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Look through the mind of a cancer and his views of sex

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Through the soul

I just want u to feel it, my love, my body I want u to feel my emotions I want u to feel me inside u, look at me look into my eyes and see what I see. Let me feel u, come let me hold u. Deep down inside u know it's true, let it happen. The emotions, the situation. Nobody can control what happens. Let me hold u n never let go. Looking into ur eyes I see what u envision, now let me show u my vision. Look into my eyes what do u see.

The soul wants what the soul wants, the heart want what the heart wants, close your eyes and tell me what your heart wants let ur heart speak to me. Tell me what do u see. Open your eyes look into the stars tell me what u see, don't hide it don't run from it. Tell me what do u see look into my eyes tell me what u see. Let me see what u see through your eyes. Don't speak it. Let ur eyes tell the story u want me to see. The love, the pain the stress let me take it all away. You know u can't hide it.

Let me penetrate your soul, let me help u feel what I feel, see what I see come here baby lay next to me. Don't say a word come let me hold u. Let us stare into each other eyes as we lay together. Baby girl don't say a word let ur body speak for you. Let it happen naturally don't force it. Let it build, let it rise, let it grow.

Did u ever imagine it being this good. Let our souls connect let us be whole. Let ur heart speak to mines. Look into my eyes and you will see the love, the emotions, the dreams I had of you.

By: Cursed Child

Aug. 23, 2022, 9:52 p.m. 1 Report Embed Follow story
The End

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Ny Johnson Ny Johnson
Wow we love it me and my fiancee
April 28, 2023, 00:21