Comiclover23 takes Devin on adventures, but he brings a treasure home, and something surprising happened

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The start of the adventure

During the civil butterfly effect, Starlight time traveled with Kaima.

Kaima brings Ben with her and is on a mission to help Starlight find love to help balance the timeline becomes unbalanced, since Starlight has a broken heart.

Kaima introduces Starlight to a man who has short brown hair, wearing a gray uniform eating a sandwich on the stairs of a museum.

Starlight and the man feel a connection between each other, which slowly repairs the timeline, but since they are from different times, they are at risk of being separated.

Ben breaks his magic object, and Kaima uses her string of blue energy to bring them into the future together a.k.a. Starlight's timeline.

The man is Peter.

Peter and Starlight spend three wonderful days, which turn into years, finally they get married, have Charlie, then have Comiclover23.

Their house is black/purple with clocks around it, in the yard are gnomes, and a big tree with a house-shaped shed.

Charlie's room has yellow wallpaper, posters of Albert Einstein, a glob on a table, a bookshelf filled with chapter books big, small, and medium sized; his bed is regular sized, has a flat screen TV.

Peter's room has blue wallpaper, posters of space, model spaceships, his bed is king sized, has a bookshelf filled with books from every era, dressers, and a TV.

Comiclover23's room has pink wallpaper , a bookshelf filled with comics from DC, Marvel, and other companies, there's also manga, his bed is a normal sized with a cover of white tiger, a closet with many crazy clothes from every show he likes.

Starlight's room has lots of clocks including her scepter, small TV, closet filled with clothes from every era, collectibles of scary movies, and pictures of her family and friends.

Peter works at an observatory, while Starlight stays at home keeping unnecessary company from other dimensions.

Comiclover23, Charlie, Starlight and Peter have been living happy lives together.

Peter would come home early, and Comiclover23 would watch movies with Peter.

Starlight would take Comiclover23 and Charlie on time traveling adventures, this helped Charlie become knowledgeable and Comiclover23 became energetic.

All of them would go on picnics together.

Devin and Comiclover23 met at an arcade.

Devin was dancing and singing, attracting a lot of girls.

Comiclover23 found Devin's voice so he recorded it.

They became quick friends, and played together a lot.

Comiclover23 would share tales of his time traveling adventures with his family.

This time Comiclover23 and Devin are having their own adventure.

September 7th 2050, it's Comiclover23's birthday and he was putting comic books, his phone, and other materials; when he heard a knock on the door of his room.

"It's open", said Comiclover23, still packed.

Peter opens the door, and says "Happy birthday!"

"Dad!" Comiclover23 jumps on Peter's back.

Charlie appears behind Peter, and puts a top hat on Comiclover23.

"Happy birthday, and mom brought a present", said Charlie, giving Comiclover23 a bag.

Comiclover23 looks inside the bag, and smiles, then says "Mom is the best".

"She also told me to tell you to be careful and don't split up, she would've told you herself, but she got pulled into another dimension", Charlie tells Comiclover23.

"Got it, and don't worry, I'll be back in time for my birthday party", said Comiclover23.

"You better be", said Charlie, then walks out the door.

"Charlie, your collection that you asked for", said Comiclover23, giving a bag away.

"Thanks, call when the date is over", said Charlie.

"Charlie!" Comiclover23 blushes from embarrassment, and closes his door.

"Oh dad, I have to go, so here's the rough drafts I said I would let you borrow", said Comiclover23, jumping off his dad's back and handing him stapled papers.

"Okay, thanks", said Peter, but Comiclover23 teleports away with his stuff.

Comiclover23 teleports to the bus stop where Devin is waiting.

"Happy birthday!" exclaimed Devin.

"Thank you", said Comiclover23, then hugs Devin.

"Comiclover23, could you please not hug out of nowhere?" asked Devin embarrassed.

"Why? I always do that", asked Comiclover23.

"Nevermind, let's go", said Devin.

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