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Kim is a 20 year old Male who was kidnapped by his stalker. He never knew he would end up like this on a regular movie night.. Does he fall in love with his stalker..?.. Or meets his painful end..?..

LGBT+ Not for children under 13.
In progress - New chapter Every Saturday
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Blood Money

Hello there-!

My name is Ren. I would like to give upcoming trigger warnings for the book.

- Blood


- Swearing

- Violence

Please make sure your comfortable with this. Thank you for reading and enjoy-!


It was 12:30 a.m.. A Beautiful, Saturday night in Korea, Seoul. It was the type of night where people would get glittery and pretty, grab their bags filled with money and take on the night, but in this case, Kim thinks otherwise. He was sitting was sitting in the front of his small living with a functioning CD player. He was the biggest introvert imaginable. He enjoyed the feeling of shutting himself away with a six pack of beer by his side. He usually rented a movie from the person who lives 1 floor down. Mrs. Ren, she was a old lady who owned tons of movies and was kind enough to let Kim rent it from her, the only thing Kim dreaded was that all the movies were Old, sucky classics like 'Sound of Music'. Which was the movie he decided to watch tonight. He wasn't much a fan, but it was the only movie Mrs. Ren had left to offer. He grabbed onto a pillow and opened a bottle of beer. He pressed play on the remote. He scoffed at the low quality, blurrines of the movie even though he was used to it. Small squeaks was heard just outside his window, along with small taps on the glass which made him annoyed every now and then. His window was closed so he assumed it was a bird, peaking on the glass. But it wasn't exactly a bird, Then what's tapping on the window..?.. I can hear you ask, well it's something else. With a hard thud and a bit of strength the window was now opened up. Kim could feel a cold breeze hit him as the window was now wide open. Before he could look to his side he felt a sharp pain in his head, causing him to fall unconscious. A Few hours later Kim woke up in a big room which was only lit up by 1 singular light. It seemingly looked like a small basement. It was rusty and had lots of shelves with different types of books on it. Kim's head was stinging of the pain that.. whoever did this.. caused on his head. He growled in pain as he tried to get up. He slowly rubbed his eyes. He stumbled around the room like a drunk, his hand dragging along the walls as if there was something for him to pull instead he just cut his hand on a sharp nail stuck in the walls, he clenched his wrist and looked at his hand as blood trickled from a 2 inch gap, he winched in pain before wiping the blood on his shirt. Suddenly there were footsteps that walked up to the door “Are you alright in there-?” He asking in a concerning tone.. He opened a small window on the door and looked inside.. “Are you hungry, love..?” He asked Kim and looked down as if he had a plate of food in his hands.. His voice was angelic yet so psychotic... “If your hungry.. I have food I made for you” He said and then awaited Kim response.

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To be continued... New chapter Every Saturday.

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