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This short but exciting story takes place in an ancient chinese village. Discover how Tai chi changed a young girls life. The story takes you on an adventurous journey . Feast your eyes on this spectacular tale. It teaches young ones to be brave and independent.

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Sweet as sugar

Long ago in Hongcun China there was a little girl named Mei. She was a very kind and creative child. Growing up she didn't have a lot. Her parents were very hard-working. Her father Haitao was a merchant and her mother Jina stayed home to take care of her dad and Mei. Mei loved listening grandfather's stories about his life. He always told her stories about how dragons used to roam the earth and how people took care of them .

Mei's grandfather was a very old man named Kangxi. He was admired/popular for giving charity and he was very kind. Kangxi always wore a green pendant that could bring the dead back to life and it has been in the family for 77 years.

The natives known Mei grandfather (Kangxi) as "Ji-Jer" which means wise man. You'd think that everyone loved Kangxi, well everyone did except for one envious person named Chang. You see, when Kangxi and Chang were young children, Kangxi was always the smarter/wiser one but Chang was the total opposite. Chang hated Kangxi even though Kangxi always treated him with respect.

Kangxi always tought Mei to never boast nor act as if you are better than others.

As time went on Kangxi never really heard from Chang.

CHAPTER 2 : An unexpected visit

*Years later*

It was a very special day called Chinese New Year. Mei and her family were very excited because every year they have Colorful dragon dances, delicious food and beautiful decorations. Everything went well until the dragon dancers caught a light.

Mei climbed the wall to see what caused the fire. She saw a group of men with weapons on horses.

Everyone ran in panic. As Mei and her family stopped to catch their breath Mei's parents gasped and fell to floor. Mei ran to her parents as she burst into tears. Kangxi was in shock, he saw a man with a bow and arrows. The man eerily chuckled and said , "Haha Kangxi long time no see." Shockingly Kangxi gasped and replied, "Chang after all these years you look awful."๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Chang angrily drew an arrow and aimed it at Mei, but her grandfather used his Tai chi to control the arrow straight into Chang's face. The two luckily managed to escape.

Chapter 3 : Lesson one

The two stopped to rest at the Yixi River. As Mei was thinking about her parents loss, a saker falcon landed on Kangxi's shoulder with a scroll. The scroll had a message that said, "Kangxi you have 10 days to prepare for battle. Meet me and the squad at the Miao room cave.If I win I destroy you and your stupid village and if you win well, you not going to win. YOU HAVE 10 DAYS -CHANG."

Kangxi was afraid because he knew he couldn't beat a whole entire army alone. He seriously said, Mei it's time you've learned the family tradition." Confusedly Mei replied, "And what's that grandfather?๐Ÿคจ

Kangxi proudly responded,"Tai chi" . Mei trained day and night, after five days she started to get the hang of things. On the seventh day, her grandfather said proudly and excitedly to Mei ,"Mei I'm so proud of you, you've mastered Tai chi."๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

As he was Happily hugging his granddaughter, within a blink of an eye, Kangxi screamed and fell in the ground with an arrow in his back. Mei was in shock and bursted into tears. She looked around and saw one of Chang's troops he said, " General Chang orders the battle for tomorrow." Strongly Mei responded ,"I'll be there." ๐Ÿ˜ค. As fast as lighting she took her grandfathers necklace and left.

Chapter 4 : The battle

The next day Mei was praying that she would when the battle. Mei remembered that the necklace had the power to bring the dead back to life, it brings good luck and it's been in the family for 77 years.

After 12 hours of praying and training, Mei set off to the cave. We she got there Chang chuckled sinisterly and said , " You think you can beat us *scoff* you should just leave and because you're worthless." Mei gracefully rose up into the air and brought up her ancestors of 77 years and even 10 dragons. All she had to do was to say a special chant. Mei concentrated her chi and said , "Eat this ". Boom she blasted her chi straight at Chang. The ancestors and dragons fought the army with all their might. After a some time of fighting the Jin family won the battle. As everyone celebrated that they were victorious Mei saw her parents and grandparents and ran to them crying. Her parents Happily said , "We're so proud of you Mei."

Chapter 5 : Home sweet home

Mei proudly walked back to Hongcun and and announced , " People of Hongcun I'm pleased to announce Xiyangs were defeated! " The villagers were very relieved to hear the news. The locals of Hongcun even made the 29th of June a Holiday dedicated to Mei as a thank you for making Hongcun going back to the sweet little village it was.

The End.


-A Believer original.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 10 days.

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