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Roses and thorns is a Beautiful tale about a young women with parents who are really unfair . Uncover all kinds of things from secrets to drama to jealousy. There's only one way to find out what happens next.

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Princess Charlotte

In the eighteenth century England there was a beautiful princess named Charlotte. She was always curious about what was beyond the castle. She has never been outside of the palace walls. She was the only child so she didn't really get to know anyone. Charlotte father, King Roland claimed Charlotte's birth mother, Queen Lucy the second died due to typhus so she spent most of her childhood with her caretakers and her father. She had many caretakers but only one favorite which was Maiden Mary. Mary took care of her most of her life. When Charlotte turned 17 her father married a women Lady Penelope. Lady Penelope was a gorgeous woman in the face but her heart was black as a crow. She acted like an angel towards Roland and to everyone else but a total witch towards Charlotte. Penelope pretended to love and care for Roland but she just married him for the titel and his money.

When the monarch(King and Queen) has their first child, that child is automatically next in line to be King or Queen when they turn 18.

A few days before Charlotte's 18th birthday she was reading and watching the maids and servants from the balcony. One of the servints brought the princess her tea. As he walked to serve her he slipped and fell. Charlotte left her book and ran to help him up. The servant said, "Forgive me your highness. And I thank you for helping me." Charlotte replied, " It's only pleasure, what be your given name." The Sevant said , "Tis William your highness." "Don't bother with the mess I'll get someone to clean it." Said the princess. Stutteringly William replied,"No no tis fine your highness I'll clean it and make another cup of tea." "Fine but please just be careful. We wouldn't want another accident now would we." Said Charlotte. As William left Charlottes heart pounded and she uttered to herself, "My goodness what is this weird feeling? I've never felt this way before."

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