Myaleka and Myleka are twins living with their aunt and figure out a big secret about their mon

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A new beginning

So. Have you heard of twins, you know two siblings that look exactly alike, but act differently sometimes.

Well, I have a special story about two siblings who are twins, they live in a normal town around the time 2050, twenty years after the Humans vs Aliens war.

In this town, there is a big tower, prisoners that holds mostly masterminds, some of them are immigrants,normal, and a child.

There are mansions, regular houses, and a school in the middle, where the big tower is twenty feet away from the school.

Now to the home of the twins, a purple brick house designed like a mansion.

Upstairs, there's the room with a bunk bed, where the twins are sleeping, when the sunlight from the curtain comes on the face of the twin on the bottom bunk.

That twin has straight black hair kind of sophisticated, wearing a red pajamas, who's started to open her eyes.

That twin crawls up to the ladder, where her sister is sleeping.

This twin has long black hair kind of spiky, wearing blue pajamas.

The first twin taps on her sister's shoulder, which made her turn away.

The twin tries to wake up her sister again, her sister turns away again.

The first twin screams into her sister’s ear, sounding like a bird.

The second twin wakes up, saying “Myleka, what the heck!”

“Myaleka, it’s time for school, and if you think about going back to sleep. Aunt Mina is making her famous peach pancakes”, Myleka told Myaleka with a smile.

Myleka climbs down, then Myaleka tries to jump down instead she’s flying.

“What the?”questioned Myaleka, seeing herself levitating.

Myleka looks up in awe, climbs back up the ladder, and grabs her sister.

Myaleka lands on her pillow slowly, having the biggest smile on her face.

“Myaleka, are you okay?” asked Myleka, concerned.

Myaleka stops smiling, and says “Did you see me? I was flying in the air”.

“Yes, I saw, it defies all logic”, Myleka answered, acknowledging what he saw.

“How? People have discovered the technology to fly, except I didn’t use technology”, Myaleka realized.

Myaleka and Myleka hear their aunt call breakfast.

Myleka unknowingly runs fast as a cheetah downstairs, which scares Aunt Mina.

“How did you get here so fast?” asked Aunt Mina.

“Umm...the smell of delicious pancakes filled my interest and turned to speed”, Myleka lied.

Myleka twitched, showing she is lying.

Aunt Mina notice Myleka twitching, and asks “What's going on?”

“Nothing, just excited for school”, Myleka smiled, nervously.

“Okay, where’s your sister?” questioned Aunt Mina, suspicious.

“Here”, muffled Myaleka, with a mouth full of pancakes.

“Alright, well you better pick out your clothes for school, after your done with breakfast”, Aunt Mina reminds her nieces.

Aunt Mina has long brown hair in a bun, green eyes, wearing a business outfit, a bracelet with a UFO attached to it, a silver ring, and purple heels along with an apron, She is hiding her tail and cat ears.

Aunt Mina kisses her nieces on the head, holding a cup of coffee, and walks into the living room; sitting on the couch.

Myaleka with her fork grabs two pancakes, and puts into her mouth,while Myleka starts to eat her pancakes, while Myleka is gracefully cutting pancakes.

Myleka starts to eat her pancakes, when she sees a small bright green light coming from a coat on the kitchen counter.

“Aunt Mina, your phone is vibrating”, Myleka called.

Aunt Mina put her coffee down, pause her show, and walks into the kitchen; she gets her phone, and her coat, then goes back to her show.

Myaleka stands by her sister, showing her a holographic image of men and women with unique powers, known as mutants.

Myleka obviously recognized it, Myaleka guesses that she might be a mutant; a type of a mutant, that is born with the powers, which Myleka finds might be true.

Myleka grabs Myaleka’s hand, taking her upstairs, and pick out some clothes.

Myaleka puts on a white shirt, and blue shorts.

Myleka puts on a red shirt, and black skirt.

“So, what did you find out?” asked Myaleka.

“It rare, but most of the percent of mutants, earn their powers by radioactive energy or genetics”, Myleka explains, while showing a holographic images of mutants at young ages from 10 to 17.

“Does that mean our mother or father, is a mutant?” asked Myaleka.

Which Myleka was thinking too.

Together, they burst into laughter and walks downstairs.

By the door, there are two bookbags, one is blue and the other is green.

Myaleka takes the blue one, Myleka takes the green one, and they put on their white sneakers.

Aunt Mina hugs Myaleka and Myleka, watching them walking to the bus stop.

Myleka pushes the ‘T’ on the bus stop sign, that teleports them in front of the school called Si-Haimi multi-school.

Before Myaleka and Myleka enter the school, a shadow appears.

The person on the shadow, is a girl who has green hair, wearing a red shirt, dark blue jeans, and blue shoes. This girl’s leg leaning on a skateboard, and says “Hi”.

“Hello, I'm Myaleka, and this is my twin sister, Myleka”, said Myaleka, shaking the girl’s hand.

“I’m Fika Dem, I'll be your guide, come on, follow me”, Fika Dem tells them, as she opens the door.

Inside the school is a trophy case, gymnasium, along a hallway, and on the ceiling; there is painting of cartoon characters.

Myaleka reaches into her pocket, getting a camera is about to take a picture, when a flash blinded her, which makes her drop the camera.

The flash is shown to be coming from a blond girl wearing glasses, a red sweater with hearts, orange pants with stars, and boots, who’s holding a camera.

The girl smiles,shakes Myaleka and Myleka’s hand,and says “Hello, I'm Diamond Celler, owner and creator of Celler News, you must be new. It’s very nice to meet you”.

“You too, i’m Myleka and she’s my sister, Myaleka”, replied Myleka, rubbing her eyes.

“Twins, amazing. Do you everything together? What’s your favorite color? Don’t leave out any details”, Diamond Celler exclaimed, with a big smile, and taking a bunch of pictures.

“Myleka, could you answer these questions, please my eyesight is really bad right now?” asked Myaleka.

Myleka wipes her glasses, puts them on, and takes a deep breath.

“Yes, we do everything together, my favorite is blue, my sister’s is green, and we need to get to breakfast. Fika Dem, if you please”, answered Myleka, just as fast as Diamond Celler.

Myleka takes her sister’s hand, following Fika Dem to the cafeteria, which has a fountain, there are tubes, a stage, kids at two different sets of tables in group, 20 or more.

“It easy, just tap this blue button ask what you want to eat, and it will appear”, Fika demonstrated.

“Thank you”, Myaleka and Myleka said in unison.

“Your quite welcome, the kindergarten table is over there, bye Myaleka and Myleka”, Fika Dem waved away.

The kids at their table look at them with interest.

Myaleka and Myleka sit down, in-between a girl with short black hair, wearing a black jacket, grey t-shirt, green pants, and red shoes, and a boy with brown hair, wearing glasses, a scarf around his wrist, red hoodie, blue jeans, and blue shoes.

