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This story is Bronte,Damien, and Delilah suffering at the circus. *From my story “Poppy McLain’s adventures”.

Short Story Not for children under 13.

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Bronte, Damien, and Delilah at the circus

“Youwillget out there!”

“But those people…they pulled on Damien’s hair!”

“I don’t care,go!

“And they made me mad-“

“Iknowyou use your storm powers when you’re mad,but that’s just it! Theywantto see your powers!”

“Bronte is right,those people are weird-“

“Shut up,Delilah!”

Currently,there were three children trapped in a circus,along with a few others.

Now,a circus issupposedto be fun and bring joy,but not this circus.

These three children went by the names of Damien,Bronte and Delilah.

Damien was kidnapped by this woman named Janet and turned into a porcelain doll boy by her.He had met Bronte,a little witch girl with storm powers who was running away from her family and together,they encountered..

…Hunter,the ringmaster of a circus,who promised a home for them,until he found people who wanted to take care of them…

..but the circus wasn’t a home,not at all.It wasn’t even a circus.It was a prison.

As for Delilah?

Well,on Delilah’s birthday,she had gotten buried alive by these horrid teenage girls.Hunter had found her arm sticking out of the ground,pulled her out,turned her into a vampire and had taken her to the circus.

Now,every day,Hunter would throw them to this needy crowd of humans,who would pull on their hair,scratch their faces (Hunter always said “You’re fast healers,it shouldn’t matter!”),throw them against each other and one time,they had even pulled a glass eye out of Damien.

Because Damien would break into pieces often from the aggressive crowd,Bronte would put him back together with her powers.

But sometimes,Bronte ran out of energy and she’d just take the pieces and wait until the next day to make the boy whole.

Damien was afraid of all the people and would often hide behind Bronte,who would do her best to protect him.

Delilah didn’t say much,but she’d bite anyone who would try to come near the other two kids.She was a vampire,after all.No one wanted to get bitten by a vampire.

Maybe they’d escape one day…

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The End

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Samantha Roberts I’m going to write paranormal,romance, and horror stories.Not for kids under 13.Have a good day.

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