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The story talks about a high school students , having their journey in high school. As high School life, love , fantasy.

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Scene 1

The story talks about a high school students , having their journey in high school. As high School life, love , fantasy.

" The scene starts with Peggy got an admission in the high school..

Peggy's house.[The neighbors knows it as the Law house]

[Peggy comes from a rich family,both parents work for the law, the mum is Lawyer and the dad is a judge. Peggy's mum(Attorney Mavis Wood and the dad Mr. Alec Wood]

Attorney Mavis.

Peggy!Peggy! , Come out.

" Alec Wood.

"Has she forgotten she has had an admission from the high school and she's suppose to report today isn't it [In angry tone]

Attorney Mavis.

Honey, please have patience with your daughter—you shouldn't be using your harsh tone on our precious daughter.

" Alec Wood

She still isn't done for school..


Dad, I'm ready—sorry delaying my adorable cutie parents [giggling].

Attorney Mavis.

Look at her, hurry and get to the car.


Okay! Dad, how's your blood pressure [making joke of the Dad].


Alec Wood.

It clearly shows you take after your mum than me... [He gets out for the car].

[Peggy get's to the car and they sets off]

[Phone Rings]

Attorney Mavis.

Shhhh! I need to take the call... Administrator Mrs Pep is calling.

On phone

Hello, Is this Mrs Wood.

I called because the time Peggy is to report is passed...

Attorney Mavis.

Yes... We are on our way, but stuck in traffic— A really bad traffic.

On phone

Okay, sorry!

Safe journey. Bye!

Attorney Mavis.

Alright Bye!.


[This school ranks best in high school ,most students are from the richest family.. Their educational system is very easy for those who ready to learn—but difficult for those who are not ready to study and their already in the second semester week]

They arrived in the school...

Administrator Mrs Pep

Hello, Mrs Wood

oh wow is this Peggy..


Hi, Mrs pep..

Administrator Mrs Pep.

Peggy did you bring what you will need, erm your backpack, pens,etc...


Yes, please. I brought everything I will need—Mum you know am a good girl.(she says in a funny mode)

Attorney Mavis

Okay,. hope we have done what you need, Mrs Pep.

Honey!say something..

Administrator Mrs Pep.

Oh yes, everything is set.

Alec Wood.

Oh well everything has been said, Peggy just need to study,being careful and have fun... Alright we will take our leave..

[Mrs Pep, takes Peggy to her class, Mr and Mrs Wood stays there for a while to watch Peggy enters her class]

Peggy is in grade 11, she transferred from another school due to the bullying of her old school....

Alec Wood.

I hope she stays here till she completes as you know it was hard to transfer her to this school because they are in their second semester week...

Attorney Mavis.

Honey! please stop saying that, Let's say something good—you know saying something good brings good to Happen [she laughs to it].

Alec Wood.

[laughs] I know you cracked up that line....

(Peggy get's to her class)

Administrator Mrs Pep.

Hello, class



Mrs, Pep .... we miss you!

Administrator Mrs Pep

oh lies (they all laughs)... Alright, Madam Sandra—we have a new face here.. You can see she's beautiful...

Madam Sandra

Oh come and introduce yourself—Class keep quiet and welcome your new student..


Hello, I'm Peggy....New student

I hope we all get along.

[ Administrator Mrs Pep, leaves Peggy and went straight to her office, Peggy settles down in class].

School Canteen Hall..


Hello, Peggy right. I'm Halen,


Oh yeah.. okay nice to meet you, Halen


Katherine! Katherine! come over here...This Peggy


WhatsApp Kelly,oh sorry Peggy..(she laughs).


Okay.. let's get along [These girls are really wired, Peggy's thought]..

{Halen and Katherine takes Peggy to the dine table to eat with her....

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