There’s also a girl with silver hair, wearing a phoenix-like gown, and moon-crescent shoes, a boy with brown/black heart-shaped hair, wearing a black shirt with yellow stripes, white pants, and golden sneakers.

A boy with red hair, wearing a red t-shirt with polka dots, midnight blue jacket, yellow pants, and black shoes with a boy with brown hair, has antennas, lizard eyes, wearing geet/white shirt, black pants, star-related shoes, and has a python tail.

“Twins, very rare”, said the silver-haired girl.

“I’m Harmony, it’s nice to meet you”, says A boy with red hair, shaking Myleka’s hand.

“I’m Comiclover23”, smiled A boy with brown hair, glasses, and kisses Myaleka on her hand as well as Myleka.

“I’m Ka Mary”, the silver-haired girl told them.

“I’m May Yin”, said a girl with short black hair.

“I’m Jack”, said a boy with the antennas.

“I’m Percy Yin”, A boy with black/brown heart-shaped hair told the twins.

“Well, I'm Myaleka and she’s Myleka”, replied Myaleka, to everybody at the table.

“Hi, Myaleka and Myleka”, greeted the kids.

“Are you kidding, I'm into all kinds of sports?!” Myaleka tells May.

“So, would like to play air hockey later?” asked May.

“Sure, I would love to”, Myaleka agreed.

“So, what are you interested in?” wondered Jack.

“Well, I love reading all forms of literature, I'm taking cooking lessons from my aunt, and I have unknown powers”, Myleka informs Jack.

The ‘unknown powers’ part, Myleka didn’t mean to say, this shocked everybody including Myaleka.

“You have powers?” questioned Jack, shocked.

“No way, prove it”, May replies in her head, which Myleka could hear.

“Myleka,why would you tell them that, then again you’re not always good at keeping a secret”, reacted Myaleka, unexpectedly blurting out the truth.

“What is going on?” Myaleka is trying to acknowledged.

Myleka is running everything that’s happened in the last 3 minutes, and finds exactly what she’s looking for.

With a smile on her face, Myleka yells “Eureka!”

Luckily, this didn’t get the attention of the other kids in different grades at different tables.

“I have found an answer, Myaleka, we are in-deed mutants, and we are experiences truth out”, Myleka explains in a whisper, sitting down next to Myleka.

“Really? But how? All mutants have been killed or sent away since the great Alien vs Humans war, why there’s only one mutant that survived”, admitted Comiclover23.

The next moment, they were in the hallway, carrying book bags toward the entrance.

“So, what are we to do first?” asked Myaleka.

“All kindergarteners go to the gym first, follow us”, May told Myaleka.

Inside the gym, there is normal features, except a red carpet, a stage, flowers, and a sign that says ‘welcome’.

Other kids are in a line facing the stage like their in a trance.

“It’s an illusion, back up friends and sister”, Myleka acknowledged.

But, Myaleka looks anyway, which results in her mind creating an illusion of a castle on the planet Neptune.

But, it wasn’t really an illusion, it’s a vision of a woman with long, curly black hair, wearing a purple dress inside a tube filled with green liquid, who’s asleep.

After seeing this, Myaleka tries to bring this to her sister’s attention, but Myleka already sees it, which is about the time the teacher appear.

The vision ends with the space princess saying “Wake up”.

In real life, the teacher is trying to wake them up by using shock bars.

Myaleka and Myleka wake up, breathing slowly as they gasp.

“Thank goodness, you’re okay, we’ve tested the illusion-inator and it hasn’t had this kind of affect”, The teacher relieved.

The teacher is revealed to be a man with blond hair, wearing a camo jacket, a yellow shirt, blue shorts, has a whistle around his neck, and wears sandals.

“We’re fine, it didn’t do any permanent damage”, Myleka reassures the teacher.

“Great, maybe y’all should go see the nurse”, The teacher tells them.

“No, really we’re fine, we insist”, Myaleka replied.

The teacher thought about it for a minute and agrees to let Myaleka and Myleka stay in his class.

“Well, now that this is settled. Welcome to gym class, children, i’m Coach K. Whale, this class is not for the faint-hearted”, greeted Coach K. Whale.

“So, if you asthma sit on the stage, if you have so much as a small cold to the box, any people with broken limbs take the stairs to the stage, and if you get nosebleeds go to the stage on your right”, Coach K. Whale instructed.

Coach K. Whale blows his whistle, and says ‘Now, all of those people go, and no tricks I read your profile, so I can tell if any of you are lying”.

Three kids go on the stage, one person goes in the box, and four climbs the stairs on their crutches.

“Also, before we start, I know there are some of you, who are blind, deaf, and/or have autism, I haven’t forgotten about you, each of you will have a partner by last names”, Coach K. Whale announced.

The who’s blind is assigned with May Yin, the boy who has autism is with Jack, and last the boy who’s deaf is with Myleka.

Soon, Coach K. Whale grabs his blue clipboard revealing he has a class assignment, three different groups will be working on an exercise routine.

The first group will be running laps inside, the second group will be doing push ups, and the third group will be testing their strength.

In the first group is Myleka, the boy who’s deaf, Harmony, and Percy Yin.

In the second group is Jack, Comiclover23, the boy who has autism, and Ka Mary.

In the third group is Myaleka, the girl who’s blind name is Daisy, May Yin, Dot, Devin, and Marcus.

Dot has red hair, freckles, wearing a brown hoodie, blue pants, and black sneakers.

Devin has short pink hair, braces, wearing shades on his head, blue shirt, grey jeans, and red sneakers.

Marcus has brown hair, earplugs with a phone in his pocket, black hoodie, red jeans, and blue sneakers.

Daisy, the girl who’s blind has black hair, silver necklace, wearing a red shirt with long sleeves, pink skirt, and red heels.

The boy who has autism/Andy has red hair in a hawk form, wearing a ring with the words H.P. on it, a green shirt with a picture with a castle on it, green pants, and black shoes.

The boy who’s deaf has a black jacket, ribbon-like shirt, square-like pants, and shoes.

So, the assignment begins.

Myleka holds the boy who’s deaf hands, and asks “What’s your name?” in sign language.

“You know sign language,i’m Kell Boat”, Kell smiled.

“Oh! I’m Myleka, nice to meet you, ready to run”, Myleka greeted Kell.

Kell nodded in agreement.

Myleka and Kell wait for the whistle, and them along with the rest of the group run around.

Harmony catches up, and ask in whisper “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, the fainting was just a fluke”, Myleka tells Harmony in a whisper.

“You two do realize I'm right here”, Kell brought to their attention.

“Right, it’s just that my sister and I have experience with mutant powers, that we can’t control”, Myleka admitted in sign language.

“Whoa! Does anybody else knows about this?” asked Kell.

Myleka points to everybody, who knows about her mutant powers.

Kell can tell Myleka is describing everything that happened and what kind of power, she knows she has.

