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Valeria just moved into a small town with her dad to stay closer to family. She doesn't like it very much though. But when she decides to walk a bit, her whole life changes.

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Chapter 1

Alex and I were running for our lives, desperately trying to get away from that massive, terrifying beast. At first, I was in total and utter panic as I realized the situation was hopeless, but there was no time for that.

I had no idea how long we had been running, but suddenly we came to a stop. I was out of breath and sweaty, but I thought we were now safe. "Are we finally safe?" I asked Alex while we caught our breath. "Yeah, I think so", he said with a smile. We were both extremely relieved and hugged each other tightly, feeling safe and protected for the first time in a long time. It took me a while to open my eyes, but once I finally did, no sound would come out of my mouth. I started punching Alex, so he would realize that the beast was behind him. I pushed his hand away and we began running as fast as we could. I was looking around the forest, searching for someplace we could hide where no one would find us. There were big, ancient trees that gave off an earthy smell, scared animals that looked at us warily from the bushes, and finally, I saw a little, ramshackle house. "Follow me" I said to Alex, pointing him in the direction of the little house. He didn't answer me, but he did as I asked.

We entered the little house, which was in the middle of a secluded forest. There was an old woman sitting outside, "Come in" she said. The old woman was friendly and inviting, and we didn't want to disappoint her. The kindly old woman asked, with a smile, "would you like a cup of tea?" The woman was elderly, with kind eyes and a gentle demeanor. She seemed like the perfect person to ask for tea. I smiled and said with a laugh that I accepted it. I was happy that she offered it to me. I don't think the old woman had many visitors, and she looked very pleased to see us. "What happened to you two?" She seemed to need to talk to someone. "I think we should tell her".

5 years ago...

Today is a very sad and awful day for me, and so I decided to write my thoughts and feelings down in my diary. It's a way for me to process my thoughts and feelings, and come to terms with my pain and sadness.

Dear Poppy,

This is my first entry to this diary, it's my birthday and I don't get to spend it with my friends. Instead, I have to move. I can't help but cry. I wish I could change my dad's mind and convince him to do something different, but you know my dad, and he's set in his ways. He's not going to change his mind. He wants to move to a small, uninteresting city and live there. But a big city girl doesn't belong here. Everything, it's so simple here, and I heard that the hairdresser, here, they only cut your hair. Where is the gossip part? I miss Texas, and I haven't even arrived in the damn city. I don't even know if I could call it a city. We just arrived here, and my dad wants me to help with the luggage. I wonder where our butler is. I miss you and our group of friends so very much.

See you later,


I know for a fact that I will never send that letter, and if I had sent it she wouldn't have answered me. I helped my dad with the heavy luggage, inside my grandma's house. "Hi grandma!" I say as I give her a hug. I love spending time with her.

"Hey sweetheart" My grandma is such a kind and sweet person, she is the only nice thing about today that makes it bearable. I guess I should be grateful for that. I go outside to see how things are and as I step off the house everyone is looking at me, as if they knew I was new, wait, they do. I try to ignore all that, and I make my way to the trees. I enjoy talking to plants, it makes them grow.

I start talking and the more I talk, the taller the tree grows in my imagination. When I open my eyes, I am amazed by how real it seems. I suddenly look around and see that I'm not in the same place I was before. I am dressed in a long, green dress, and I have a sturdy, pointed knife with me. I am ready to protect myself if necessary. I can't look back. I must keep going. I'm not where I was. I get up carefully and start walking. I can hear little noises, but I don't know what they are. Suddenly, I hear a noise, and it gets louder and louder. It's getting closer and closer, and then I see a horse running towards me. It's so beautiful, and it's such a shame that I can't stop. I decided that standing in front of it would be the most effective way to stop it. And I do so, the horse stops. But it seems to be furious. "Hi! I'm Valerie and I need a ride." The horse starts to calm down once he smells my hand. I realize I can't ride a horse, but I still try it out anyway.. It doesn't seem like it should be that difficult. I get on the horse, and I feel free. But when I get in touch with the horse, I can see other creatures, invisible creatures. The horse slowly stops, and I get off it, but still touching it so I can see the animals. They look scared and uncomfortable. I tell them I need to go home, but I don't think they understand me. Then another horse was coming my way, but this time there was a girl on it. "Hi, Do you need help? You seem new!" Another place where it's obvious I'm new. "I mean this forest is so big, I wouldn't know" she added. "Hey, I'm Valerie. I just arrived here, I just don't know how...". She looked like she was nodding in agreement with everything I was saying. And she asked me to follow her, which I was more than happy to do. While she was riding she started talking to me, "I'm Lilith, by the way, nice to meet you." Her voice was sweet and comforting. "Nice to meet you. Do you live here?" I needed to know if I could see my dad again someday. "I live here, but you don't have to! It 's optional. But who doesn't want to live in a forest where everything it's magical and where the plants are alive?" I gave her a kind smile. I wish I could be like that, not look back.

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