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Felicity encouraged Bronte to get in touch with her witch ancestors,so she could really harness her powers.Sometimes,she did this in the company of Damien and Ivy. *From my story “Poppy McLain’s adventures”.

Short Story Not for children under 13.

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Bronte shows Damien and Ivy her ancestors

“What is that blue smoke?”

“The souls of my ancestors.If it’s blue,that means they are at peace.Red means they are lost and green means they are not quite at peace,not quite lost.”

“How do you know such fancy words?”

“I learned them from my ancestors.”

“Why do they look like smoke? Why can’t they look human,like us?”

“Because they’re not alive.They died years ago,so only their energy is present.”

“Do you know who each ancestor is?”

“Well…one of them was a young woman named Sylvia who fought for her country even as her friends and family turned their back on her.Another is a man named Reagan who saved these kids from getting crushed by a boulder in a mountain trek.”

“There’s a lot of ancestors,so I don’t know them all.”


“What do you do with your ancestors?”

“Oh,they mostly show me tricks on how to control my powers.”

“Why aren’t they doing anything now?”

“They’re resting.”

Six year old Bronte was showing her siblings,Ivy and Damien,who were the same ages as her,her ancestors.

Bronte’s ancestors visited her often in her room,to teach her how to control her hectic storm powers.(Yes,she could bring a storm,that little girl.)

Ivy was asking her questions and Damien was just staring at the blue smoke that was her ancestors,fascinated at the sight.

Bronte loved it when her siblings wanted to hang out with her.Sometimes,she felt lonely,when she saw the two of them together.

She knew they both loved her,but still.She liked it when all three of them were together.

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The End

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Samantha Roberts I’m going to write paranormal,romance, and horror stories.Not for kids under 13.Have a good day.

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