Kell and Myleka enjoyed running around the room, that they didn’t notice their running at the speed of the cheetah, which caught everybody’s attention, especially Coach K. Whale.

“Miss Amadell and Mr. Boat!” called Coach K. Whale, in surprise.

Kell and Myleka stop running, when they notice that their blushing at each other.

“What’s wrong, Coach K. Whale?” asked Myleka.

“Miss Amadell, you and Mr. Boat were running twenty miles per second across the room, care to explain”, Coach K. Whale pointed out.

“Ummm…”, Myleka and Kell replied nervously.

Dot brings to Coach K. Whale’s attention a melted dumbbell.

“How? Who?” questioned Coach K. Whale, sounding like a kid.

Dot pointed to Myaleka, who is smiling nervously.

Coach K. Whale was so worried that he didn’t notice Myaleka and Myleka followed by them yelling in pain.

Since, Coach K. Whale wasn’t paying attention, Kell took Myleka and May took Myaleka to the nurse’s office.

The glowing cause the twins to fall unconscious as they are put in the office.

“Will they be okay?” asked May Yin.

“Of course, their young, so I doubt there is any permanent damage, I will check their DNA”, a boy insisted.

“Do you want to stay or do you want to go back to class?” asked the nurse.

“We want to stay to make sure they're okay”, Kell decided.

May Yin agrees with Kell.

The nurse and the boy smile at how much Kell and Myleka, even though she doesn’t know much about them.

At her job, Aunt Mina is in a conference room with Samlina, when a man from the office next door tells her, she's got a phone call.

Aunt Mina goes to the phone, and says "Hello. What? I'm on my way".

Samlina comes out of the conference room and asks "What's wrong?"

"My nieces passed out and their teacher is asking me to come pick them up", said Aunt Mina. "Can you please tell Mr. Calcus, that I'll be a little late?"

"Can't you get one of your sister's friends to take care of them?" asked Samlina.

Before Aunt Mina could answer that, she sees she got a text from Dr. Liama.

"On second thought, your right, but I still won't be able to relax until I see their cute faces", said Aunt Mina, then puts her phone up.

"Fine, but I'm coming with you, let's go", said Samlina, taking Aunt Mina's hand.

They exit out of the building and get in a blue Toyota 2000 that has wings on the top.

Samlina puts the car on 'T' for Teleport, and they disappear.

In the nurse's office, Myaleka opens her eyes early, seeing May Lin at the edge of the bed, that she is sitting on.

"Myaleka, you're awake", sighed May Lin.

"Yeah, where's Myleka?" asked Myaleka, looking around the office.

"Your sister is in my son's office", answered the nurse.

The nurse's name is Dr. Liama.

"How am I… a mutant, be honest did you know my parents?" asked Myleka, in the other room.

"Of course, I'm Charlie, my mom was friends with your mother. I'm sorry I never visit. But, I was always busy", Charlie revealed.

Charlie is revealed to be a boy has brownish black hair, wearing a red jacket, black shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers.

"I feel sorry, I didn't know about you, who's your mother?" Myleka apologizes to Charlie.

"Dr. Liama, so your just experiencing your powers", replied Charlie, holding a clipboard.

"Dr. Liama, wait I thought...oh, you're adopted", said Myleka. "Can you tell me was my mom… a mutant?" asked Myleka.

Charlie nodded, acknowledging that Aunt Mina kept their mother's life a secret.

Myleka gives a depressed look on her face, so

Charlie lifts her head.

Myleka sees Charlie pick a book from a small library behind him.

"I'm going to tell you a tale of a very special mutant", Charlie revealed.

The same thing is happening to Myaleka.

Both Dr. Liama and Charlie explain Myaleka and Myleka's Mom/Kiama gets hit by a meteor at the beach.

Kaima's DNA mix with the mutation, she gets help with Dr. Liama.

She went through many crazy stuff with her friends: Annabelle, Jasmine, Marvin and Kina, also her sister: Mina, her mom and dad: Rose and Steve.

Kaima has boyfriend, Ben that she marries when she is 17.

Kaima for two years is stuck in a cave, where she gets the power of immortality in-between being there she time travels.

After returning, Kaima reveals she has new powers that could destroy the Earth.

Kaima with her friend help the world deal with the magic/supernatural incident.

An aliens vs humans war interrupts Kaima and Ben's wedding.

When Myaleka and Myleka were still babies, Kaima gets a call from the world leaders for in-between Mars and Earth.

Kaima has to leave her babies to Mina, and her friends and Ben is taken to a different place with the great protector of time.

So, Annabelle, Jasmine, Kina, and Marvin helps Mina to take care of Myaleka and Myleka at their best abilities.

At 15, Kaima met Greek gods and goddesses during the magic/science fiction come to life incident.

Kaima, Annabelle, Kina, Ben, and Marvin get magic objects that give them extreme power.

Kaima got sent a boarding school, where she lives with great Greek gods and goddesses, in-between this she is given a mission to project an egg that also gave her immortality as an award, but it would also kill her.

Then, the story ends.

"My mom was Kaima Amadell?!" asked Myaleka and Myleka, shocked.

"Indeed", said Charlie and Dr. Liama.

Dr. Liama teleports Charlie and Myleka with her and Myaleka.

"Hey, mom, did everything go well?" Charlie asks Dr. Liama.

"It would appear I have put her in shock", answered Dr. Liama.

"I seemed to have done the same", said Charlie.

Myaleka and Myleka for two minutes are looking like puppets, when a trail of ice and fire appear around Dr. Liama and Charlie, then Myaleka and Myleka start floating again.

"Don't worry Charlie, I got this", said Dr. Liama, with a needle in her hand.

At that time, Kell comes into the room with two drinks.

Myleka sees Kell, stops glowing and stops floating.

Kell turns into a giant wolf and catches Myleka, then changes back.

"You're a Wolfkin?" asked Myleka.

Kell nodded.

May whistles at Myaleka, Myaleka sees her sister is calm, and lands by May.

"You okay?" asked May.

"Am I okay? Am I okay? I have fire power! Sweet!" exclaimed Myaleka.

"And I have ice powers, this is awesome, and the greatest discovery of my life", said Myleka.

Dr. Liama claps, while Charlie is writing down everything that has happened.

"That's good, but we need to fix the mess, Myaleka? Myleka?" Dr. Liama pointed out.

"Sorry, but I don't know how to fix that", Myaleka admitted.

"But, your sister does", Dr. Liama figured out.

Myleka takes Myaleka's hand and says "Focus on a happy memory and the fire will go away, I'll do the same with the ice".

Dr. Liama moves May and Kell out of the way.

Myaleka and Myleka give off positive energy, which turns into blue auras in the shape of stars fixing their mess.

"Oh! So, their powers are based on their emotions", Charlie figured out.

"Yup, Just like their mother", said Dr. Liama.

"So, what now?" asked Myaleka.

"I already called one of your guardians, they will be here...right about now", answered Dr. Liama.

