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Before Henry James became a vampire,he was once a regular boy born to a family of witches. The only boy with no powers. His disappointed parents made him perform tasks that would have been easy if he were a witch-like,for example,moving a picture on its own. But none of these tasks would ever succeed. So they performed cruel acts of torture upon the boy as “punishment”. They could bring him back.Get rid of the scars.They were witches,after all. They could do anything. *From my story “Poppy McLain’s adventures”.

Short Story Not for children under 13.

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A moment of Henry’s childhood

“Alright,Henry,this is the last time I’m asking you.Move that flower from that vase and on the floor.” His Mom said.

Eight year old Henry James was in the living room with his Mother,Angelina James.His father,Johnson James was sitting in the couch,watching them.

His whole family was witches,including his parents,except for Henry himself.

For this,his parents would take him to the basement and torture him if he didn’t perform magic.

Henry kept trying totellthem he had no powers,but they never listened.

So Henry focused on the flower in the vase that was sitting on the table,holding back tears as it stayed put.

He knew what would happen next.

His father grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him to the basement,followed by his mother.

This is what happens to brats like you!”He yelled,throwing him against the wall.

He grabbed a spoon and scooped out his eye,then,his Mom pinned him to the ground,took a knife and sliced his throat.

His father came back with another knife and cut his stomach open,in a perfect,straight line.

Henry could feel the agonizing blood pool around him,it was no use calling for help.He would die soon and then his parents would just heal him again with their powers like nothing happened..this was his always had been..

…Surely,there was no way he could stop it..

Blissful,blurry darkness.

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The End

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Samantha Roberts I’m going to write paranormal,romance, and horror stories.Not for kids under 13.Have a good day.

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