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A girl fight with supernatural power and rescue herself

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Chilled no moon day

When she tired enough to do household chores after that She had a white coffee & fries She thought,'lets go outside and have some fresh air'After that she moved to outside for fresh air at backyard where wind was silent & weird in the evening She had a walk for short while then suddenly returned to the U-turn Some mischevious dark smoke startled her by moved around & around to scared her She dumbfounded to felt that dark smoke sudden appearance who's speed was high,strange & chilled which couldn't beheld in eyes That chilled smoke tried to possess her but failed The girl defeated the dark smoke by God's name Her positive self & gained the inner strength from God's name She defend herself from forceful attacked of michevious smoke Fought with it until she rescued herself She didn't know that the day was no moon day or amavasya

© rfake480

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To be continued...

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