In a second, Marvin: a man who has short black hair, wearing a white shirt, black pants, and white shoes appear and Annabelle: a woman that has long smooth black hair, wearing a black dress carrying an umbrella along with Jasmine: a woman who has short hair dyed white on one side and pink on the other side, wearing white dress, and last,Kina: a woman with long silver/black hair, wearing a polka dot bike outfit on; all appear.

"My. My. My. I was hoping to get footage of you girls first sign of powers, but I missed it", said Jasmine, with a disappointed face.

"Jasmine, focus, we're supposed to be their guardians", said Kina.

"You all knew?" asked Myaleka.

"Sorry, we didn't tell you, but we wanted to wait until tonight since it's you'll birthday", said Marvin.

"Really? Why?" asked Myleka.

"A friend of ours predicted that your powers would be affective around you'll seventh birthday", said Annabelle.

"Okay, you owe us a big explanation and the birthday party better be good", said Myaleka.

"Yes, ma'am", said Jasmine. "Do you still love us?"

"For now", said Myaleka, and hugs Jasmine.

"How cute! Hold that pose", said Samlina, with a camera in front of her face and takes a picture.

"Aunt Samlina!" exclaimed Myleka, and hugs Samlina.

"Myaleka, Myleka, are you okay?" asked Aunt Mina, worried, on her knees hugging Myaleka and Myleka.

"We're okay, but we want you to promise no more secrets", said Myleka.

"I promise, and to prove it", said Aunt Mina, she makes her cat ears and tail appear.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Myaleka and Myleka.

"By taking my sister's blood, I became a mutant as well", said Aunt Mina.

"Aunt Mina, will mom ever come home?" asked Myleka.

"Knowing her definitely she loves her family and that includes you too", said Aunt Mina.

"I agree", said Kina.

Myaleka and Myleka send their friends invitations to their party and leave out of the school.

At Mina's house, Jasmine, Kina, Annabelle, Marvin, and Aunt Mina are sitting on the couch, while Myaleka and Myleka are on the carpet.

"It started on a sunny day, we were having a picnic in Walnut Park on a hill, that's when Cat showed up warning everybody about the meteor, but Kaima was getting a drink for us, the meteor hits her and she gets mutant powers", said Jasmine.

"Cat called Dr. Liama, she took Kaima and us to the Greensdale Mansion, there we met Neddy, Jennie, Nia, and Ben, we were there for two days", Annabelle continued.

"I came on the first day they stayed, Dr. Liama hit me with a needle, and put my blood in Kaima and become a mutant", said Aunt Mina.

"What are your powers?" asked Myaleka.

"Animal transformation", said Aunt Mina.

Aunt Mina turns into a cat, Jasmine takes a picture of her, the others smile, and turns back to normal.

"Can you turn into something more vicious?" asked Myaleka.

Aunt Mina turns into a wolf.

"So, what is our birthday going to be like?" asked Aunt Mina.

"You'll see", Annabelle smiled.

Day had turned into night.

Kina, Annabelle, Aunt Mina,and Marvin in the backyard with streamers, a sign that says 'Happy Birthday', there's presents, food, and drinks on different tables.

Myaleka and Myleka are looking in the mirror, while Jasmine is helping them with their dresses like their models.

Myaleka is wearing a blue dress with a white lily in her head, and red heels.

Myleka is wearing a green dress with a headband, green heels, and two bracelets with symbols of magic on it.

"Perfect, now go enjoy your party", said Jasmine.

"Thanks, Aunt Jasmine!" exclaimed Myaleka and Myleka.

"Anytime", Jasmine winked.

Myaleka and Myleka run into the backyard.

"They are so cute", said Jasmine, seeing Myaleka and Myleka getting seven kisses on the forehead by Aunt Mina.

At that moment, May and Kell first show up.

"Nice to see you too again", said May.

"You too", said Myaleka.

"You look cute, Myleka", said Kell, blushing.

"I do", said Myleka, blushing.

Jasmine takes a picture, and says "Such a cute couple".

"Aunt Jasmine!" Myleka blushed from embarrassment.

Soon, Percy, Harmony, Marcus, Ka Mary, Jack, Comiclover23, and Dot appear along with their parents.

One woman has the same hair as Charlie, wearing an outfit for an inventor. Her name is Starlight. She is the mother of Charlie and Comiclover23.

Another woman has white spiky hair, wearing a white dress holding a glob/scepter. She is Kell's mother named Light Aina, behind her right next to her is two men with white hair, wearing winter soldier uniform.

The man on Aina's right is Kell's father, Dave jr.

The man on Aina's left is Dave Sr.

There's a woman has brown hair, wearing a cape, white shirt, blue skirt, white boots with stars with the form of a star system. Her name is Light Tina, she is mother of Percy and May.

Dot's mother and father has light red hair, wearing matching brown shirt, pants, and shoes. Her dad's name is William. Her mom's name is Sophia.

Marcus mother has curly hair, wearing a red jumpsuit and shoes. Her name is Meaghan.

Last, three men in blue, yellow, and red outfit. Their name is Harold, Dan, and Timmy. Their parents of Ka Mary.

After they appeared, Mina reaches into her pocket made a staff appear, and with the staff she made a stage appear with a microphone.

"Welcome everybody to Myaleka and Myleka's birthday, parents and friends, I'm Mina Amadell, Myaleka and Myleka's aunt", said Mina. "And today we are going on an adventure, that I know all of you will love".

Annabelle reaches into her pocket, raises a key in the air, and says "Open a hole into the world and lead to an adventure".

Annabelle's eyes turn yellow, her hands glow, the key starts levitating, and then a swirly portal open.

"Mom is this safe?" asked Harmony, looking at Annabelle.

"Of course, I tried it before", said Annabelle, holding the portal.

Everybody enters the portal and Annabelle let's go landing in Marvin's arms.

Marvin helps her in the portal.

Mina, Myaleka, and Myleka are the last ones to go through the portal.

The portal reopens to a brand new place.

There is a colorful sky, flying cars, schools, and hover shoes; mutants, gods, goddesses and other.

Some people are looking at port screens, self-fixing building, models, and walking pets.

The kids are amazed by what they see and jump for joy.

"Wow!" exclaimed The kids.

"Welcome to Savaopiutopia", said Mina.

"Aunt Mina, did you make up that name?" asked Myaleka.

"Nope, the sign says that name over there", said Myleka, pointing to the sign.

"It took me three years to say that right", Jasmine complained.

"So, where are we going?" asked May.

"This place is so crazy, I can't think of where we can explore", said Ka Mary.

"I can, everybody follow me", said Mina.

Mina leads everybody to a forest, where goddesses and one god are battling a monster.

The monster is Philipa, a giant woman comes from a pit of fire, she has red hair, green skin, with red wings.

The goddesses are Artemis, Moonshine, Athena, and the god is Apollo.

Apollo blinds the monster, Artemis ties the monster, Athena and Moonshine lead Philipa in a pit.

