treasure troves would hold

only Imperium Gold

and noble money lords

soon heard news of their profits.

I am Nti Otep,

a watcher and dragon chronicler of this epic.

Like the moon over the ocean

my abode is the sky.

Money traders

call me the Fortune Hunter’s Guide.

For my powers make waves

rise high then fall low

in an ebb and flow as eternal as the tides.

Now listen well,

to the tale I tell,

following along on this mighty quest.

And may strong ale be poured

in taverns where…

Main Star lore is spoken of best. 

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