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melody was a young girl that was kidnapped when she was born and lived with a man that abused her all her life till she diceded to run away she finder her real family and finds out that her mother and father she dreamed of was murdered and he is mated to this overly protective bad boy

Romance Erotic For over 21 (adults) only.

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chapter 1 prologue

in the dead silence my fear kept me cautious... and i am concealing myself for the time being, so i can escape from my hunter my punisher my abuser, he is my step dad/ adopted dad Eric Raymone Killstone... i found out that i had two brothers one year older and 2 years younger then me. i got in contact with them quickly when i found out i was adopted. when my adopted mother passed away eric went into a depression, but to me he went insane. he made sure i was in pain made me feel broken and he was in control. in the woods i would hide till he got tired and went back, he couldn't keep up with me . i had my own little house in the mountain 8 miles away in nomad's land my cave is hidden behing many tress and i had to climb behind a few rocks behind a water fall, i did make a few hiding holes in the forest if he was close on my tail and was able to hide in them to get way,.. i learned how to hunt and cook and bath myself out here with out getting sick. i got a job working for a ranch owner, i bought his truck and horse trailer and been working on this chevrolet corvair van that was black and red. it was 11:20 pm i wam calm, i dont hear him any where near me or calling out to me anymore. these woods has wolves moutain lions and bears.

i was jumping and swinging from tree to tree when i suddenly hear a rustle noise below, then a howl. and i saw the most viscous and beautiful blue sapphire eyes looking straight at me .... i couldnt move but his eyes were human like and a beautiful sapphire blue, he bows his head and backs away a little showing me he isnt going to hurt me. this was a good sign. when i got down to the forest floor the huge black wolf lays down and crawls in front of me. then i said, "i know that you are a very smart wolf but please don't eat me." he lays his head on my lap. and i scratch his head behind his ears. he purred in delight. then i kissed his head. "im okay now im away he just needs to not find me." i say. he barked ar me then i sratched my head and thought out loud, "what should i call you? ...." he was a beastly wolf no doubt . " beast?" i asked " how about beast boy? " he just gives me a lop sided grin and i chuckle. i get up and start walking towards my cave. as i got inside i gave him a hot dog as a treat , then as i was gonna give him another one he left hearing a howl coming from the distance.

i got dressed in my ninja suit and dark blue hoody and went for a run a crossed the beach that was near my house. as i was walking back i suddenly bumped into someone, "im sorry i didn't see where i was going?" i say softly. he said in a sexy Spanish accent" hi its okay im Blade Hale and why are you out here beautiful all by your self, there are dangerous predator's out here." he was blushing a little when he called me beautiful. then i say," im going on a run and im not afraid of the wolves or moutain lions or bears here ive taken care of myself. but sorry i bumped into you but i gotta go.." i say quickly. he nods then says ," well do you mind if i walk you back, my mother would whoop my ass if i didnt help a girl by herself get home especially in these woods. "

i thought about it and said," ok but give me any reason not to trust you out near my land i will kick your ass. got it.." he chuckled and i see amusement in his eyes but he lifted his hands in surrender and nodded. we walked to to my camp and he saw my truck, " are you in the middle of moving?" he asked, i nodded and said yea im gonna be moving into a near area soon and a new school. ill be 18 in 5 days so i need to finish this last semester." he nods and says cool i just turned 19 yesterday." i chuckle and say, "well happy late birthday blade." he smiles at me.

as i get up to my trailer he says, "well if you want i can get my sister and my friends to come over and help you move, i got land on my property for your horse."

i look at him and said, "sure is you can get threw this mess of a forest. i just need maybe and acre or two if that's enough. come by when you can." he nods and started heading back. i got inside and locked my door then took a hot shower. i kept thinking about the wolf and him. they both have beautiful blue eyes.

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