"Isn't this place, a little dangerous for our children?" asked Light Tina.

"Don't worry, this is just practice, the monster won't hurt anybody unless they have powers like them", Kina reassures everybody.

"Can we get a closer look?" asked Myaleka.

"Sister, I don't think that a wise idea, I'm sensing a bad aura from the creature", said Myleka.

"What kind of bad aura?" asked Myaleka.

Then, at that moment, the pit releases a bunch of smoke.

"I thought you said it was safe!" complained Light Aina.

"It is, unless...Myaleka! Myleka! Move!" called Mina.

Myleka grabs her Myaleka's hand and runs with superspeed.

Philipa comes out of the ground and run after Myaleka and Myleka.

Mina grows wings and flies away, the other parents follow along with the kids.

The kids are stopped by Jasmine,Annabelle, Kina, and Marvin.

Philipa finally catches up to Myaleka and Myleka.

Before she could attack, A giant foot crushed her, and knocked Philipa down.

Myaleka and Myleka looked up and saw Mina as a t-rex.

"Awesome!" exclaimed Myaleka.

"Thank you", said Mina.

Moonshine opens up a portal that sends Philipa away to a land of eternal suffering, then closes the portal.

"Best present ever, sure it wasn't great that we almost got hunted by a giant woman wasn't good, but besides that it was fun", said Myaleka.

Mina noticed Myleka disappeared.

Myleka ended up by a library that has Ms. Greenpatch in front of the door reading a book with glasses.

Ms. Greenpatch has a fedora, red dress, and red heels

"Interested in reading, Myleka" asked Ms. Greenpatch, then closes her book.

"Ms. Greenpatch?" asked Myleka, recognizing her from Mina's stories.

"Guessing your aunt told you about me, since your mother is still in space", Ms. Greenpatch figures out, as she walks down the stairs to Myleka.

"True, It seems everybody knows about my mother except me and your sister", Myleka sighed.

Ms. Greenpatch throws her book at Myleka, and Myleka catches it.

"Follow me, I'll show you something special", said Ms. Greenpatch, as she walks into the library.

Myleka speeds into the library after Ms. Greenpatch, she leads Myleka deep into the library, where lots of people are around.

Myleka notices books about her mother all over the place, then she sees Jake and Neddy signing books.

"Uncle Jake and Neddy", said Myleka.

"Yup, they are authors now, let's go, it looks like their about to shut down", Ms. Greenpatch insisted.

Myleka and Ms. Greenpatch walks up to Jake and Neddy.

"Myleka, you're finally here, I thought Mina would've left us hanging and we closed shop early for nothing", said Jake.

"Which book would you like to pick from the selection?" asked Neddy.

"The origin book", answered Myleka.

Neddy walks in the back and gets a big red book, then hands it to Myleka.

As Myleka touches the book, her eyes glowed, her body starts to levitate making all the other books about Kaima surround Myleka; each book opens.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Jake, Neddy, and Ms. Greenpatch.

Myleka finally lands on the floor, and put the books back where they belong.

"Fascinating, I have to tell Myaleka, what I discovered", said Myleka, then leaves.

Myleka exit out of the library, where she sees Myaleka.

"Telepathy", Myleka smiled.

"Yup, what did you find out?" asked Myaleka

"She is positive, kind, her powers are unstoppable, and she loves her friends. Plus, I feel her presence", said Myleka.

"Where?" asked Mina.

"She's coming and fast, Aunt Mina, I would probably move", Myleka tells Mina.

Mina runs from the spot, she was at, when a fireball appeared, that's when Starlight appears with Kina, Annabelle, Marvin, and Jasmine.

The fireball changes into a person and a portal appears at the same time.

The person is revealed to be Kaima and out of the portal comes Ben.

"Kaima! Ben!" exclaimed Kina, Mina, Jasmine, Marvin, and Annabelle, then hug them.

Myaleka and Myleka stand being silent, then Kaima moves her friends and sister away, and walks up to her daughters.

Ben does the same thing.

"I know we have been gone for a long time and I am so sorry", Kaima apologized.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think I would be gone for so long, do you forgive us?" Ben apologizes too.

"Only if you promise you won't leave our side", said Myaleka.

"I agree with Myaleka, we spent years without a mother and father, we don't want to be living like that anymore, no offense Aunt Mina, Kina, Jasmine, Annabelle, and Uncle Marvin", said Myleka.

"None taken, we understand", said Jasmine.

Myaleka and Myleka turn to Kaima and Ben.

Kaima and Ben kiss Myaleka and Myleka on the forehead, and says "We promise we won't leave you again, no matter what".

"You're forgiven", Myaleka and Myleka decided.

Kaima and Ben hug Myaleka and Myleka.

"We love you", said Kaima and Ben tell Myaleka and Myleka.

A minute later, Kaima and Ben get introduced to Harmony, Comiclover23, Jack, May, Ka Mary, Kell, Percy, Marcus, and Dot along with Starlight, Light Tina, Light Aina, Dave jr, Dave sr, Sophia, Meaghan, Harold, Dan, and Timmy.

"Pleasure to meet you all, I'm Kaima Amadell", said Kaima, with a smile on her face.

"And I'm Ben Amadell", said Ben.

"I thought the wife normally takes the name of the husband", said Light Aina.

"Normally, yes, but not in my case", said Kaima.

"She's very persuasive", said Ben.

"So, true", said Kaima.

"WIth all that over, let's continue the birthday", said Mina.

That's when Kaima's eyes glow and she levitates in the air, then says "Moonshine is in trouble".

"You mean that goddess we met early?" asked Light Tina.

"Yes, she and the other goddesses need help", said Kaima.

"Then, let's go", said Myaleka.

"Don't be too reckless", said Kaima. "Follow our lead".

Kina, Annabelle, Marvin, and Jasmine get out their magical items and transform.

"Other parents stay with your children, it's too dangerous to bring them along", said Kaima.

"Like I'm letting my son go anywhere near Moonshine Academy", said Light Aina.

The Amadell family along with Kaima's friends head to Moonshine Academy.

At Moonshine Academy, a tornado is sucking people.

Seeing this, Kaima makes her butterfly wings appear, extra arms, and a white dress, then takes Myaleka and Myleka.

Myaleka and Myleka use their powers to get the people that are being sucked into the magic tornado.

Kaima gets closer and sees a bunch of magic staff's glowing.

Kaima and everybody else grabbed twenty children, but they were still forty children short.

Kaima creates a magic shield making the children and the gods along with goddesses end up out of the tornado.

But, Kaima, Kina, Jasmine, Annabelle, Ben, Myaleka, Mina, and Myleka get sucked into the tornado.


In the portal, there is grass, flowers, a barn, but no animals; there's also wrapped plants that look big like a barn, assembled in a line.

Kell and Jack land in the grass.

"Where's mom? I thought we were right behind here", Myaleka asks Myleka.

