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A girl named, aurora liensley august. A girl that's very wise, and also tired of this cruel world that's enough to make her want to leave as she knew, she've done enough to leave it as it is to be with her beloved wife,

Short Story Not for children under 13.

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Wasn't easy as it seems.

I was barely surviving the wrath of this world gave me. the world itself gave me up to hell knowing I truly exist there. It's annoying. I was pulled back into the darkness I tried to hard to get out of.

the second I woke up, I hear a loud scream such as cursing coming from my mother. an annoying, loud cuss coming from her that's making more attention, the outrageous stares are coming at us, the secrets in our house will definitely go out someday because of them, I couldn't careless, why should I care?

I'm only after success, and the path with them is just stareway to hell.

no, It wasn't that. I'm just denial, it's the safest rout to be with them. but they, don't deserve to be dragged into hell with me, and my sins..

that's why. I don't chose love, I don't feel it. nevertheless, I blocked it and never feel it.


I take a sip on my coffee and take a good look at my face. I used to be so exquisite, I have an elegant look in my eyes. the posture of my body, now, it isn't quite so useful.

no matter where I stare, my gold sapphire eyes will never see the light that anyone else can see, I'm rather turning blind eye for it.

" aurora! my child, come here. " mom said, and truthfully, I thought, '.. it'll be tiring. ' even though, I just nodded in shown of agreement of coming there.

" yes, mother.. and father. "

I was hesitant to say the word father Infront of that man, that man standing infront of me.

" my child.. don't you think mom is right? "

" he needs a job for your school expenses! "

mom added, they think of me as a fool, a little girl who have been wondering a lot.

aurora liensley august, that's my name. a wise, mature child who have always been quite since ' that day. ' the day that I wanted to die, and let them be happy without my existence.

" yes.. maybe, mother. I'm sure if you guys quit acting like a child first thing at the morning you'll fix this immediately. "

I sighed and continue to eat, I was feeling a bit sleepy and dizzy. I don't eat a lot that's why, I still consider myself healthy because I'm still alive.

I bleed just to know I'm alive, the words that's more deeper than the cut of the knife that's pointing at my wrist with a lot of blood in it, it's quite unpleasant. it looks unpleasant. it doesn't hurt.

but they're words does, it was carved into my heart. and the wound from it never healed.

" tsk! shut up! don't lecture us, do you think you can survive without us?! how ungrateful. "

" if only I had a son, I wouldn't have such a dirt into our family. "

he said, as mom added. all of they're dramas were annoying, I almost let out my rant too.

however, I didn't. I didn't wanna disrespect them as a token of gratefulness.

' as a token of.. ' no, money can only be my decision as a thanks and no thanks.

please. shut up already.

my temper is shortening in someway, I wanna stroke someone neck and stab them.

I am definitely not into violence, however just a little push and I can be a murderer.

well, I happened to have no friends to tell me what caring is. I shut myself up ever since I was a child that's why.

I suddenly got a chills in my back, as a glimpse of my trauma showed up into my mind, I just wanna lay down.

it happened when i was 5, my parents aren't married. they're like a teenagers who didn't buy a protection when making love. a simplest mistake turns to be me, aurora liensley.

teenager? they act like it's a friend marriage, I mean.

one day, when I was 5. he brought a man looking girl at out house, and it's his boyfriend how careless that was, so me and my cousin went to play the game called hide & seek, since I was the hider I went into dad's room only find him fucking that man.

that hideous man, it was disgusting.

I was shocked that I couldn't even move, my tears just fell off and my legs started shaking as my cousin take me away from there, I wasn't ready for that. the day I loathed my father so much that it'll make me puke myself out. but even so, he hurts me, and my mom i thought maybe one day..

" he would change for us, he love us. he's gonna be a super hero, I can't wait! "

I fooled myself with it whenever dad hurts mom and mom was crying out loud, I couldn't bat a single eye.

and that day, the day I turned 8 was just the last string that mom said, " if your dad ever hurts us again, I'll call the cops. " I lost hope. I lost hope into the thing I have fools myself with for years knowing it's all useless in the end.

I never wanted to talk to him again, both of them make me uncomfortable. but mom is right sometimes, and sometimes it just hurts.

" aurora? my dear, what happened? is it because of the inc girl? I told you not to date her that's why. "

yes, as forbidden as it is, I don't care. Celeste Flantasia astraea, my beloved one.

I stared at her with hatred in my eyes for saying her name without any care in the world.

".. what! are you fighting me now?! "

" you're really like your father, I hate both of you! "

I did nothing at all, why hate me, and eventually. I do hate myself too for the same reason. it's quite unsightly how I see my last name is the same as his. it was indeed unpleasant.

however, my beloved. died a long time ago that's why I won't allow this woman to criticize the woman I swore, and swing my sword for.

" mother, I do understand you. but for you to criticize my love for her isn't quite acceptable, I know that we are both girl and that is not the problem here. "

she flinched and just turned away as I look at the window open, as the clear blue sky show up in my sight. a calming wind and it reminds me of her. it might be the thing we called home, maybe. I miss her.

nevermind, I'll be with her soon enough, just a little more work and I'll be dead.

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To be continued...

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