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Amy is a 17 year old teenage girl with a normal life. She has a wonderful father, amazing friends and a loving but mysterious boyfriend. She then decides to follow Dave, her boyfriend and ends up at a creepy warehouse, just to find out that he's a gang leader. Join Amy as she lands in a world filled with rivalry, guns and scary but hot as fuck guys.

#5 in Teen Fiction Not for children under 13.

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Chapter 1

As I walk down the hallways with a few of my books in my hands, someone grabs my arm and pulls me to the left and my back gently collides with the lockers behind me.

I look up and see a pair of blue eyes staring at my green ones.

"Hey there." He says before giving me a kiss on my lips. After we pull away, I smile and caress his cheek "Hey."

This is my boyfriend, Dave, we've been dating for about three years now since freshman year in high school and meeting him was the best descision I've ever made.

Even though he has 99.9% of the female population after him because of his messy but sexy dark brown hair, electrifying blue eyes, sharp jawline, muscular frame, position in the football team (quaterback), wealthy family and other perfect features about him that are endless... I don't feel insecure or worried if any girl tries to snatch him away from me, because I know he loves me with all of his heart and the feeling's mutual.

"So after school how about we go to..." Dave tries to say but is interrupted when his bestfriend, Cole, walks over to us with a huge grin on his face.

"Hey Amy." He says before he pulls me from Dave's arms into his and squishes me with a tight hug.

"Morning Cole." I pat him on his bicep as he releases me from the hug.

Ever since I met Cole, he's been nothing but an annoying yet funny brother to me. I do not have any romantic feelings towards Cole in anyway, just stating that to be clear.

Before Cole could say anything else, Dave grabs me from Cole and possessively wraps his arm around my waist "Hands off my girl."

I roll my eyes at his protectiveness.

"Relax, dude. Sheesh, are you worried that I'm gonna steal Amy from you because she can't resist any this?" He points his hand towards his body.

He has a point though. Cole has been blessed with charming blond hair and striking green eyes with a ripped body that any guy his age would die for.

"Yeah right. Anyway Amy I wanted to ask if we could...arghh!"

He gets interrupted... again when his phone starts to ring.


Whatever the person on the other side of the phone is saying must be bad news because Dave is furious after he hangs up. His face softens when he turns to me.

"Love, I gotta go, I'll see you soon." With that, he gives me a chaste kiss on my lips and glances at Cole before running off towards the exit.

"Bye Amy." Cole gives me a smile before he follows after Dave.

"But you guys just got to sch..." I try to tell them but they were already gone.

This is the trend now, right? Your boyfriend disappears with his bestfriend for days without an explanation then pretends as if everything's normal when he returns?

During freshman year, Dave always leaves for days in the middle of school but he still gets good grades. I try asking him if everything's alright but he just says "No need to worry about anything, love." Every single freaking time, I'm actually used to it.

I just... as his girlfriend, I'm supposed to know everything about him, the good or the bad but he only shows me one side of his life and... it hurts that he doesn't trust me enough to tell me about the other.

It hurts a lot.

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Sharleen Harding Sharleen Harding
I love the story already, great job👍🏾
September 29, 2023, 13:34

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