"Seems like an odd place", said Kell.

"You said it", said Jack.

might be able "I have noticed that this land represents a maze, I think I might be able to figure out", Myleka noticed.

"Great, let's try to find her along with other kids", Myaleka hopes.

On the other side of the maze, Kaima in the butterfly form gets attacked by a giant flower, that trying to swallow her.

Without even thinking, Kaima turn the flower to dust, but it regroups and makes double.

"It doesn't matter how many of you there are, I am much stronger", Kaima assures the pants.

From a distance, a cloud of energy is heading for Kaima takes her fire away, so Kaima turns her tail into a weed wacker to split the flower.

The flower split out a boy who has red/white hair, wearing a pink dress, and black heels; who's shocked, and says "Thank you, Kaima".

"Plaimq, I thought your mother said you would never go to Moonshine Academy ever", Kaima recognized the boy.

"She did, unfortunately I'm a loner, so she doesn't control us", Plaimq told Kaima.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, comes on, we need to figure out where my daughters and the other children are", Kaima decided.

Plaimq explains that there are many plants like the one she destroyed, and they work in a kinda pattern.

The only way to escape is if they get to the barn, find the farmer and destroy the golden circus.

Ben is in the middle of maze, where he notices a rabbit twitches its nose, and it's ears are bent.

The rabbit helps Ben to a giant flower that spit out more children.

Ben avoids the thorns with his sword.

The flower releases acid, that Ben avoids.

Ben slices the flower's life source.

"Do you know where my family is?" Ben asks the rabbit.

The rabbit nodded, hops in the direction where everybody is.

Ben follows the rabbit to the garden of vegetables.

"Dad!" exclaimed Myaleka and Myleka.

"Hey", said Kell and Jack.

"We're all together again", said Kaima.

Together, they save the children and destroy plants.

Kaima sees a corpse of the farmer that cut up around the body, dressed as a scarecrow, his eyes are gone, his left and right foot are gone, his arms are burnt.

The golden circle is found behind the barn, which has a bunch of kids experiencing pain.

There are tattoos on the children's arms, that's glowing, and a strong energy storm comes.

An orange aura surrounds Kaima, her eyes start glowing, she stops the children's pain.

A portal appears, Jack, Kell, Plaimq and Ben help the children escape.

Myaleka and Myleka take Kaima away from the energy storm and enters the portal with her.

The kids cheered, except Kell, so Kaima sends a mind message.

Kell walks to Myleka.

"You're a Wolfkin, right?" asked Myleka.

"I am", said Kell.

In a flashback, Kaima has an eye patch, hair in a ponytail, wearing a warrior outfit; she's shooting exploding arrows at the snake cllan.

"Why betray your own kind?" asked The snake cllan leader.

"I have no kind, I just fight for the right team", replied Kaima.

"Then, thisss will be eassier than expected", said The snake cllan leader.

The leader has the head of a snake and a human-like body.

The leader tries to attack the wolf version of Kell, when Kaima stood in the way, risking her through the arm.

"Foolish girl, you only prevent the unevitable", said the snake leader.

The flashback ends.

"Alright, everybody, it's time for us to go", said Kaima.

The kids wave goodbye to the other children.

Back to the Earth dimension.

They land in Annabelle and Marvin's house.

"Kaima!" exclaimed Annabelle and Marvin, hugging her.

"I been so long", said Lily.

"True, i'm sorry", said Kaima.

"Lily, what are you doing here?" asked Samlina.

"Visiting a friend, what about you?" answered Lily, coldly.

Samlina puts her arm around Mina, and says "With a friend too".

Lily glares at Samlina.

Samlina smirks at Lily, and says "And we're going bowling".

"Why you..." said Lily, with anger.

Mina moves out of the way.

"Still have girls fighting over you, huh?" Kaima giggled.

"You giggling, you can hand over the presents you owe your children", said Mina.

Kaima snaps her fingers and makes the presents appear in front of Myaleka and Myleka.

"There's extra presents", Comiclover23 noticed.

"Mom, dad today was a crazy day", said Harmony.

"Really? Tell us all about it", said Annabelle, with a smile.

"I'll bring the food and drinks", said Marvin, entering the kitchen.

"Before that, I sense company", said Kaima.

A bunch of portals appear and three woman and five men come from it.

Each of them has symbols around them.

One woman was a giant gear from a clock around her. She has the same hair as Charlie, wearing an outfit for an inventor. Her name is Starlight.

She is the mother of Charlie and Comiclover23.

Another woman has white spiky hair, wearing a white dress holding a glob/scepter.

She is Kell's mother named Light Aina, behind her right next to her is two men with white hair, wearing winter soldier uniform.

The man on Aina's right is Kell's father, Dave jr.

The man on Aina's left is Dave Sr.

There's a woman has brown hair, wearing a cape, white shirt, blue skirt, white boots with stars with the form of a star system. Her name is Light Tina, she is mother of Percy and May.

Last, three men in blue, yellow, and red outfit. Their name is Harold, Dan, and Timmy. Their parents of Ka Mary.

Kaima with the parents have many laughs.

Moonshine sent a letter that lands in Kaima's hands.

"You have three dads?" asked Myaleka.

"I was born from magic clay", said Ka Mary.

"But, she has no power", said Harold.

"Which is the way, I like it", said Ka Mary.

"That's okay, so Ka Mary, you want to play ice hockey now?" asked Myaleka.

"Sure, but there's no ice", said Ka Mary.

Myleka blows on the grass turning it into ice.

"Awesome", said Comiclover23.

"Let's play", said Harmony, and throws hockey pucks and sticks.

"I'm surprised that i'm really meeting you", said Light Tina.

"I good to see you again, Starlight", said Kaima.

"Thanks for helping me find love", Starlight hugs Kaima.

"Anything for a fellow time traveler", Kaima smiled.

"Our children seem to already be getting", Timmy tells Kaima.

"True, and now they can go to the same school, thanks to this letter", said Light Aina, reading Kaima's letter.

"Good, I hated that racist school they were going to before", said Mina, eating sugar cookies.

Kaima laughs.

"I thought there was something off about that school", said Annabelle.

"Sorry, I signed Harmony for that school", Marvin apologized.

"It's okay, your heart was in the right place, so who wants to watch a movie", said Annabelle.

While the kids are outside, the parents are watching a movie inside.

Soon, the kids and their parents leave Annabelle's house.

The Amadell family walk to a store, while Kaima has Plaimq on her back.

This is a clothing store.

"Welcome", said Jasmine.

"Kaima, is that you?" asked Kina.

"None other", said Kaima with a smile.

Plaimq in the back of the store.

"Well, look who it is", said a woman who has long brown hair, wearing a midnight gown.

"Hey! I payed for my sins, you have nothing on me", said Plaimq.

"Relax, I'm not here to punish you just to bring you to the council", the woman tells Plaimq.

"Of course, what do they want me to do now?" wondered Plaimq, looking annoyed.

