Moon Goddess

I was a monster before, in whose life there was no light, only light. Only if  it was just darkness, there was no reason to live, no fear of dying, there was a desire to die. But that too could never be fulfilled. But one day her life would change. If she herself did not even know that she would have the courage to live, her life would change. But she did not stay happy for long. Again darkness came into her life, but this time, along with the darkness, the fire of revenge took birth inside her. Hidden dark secrets, she was bathed in black water, black blood is running through her veins, she was blessed by Satan, an untamed monster. The monster that was hidden somewhere inside has now come out again, and this time it will not leave its prey. She lives with her a nightmare every second, a new family entering her dark life, what new changes her life in a better or worse way and a storm ready to snatch their happiness again, which she never imagined.   "Touch our sister, your soul finds your dead body next to us", Meeting with them is a blessing to me and the biggest regret in my life. They gave me love and happiness again in my life. I've been craving it for a long time. They become my light in my dark world, but they also become my nightmare again, and they also become fuel in file in my life, but soon "I would regret meeting them so badly"

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Part 1


A girl. She is Kang Ava. Her life was not normal but fine until her mother got married to a rich businessman who fell in love with her mother.

They are the rulers of the underworld.7 demons in human bodies. They are the most merciless mafias. They knew nothing but the power and money they loved. They are called heartless not for nothing. They were all fine with money and power, but what will happen when their 'father' suddenly gets married? And to mention a beloved daughter. They were forced to act like normal people in front of new family members.

Secrets are hidden. A new world for both of them.

The girl who, with her mother, traveled to Seoul for the first time. Her mother got to marry the richest man in the whole world. What will happen if she meets them without knowing they are the mafia? And will she be able to take her revenge? As she had thought. Will it be possible for her, you want to know? Let's see. Would you like to join her on her journey?

"This bitch of a sister is really getting on my nerves. Should we kill her?"

"She is doing something for us. I feel home alive inside my heart, Brother"

"We should protect her.”


You want to know. Let's see. Would you like to join her on her journey?

Characters details

Mr. Kim Dong Wook

Mr. Kim Dong Wook is a famous businessman and also known as an underworld Mafia king and he has 7 own children, like a demon in the human body and he has a girlfriend and he loves her so much.

Ms. Kang (AVA's Mother)

Ms. Kang Ye-jin she loved her daughter so much but she hid a secret from her daughter because her secret,, her might, have left her.

Kang AVA

Kang Ava is a 15-year-old young girl and a cold heartless girl who hates her mother and wants to, revenge on her love once.

Kim Elijah

His elder son. His right hand. A skilled gunman with both his hands. The spy of the team. The pillar of the team.His mafia team’s strength. He is so dangerous.

Kim Kai

The brain of the team. The planner. The heir to the throne. The next mafia leader. With a cunning brain, he’s always behind the curtains. Everyone moves according to his demands.

Kim Mike

He’s known as the cold-blooded murderer. He’s merciless. He controls all his father's clubs. A Casanova. His eyes held completely nothing. Like a zombie. But his sharp gaze was enough for a person to shiver to death. He’s the night sniper man.

Kim David

He’s skilled with knives and poison, he’s the softest yet scariest when it comes to his anger. His bright personality hid darkness in his soul.

Kim Jacob

The dealer of the team. He does all kinds of deals, including weapons, drugs, and women. He loves to bathe money, cars, diamonds, money, accessories, which are his life.

Kim Alex

The hacker of the team, he is one of the devils he plays with the human mind.

Kim Jeon

The boy who is good at everything: guns, knives, he baths in black blood. No emotion. A cunning look. His whole personality screams criminality.

Chapter 1

Ava's Pov

good morning cruel world......

Well, what's the time? 6:30 hmm. Why did I wake up early? Now that I have woken up, then I have prepared breakfast for myself and my mother and mother will be very happy to see this, so. yeah...

Then I quickly ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and took a shower. I went to my closet to find an outfit for today. Since I am in high school, we have casual hmm so yeah...

15 min, finally I chose my outfit and did a little bit of light makeup to hide the scar that cut his

wrist last night *heavy sigh* and took my bag and went to the kitchen.

“Come to the kitchen and make breakfast for us.”

[Well, why am I doing all this so-called "breakfast and all”?]

Ms.Kang: Where did the sunrise out today, sweetheart? Come you are making breakfast, and even so early, are you OK sweetie?

Ava: why are you not happy to see me cooking, mother?

Ms.Kang: not actually sweetie. I'm not used to seeing all this. That's why.

