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Do you want to here a story about a 6 year old girl that has a magical adventure inside a magical mirror? Well here it is! I hope enjoy this fantasy adventure inside a magic place. I hope you like it :)

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Willa Jane Walker

Hi my name is Willa, but people call me Willa Jane. My full name is Willa Jane Walker.

I just need to get one thing straight... I LOVE elephants! Yup, that's right and I'm having an elephant themed party. My party is going to be on my actual birthday, which is October 6th, and guess what... I am 6 years old, isn't that cool! Well I should say 5 and three quarters because I am ALMOST 6!

Well, anyway me and my mom are setting up the decorations for my party. We have blue balloons, an elephant cake, and elephant plates and cups. I'm SUPER excited for tomorrow! Right now I'm getting the guest list ready.

"I'm thinking of inviting all of the girls from my class." I told my mom as she was setting up the dinner table with my blue plates and cups.

"But what about the boys? What if they want to come?" She asked, concerned. "But Mom! I dont want to invite anybody that can ruin my birthday!" I yelled back. "Ok," My mom said with a sigh. "you don't have to invite the boys."

"Yay! Thanks Mom your the best!"

Later that day me and Mom were setting out the the elephant balloons in the living room when the phone rang. When mom got back about 15 minutes later, she said,"Honey, I'm sorry but you can't have you're party."

"WHAT! WHY NOT!" I screamed. "Aunt Wendy is having a party for you at her house." Mom said, sadly. "BUT DIDN'T YOU TELL HER THAT I AM HAVING A PARTY AT OUR HOUSE!" Mom didn't even get to answer that question because I ran to my room before she could.

The next day I decided to wear a shirt that said, DREAM BIG on it and a big, fluffy pink skirt.

When I finished whining to mom, again, about how I didn't want to go to Aunt Wendy's, she took me into the living room and gave me a tiny box with donuts all over it. When I opened it I saw a necklace with a key on it. The key had an engraved message in it that said, LOVE YOU! on it.

"Thanks mom, but you didn't give me anything to put the key into." I said, very confused. " Don't worry, you'll find it out soon." She said, as she took the donut box and set it on the kitchen counter.

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Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
I'm intrigued
March 27, 2023, 07:34
Elliot Jane Elliot Jane
OMG I love the book so far I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!….!!!!!…..!!!!!….!!?????
January 12, 2023, 23:36
Lyra Auburns Lyra Auburns
This is awesome!
December 28, 2022, 13:38

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