"Something special and you must find an extra ordinary pet with you. I mean sundown in our universe, which is 40 minutes from now in this place", said the woman.

After Plaimq looks at the clock nervously, the mysterious woman disappeared.

"Great now how can I find a pet in such little time?" Plaimq asks himself.

Plaimq sees Kaima wearing a polka dot earrings, four rings: two on right and left hand, long blue dress, and purple shoes.

"Plaimq! There! I thought you disappeared", said Kaima.

"Well, while i'm flattered , that you were concerned, i'm fine; but I need your help", said Plaimq.

"I got an idea", said Kaima.

"Not a wise decision, Plaimq!" proclaimed a person in a dark cloak, floating in mid-air.

"Dark mule, you again", said Plaimq.

"Yeah,it's unfortunate we had to meet again , but the new judge doesn't trust your record", said Dark mule.

"I should've known that it was a new judge, that's the only possible explanation why anybody apart of that council would want me back", said Plaimq.

"Wrong! your record has nothing to do with it, Plaimq, it was your misdeeds, your evil persona, once bad always bad", said A man with white hair, wearing a purple cloak, coming to the ground.

"Excuse me, but I gave up all of that because of Kaima here and a lot of guidance counseling, but beside that i'm a good person", Plaimq disagreed with the judge.

"Kaima, no matter what timeline we're in, we always seem to cross paths, tell me why is that?" responded the judge, with an annoyed look on his face.

"I don't know maybe it's a punishment for putting me through that terrible curse", said Kaima, as her eyes turn red.

Kaima blast the judge and his partners.

"Curse? What curse?" asked Plaimq.

"It's not really important, all I will tell you, is if I wasn't a kind person and a mother, I would claw you; then burn you alive, understand , mr. Mr. juge or should I say Barreltoungesmithinstein,which by the way that's the most ridiculous name i've ever heard", said Kaima, as slowly claws the judge's neck.

"Kind person? What a stupid excuse, since you always put that aside to do 'the right thing' or the way you see it", the judge chuckled.

Getting tired of this conversation/argument, Kaima freezes time for Dark mule, the judge, and their partners.

With an evil smile, Kaima with her nail signals her family, while she moves the frozen people, Ben pays for the clothes.

"See ya!" called Jasmine.

"See ya later", said Kina.

Kaima waves goodbye.

Mina opens a portal to a special place, that Kaima requested.

A village, that Plaimq remembers for the wrong reasons.

"Hey isn't this?" questioned Mina, recognizing the place.

"Yes, the village of immortality and hearts, which is where the egg came from that gave me my immortality, I thought this would be the perfect place to shut that judge up for good", Kaima revealed her plan.

Oh! By the way, there's one small thing about this village, it turns any adult or teenager back into their younger self as children , which is the state Mina, Kaima, Ben, and the judge with his partners.

"Mom, why were you turned younger, shouldn't you be affected?" asked Myaleka.

"Sweetie, my immortality is gone even though I have the power to change my size, shape, and form; it wouldn't help with the formula and spell that spread across this town", said Kaima. "Otherwise, this would be a whole other situation".

"So, why are we here?" asked Mina, confused.

"Because this town is where I first became known as an enemy of the council", Plaimq explains as he points to the volcano, that has dark energy, which is poisoning some of the things around it.

"Unfortunately, that was my handy work, you see I may have used a hit of Kaima's magic to create that, when she was 'Dark K'. Which was a hot personality of Kaima's", said Plaimq.

"Awwww! Plaimq, there's no need to bring out that side of my past instead let's solve the problem that we came here to fix", Kaima pats Plaimq on the shoulder, then points to the volcano.

"You want me to fix that! Oh! I going to give me a potion", Plaimq figured out.

Kaima shakes her head, showing she is not going to give Plaimq a potion, instead she throws Plaimq to the volcano.

This is Kaima's way of telling Plaimq to solve problem, which is the volcano on his own; Plaimq sighs in defeat, turns to the volcano , and walks near the cracks, and lava pits.

Hearing a snap, Plaimq turns to see the judge and his partners unfrozen.

"You think this will prove that you aren't guilty of being a criminal, well you are mistaken even pulling Exabular wouldn't change my mind", said the judge.

Plaimq walks through the cracks, takes a deep breath, and says "Think of happy moments".

With happy moments flowing in Plaimq's mind, he causes the poison to disappear, flowers to reappear, but the volcano stays.

The people of the town finally comes out of their houses, even the mayor to see the miracle that Plaimq preformed.

The judge still had a stone cold look in his eyes unlike his partners.

Feeling satisified, Kaima decides to teleport out of the town, but the judge stops her.

"Wait, that might be enough for them, but it's not enough for me and i'm still charge", said the judge, touching Kaima's shoulder.

Kaima points to the angry comrades, so the judge decide end Plaimq's trail.

"Plaimq, you are freed from your awful trial and being our mortal energy, stay out of my sigght; and by that I mean let us never meet again, promise both of you", said Dark mule.

Finally, Kaima, Ben, Mina, Plaimq, Myaleka and Myleka.

The Amadell family are finally home.

Myleka is late reading her favorite book: Mari and her detective crew, while sitting on the bed with her lamp on.

Myaleka is eating popcorn, while sitting on the carpet with Mina.

Kaima is meditating in the guest room with her hair waving in the air.

Ben is working on his computer.

Plaimq is sitting in a tree, looking at the moon, thinking about what will he do now.

Kaima's eyes are glowing green, making aura center around her, and levatiting.

A week later, the kids get ready for the school.

Myaleka and Myleka get their stuff ready, and went through a portal.

Comiclover23 is the first to run out the door with his head with a comic book on the X-men.

Percy has a pece of toast in his mouth, holding his bookbag tight,and meets up with Comiclover23 .

Comiclover23 takes a piece of toast from Percy tastes it, and says "It needed more butter".

"Always with the butter", said Percy muffled.

Ka Mary is already outside heading for her friends, while kicking her soccer ball with her knee.

May is with Ka Mary, both of them playing soccer as they head for the bus stop.

Harmony is playing on a flute along with Dot and Devin as his audience.

Marcus is listening to music and waves at Kell.

Kell waves at Marcus.

Myaleka and Myleka appear at the bus stop with the others.

Kell smiles at Myleka.

Ka Mary looks at Myleka.

"So, who's ready for school!" exclaimed Comiclover23.

"I guess, since I actually did read the school rulebook", said Marcus.

"That's an accomplishment", said Dot.

"What does that mean ?" asked Marcus.

"Just what I say", said Dot, as she pats Marcus on the head.

Kell pushes the red button on the bus stop and this teleports the kids inside Moonshine Academy.

Comiclover23 notice somebody tapping on his shoulder, he turns around to see Redcrow:a girl who has long black hair, wearing skull earrings, black shirt with a picture of a purple lightning bolt,purple skirt with black stripes, black boots; who is holding his comic book.