Ava: I got up. I thought that you would be happy to see it, but don't get used to it, you will not get to see it every day *cold*

Ms.Kang: all right sweetie*Worried*

“We had breakfast together, then I started preparing to go to college”

Ava: I am going, mother

Ms.Kang: I have to tell you something very important, so come home early today sweetie

Ava:OK mother, you say so

Ms.Kang's Pov

[I hope you get happiness very soon my child. I want to see you happy again. I know Ava, you have not forgotten your past yet. I do not even know whether you will ever be able to come out or not, but I do know this for sure, soon happiness will come in your life and I make sure that no matter what I do, anything, for sure to make, my child again *crying*]

Ava' pov

“I left the house, it is not far from home, so I walked to college”


Finally, I reached it after 20 minutes.

“I went inside the college because I am new here, so first, I went to the principal's office.”

Ava' pov

“I was just thinking of whom to ask, but suddenly someone hugged me so tightly that I was about to fall I the ground, but it was lucky that I didn't fall.”

Ava: Lia Sister

Lia: I missed you so much my baby that I couldn't stop myself

Jenny: no, I miss you, my sweetie

jess: shut up, both of you both forgot that Ava doesn't like skinship

Ava: thank you Jesus sister, will you tell me where the principal is?


jess: sure, sweetie let's go

*Then we went to the principal's office*

Ava' pov

“I went to the office. Everyone else stayed outside of the office”

*I took my schedule and came out of the office. I showed it to my sister but she was not on the same schedule as mine.

Lia: oho nooo, we're not on the same schedule

jess: but no worry, we will have lunch together after the break.

“With that, we left for our classes.”

“I knocked at the door and I heard”

“The teacher said come in, and I went into the classroom and everyone was looking at me but I didn't care.”

Ms.cha: oh, look, today a new student has come to our class. Give everyone your introduction, please

Ava: ok

*Looking at all the students, they said*

Ava: my name is Kang Ava and I’m 15-year-old

Ms.cha: ...........................

Ms.cha:that's all you have to tell

Ava: Yes *looking at the teacher*

Ms.cha: OK then now go to your seat.


I went to my seat and some students were looking at me, somewhere talking to each other, some students were cool in their own world. Some weird people.


???' pov

I was busy with myself, then at the same time a new student came, and she gave her introduction to the class, but I was not interested in listening at all.. But I was surprised when she told her age 15 really 15 means 6 years younger,

Then me wow interesting *smirk*

Back to Ava's pov

I was taking class comfortably when I felt that someone was staring at me. When I looked up at my head, no one saw how strange it was.

???' pov

I was looking at Ava. All of a sudden, Ava raised her head and started looking around and, at the same time, I started looking forward." I'll see you later Ava *smirk*


The two back-to-back classes are over. Now I am going to the cafeteria FINALLY

*little bit tired*

you know...And otherwise what, after all, 2 classes one after the other without a break? What *I am still a kid* you know

"After I finished my classes I went to put my books back in the locker.

then going to lunch"

I finished putting up my books and then someone turned me around and saw Jenny's sister and I gave her a look *what*

Jenny: don't give me that look. I am not a stranger to you *worried*

Lia: we talked a lot. Let's go to the cafeteria, we will sit there and talk while eating.

Jenny: Sister, I don't see this cold behavior of Ava, I want old Ava back as a sister, the one who used to laugh, who cared for everyone. I want my Ava, my baby sister, sister *crying*

jess: I also want to, but I don't know how, but we have to do something to bring back the old smiling Ava, at any cost, no matter what. Now I no longer see Ava like this anymore.

“We were all sitting and having our lunch and we were all eating, so, then Jess's sister got a call.”

Jess: Oh so sorry Ava. We have to leave now. Sorry Ava

Ava: OK *cold and no emotion* and all left

Girl 5: Brother marry me!

Girl 6: Ahh Brother, be my boyfriend!

Girl 2: Brother I love you!

Girl 10: Brother, you are so handsome!

Girl 11: Brother, please be my friend!

"Then seven handsome guys entered the cafeteria and the students were fanning over them like they were idols"

Elijah' pov ..................

“As soon as we all entered the canteen, all the girls present in the canteen started to scream our names when I saw there was one girl who was sitting alone and listening to music and not drooling at us. It's strange for me about because every girl drooled over us. We then got seated in our seats and talked about random stuff,”

Elijah: So, guys, how was your day today?

All expect JEON: good

Elijah: in which world are you lost, Jeon?

JEON!! JEON!!!!!!???? *shout*

Elijah: JEON JEONKKK!!!!!!!!! *SHOUT*

Jeon: huh?

Elijah: what happened?

Jeon: nothing

Elijah: don't lie to me *serious*

Jeon: today a new student came and I found it very strange, even in the introduction, he only told his name and I was more surprised when she told me his age.

Elijah: and what is her age? *Raised an eyebrow*

JEON: 15

All except Jeon: what!!!!!!