"Comiclover23, long time no see, still reading X-men", Redcrow noticed.

"I feel mutual comics until I found a comic about a goth team of mutants, which made me smile with happiness I have inside of me", Redcrow admitted.

"Really! What's it called?" wondered Comiclover23, with a smile on his face.

Myleka is taking notes of Comiclover23 and Redcrow's conversation.

"You read comics?" Myaleka asks Myleka in a whisper.

Myleka ignores Myaleka.

Redcrow and Comiclover23 continue talking until they see Blueberry: a boy with red hair, wearing a long black dress, two purple rings , and purple heels.

Next to Blueberry is Flower, a girl who has blond hair wearing a black eye shadow, black/purple dress, black gloves, and shoes that match the dress.

"Marcus, what a surprise", said Flower.

"Yeah", said Marcus.

As the bell rings, the goths walk away.

"See you at lunch", said Flower.

"See ya", said Marcus.

The kids go to the classroom.

The teacher has long grey hair, white skin, wearing a turtleneck, wedding ring, blue jeans, and white sneakers. His name is Mr. Peach.

"I'm Mr. Peach, your music teacher, today we will playing a special Egyptian music note", said Mr. Peach.

So, everybody grab a flute, that's on hanging on the wall.

Four flutes are different from the other flutes.

The classroom is filled with music.

The sound of the flute opens a portal that shows a woman who has black hair, wearing a white top hat, a white shirt, pants, and boots named Amiak.

"Whoa!" exclaimed the kids.

"Children, meet Amiak", said Mr. Peach.

"lla, uoy teem ot erusaelp a s'ti", said Aimiak.

"What?" asked Dot.

"She said it's a pleasure to meet you all", said Myleka.

"Let guess, you speak backwards", said Myaleka.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?" answered Myleka.

"Never mind", said Myaleka.

"?VT fo mlaer eht levart ot stnaw ohW", said Aimiak.

"She said who wants to travel into the realm of TV", replied Myleka.

"I would love to, give it a try, you want to join Myaleka?" Ka Mary tells Aimiak.

"Yeah, why not?" asked Myaleka, shrugging her shoulder.

Aimiak opens a portal, which Ka Mary and Myaleka go through.

From the portal, Ka Mary and Myaleka see a desert and a motorcycle.

Ka Mary and Myaleka ride the motorcycle to a diner.

Inside a diner, there is a 7-year-old boy who has black hair wearing a red suit drinking wine.

"What is going on?" asked Ka Mary in a whisper.

"We must be in the show 'I'm from the future'. It's a classic in my opinion", said Myaleka in a whisper.

"Oh, I watched only season 2, I was going to go to season 1, after school", said Ka Mary.

"So, who are two lovely ladies?" asked Trent.

"Follow my lead", Myaleka whispered.

"Okay", said Ka Mary.

"We're travelers, this is my girlfriend: Ka Mary and i'm Myaleka", said Myaleka, with her arm around Ka Mary.

'This is going to be a weird adventure', thought Ka Mary.

"So, you went through the aging affect too", said Trent.

"Yup", said Ka Mary and Myaleka.

"Good, because I have to go on a special mission, and I might need assistance", said Trent.

"Really? What kind of mission?" asked Ka Mary.

"It requires time travel", said Trent.

"How much trouble?" asked Myaleka, as a smoothie appears in front of her and Ka Mary.

"Nothing life threatening, but you still should be cautious", said Trent. "Well?"

"We accept", said Ka Mary.

"Good, we leave at dawn", said Trent, heading to the back.

"When can leave this realm?" asked Ka Mary, concerned.

"After we complete the mission, he won't get suspicious", said Myaleka.

Somebody puts a dagger is put by Myaleka's neck, and says "Don't move".

"I wouldn't do that", said Ka Mary.

"Why not?" asked The biker.

The biker has brown hair, red scarf on his head, mustache, wearing a black outfit.

The biker sees his dagger melting and Myaleka's eyes glowing.

"Uh oh", said the biker..

A few minutes later.

Ka Mary and Myleka joins Trent outside and ride off on their motorcycles.

On the weekend, the sky is turning red, which means it's time for an alien reunion.

These are aliens from Mars, the president and his bodyguards.

The alien president has bodyguards that looks like children.

The sky turns red because an asteroid that has radioactive energy around the Earth, the asteroid was made by alien scientist to help aliens survive on Earth.

You see like humans can't breathe in space without a helmet, aliens need this asteroid which is like oxygen to them.

The alien president goes to talk to the president : Daniel Jackman to ask him to sign a contract.

This contract is about alien immigrants being able to build their own neighborhood, make their own movies, and have lives on Earth.

The president of America agrees to the alien president's terms.

"I'm going to let my comrades live here for a few weeks to see how our contract goes", said the alien president.

"That's completely understandable, but which state?" said Daniel Jackman.

"Why where Kaima lives, I want to make amends, plus I learned to bake Earth cake", answered the alien president.

"Can I try a piece?" asked Daniel Jackman.

"Sure", said the alien president.

Daniel Jackman eats a small piece of the cake, and says "Wow, it's so sweet and fluffy, it's like I tasted a cloud".

"Perfect", said the alien president.

The alien president teleports to Kaima's house and knocks on the door.

Kaima is playing uno with the kids, while Mina is doing her hair in the bathroom.

Plaimq opens the door, and is given the cake.

"Send my regards, I have to go", said The alien president.

The alien president teleports back to his home and the sky turns normal.

"Okay", said Plaimq, then closes the door.

Plaimq put the cake on the table.

"Cake!" exclaimed the kids.

"Cut it first", said Kaima.

"Yes, ma'am", said Myaleka and Myleka.

"I'm guessing you know who this cake is from", said Plaimq.

"Indeed, I do", said Kaima.

Myaleka and Myleka cut their share of the cake and Kaima joins them.

"So, Aunt Mina, are you going to stay with us?" asked Myleka.

"Sorry, but I have my own house", said Mina.

Myaleka and Myleka look sad.

"But, I will visit you everyday", said Mina, with a smile.

"Thanks for taking care of my children, Mina, I owe you", said Kaima.

"No problem, what are sisters for", Mina tells Kaima.

Mina hugs Kaima and the children and says, "Well, i'm off to the bowling alley, see ya later".

"Bye", said Kaima and the kids to Mina.

Mina closes the door.

"So, which of you thinks you can beat me at uno", said Kaima.

"Me!" exclaimed Myaleka and Myleka.

They enjoy the game together and Ben joins them, while Plaimq is sleeping.

"We love you, mom and dad", said Myaleka and Myleka, hugging Kaima and Ben.

"We love you too", said Kaima and Ben.

"And you won't ever leave?" asked Myaleka.

"Nothing will split us apart", said Kaima.

They take a family photo and put it on the wall.

"Picture perfect", said Ben.

The family laughs.

This is the beginning of beautiful moments and pictures.

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