Jeon: yes

Mike: who is she?

Jeon" in the corner seat, who is listening to the song with the lead in the ear *point at you*

Elijah: Oh that girl


I am sitting right now, I am alone, so I am just now listening to some song because I needed it right that, but suddenly, I felt the presence of someone in front of me. So, without seeing who it was, I packed my things and put them in my bag, then I quickly got up and started to walk towards the exit............

but............... ................

but normal things never happen to me, like God forgot to write easy things in my life, every worst thing you can imagine has to happen to me only...

I didn't want to, but still slowly turned around to see who it was and I saw 7 boys who I didn't even want to see.

*I tried to lose his grip on my hand because it was hurting badly when the cut. If I didn't get rid of his grip, then blood had come at any time, or say that blood had started to come and I wouldn't want anyone to see that. *

......then he said.......

Jeon: why are you trying to escape from us?

I was busy trying to get rid of his grip. *I hissed in pain*

I forcefully freed my hand from his grip, and put my hand on my back, because my hand was hard bleeding.

Jeon: how dare you?

Ava: *no response*

Jeon: SPEAK * shout*

Ava: *still no response *

“I pick up my bag and again go towards the exit, but again someone stops me.

but this time he pushes me on the floor, which makes my back hit the table hard, but..........”

“I didn't make a voice, then suddenly I felt a liquid pour on me. I looked it was a banana MILK!!! I am already very pissed at them, but I control myself.”

*Alex starts to walk towards her and then bends down to her level* was about to slap me but I yank his hand*

Ava: DON'T. YOU. DARE. DONT CROSS YOUR LIMIT * I said in a threatening tone*

Alex: you can't stop me bitch!!

*As soon as he brings his hand, I lose all my control now, so I tightly put my hand on his neck. I use more force. He will chock* I got up and pushed him back, but I still my hand on his neck.

Ava: DIDN'T I SAID DONT CROSS YOUR LIMITS!!!! *I loudly shouted*

everyone in the room was fully shocked by her sudden reaction and the 7 Brothers were very shocked, but they were getting angry because she was holding their Lil brother.

{...but little did they know what must have been happening to her, what she would be suffering...}

................... Elijah' pov......................

Alex was going to slap her. We were waiting to see her reaction. As soon as he brings his hand to slap her, she yanks it and again Alex brings his hand to slap her. This time she holds Alex's neck. We were shocked and angry and pushed him, still having her grip on his neck, and she then shouted in a deep voice.

Ava: if you want your Lil brother in good then,

DON'T. NEAR. ME *she said in a demanding tone*

“she then bands down to Alex's level and says something”

Ava: if somebody is quiet and not reacting for some reason, they hate creating drama or they have experienced this already, or they are already going through something worse than your imagination, and being quiet doesn't mean they are weak, they are much more than strong than you...and don't take test their silence. *Then I release him from my grip and push him*

and I stared at my hand and rushed to my bag and searched for my tablet and took out 8 tablets and gulped, but it was not working. I couldn't calm down and I sat then and, holding a glass cup in my hand and , break due to the force and my hand started bleeding, too much, and I took one of the pieces into my hand and put another hand and cut it.

Elijah' Pov

As soon as we saw it, we were very confused and shocked about why she was doing it.

Elijah: are you mad? What are you doing Ava? Your one hand was already bleeding so much and you cut another hand. Let me help you?

Ava: don't near me. You are asking me to help when you all started this.

Elijah: OK OK fine. I agree we started first but a lot of blood is coming out of your hand. Please let me do something to stop it. Please Ava, let me do

Ava: it's OK this helps me to calm down *Then Ava's phone rang*

Ava: what the hell do you want? *shout in anger*

???: it's me your mom sweetie. What happened to you? Are you OK?

Ava: m-m-mother?

Ms.Kang: Yes sweetie, what happened? Are you OK?

Ava: no, it's not OK that thing is back, mother, and I can’t calm myself right now. I don’t know what to do please mother, I want you right now. Please, I can't handle it anymore. Please come *crying*

Ms.Kang: w-whatttt wait, I am coming in 5 min.

Ava: OK please hurry up mother *She takes her stuff and goes to the exit*

Elijah: what's wrong with her?

Elijah: I have so many questions to ask her

Big Brother line: me too

Young Brother line: we have to take revenge on her

Author's pov

But little did they know that there was a lot of pain in her silence which, but beyond their thinking, but little did they know what they could see was just the body, because the soul inside it had died long ago, it is not so easy to bring it back somewhere that has been lost. But little did they know there was a strong girl.

who in front of them. She is strong only from the outside, but is completely broken and shattered from the inside,

But little did they know what has been done to her today that has brought back her past, from which she had been hiding since when she was running. She wanted to stay away as much as possible.

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