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A gothic punk rocker falls in love, but the lady isn't your typical lover.

Paranormal Lucid For over 18 only.

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Chapter One

It was Halloween 2009. It was Krimson’s twenty second birthday. He didn’t have any friends, and his family wanted nothing to with him because of his life style choices.

He decided to go get a fifth of whiskey, and go to the cemetery where he found peace. He left his house around eight-thirty. It was dark, he had to walk through all the children and parents that where trick or treating. He stopped at the liquor store, then he proceeded to the cemetery. He came the the big gate of the cemetery above read ‘The Bridge to Heaven Cemetery’. He entered and found himself a bench to sit on.

He plugged in his phone to the portable charging box, and started to play some H.I.M over his portable speaker. He drank his bottle, then slid down, and rested his head on the back of the bench, and fell asleep.

He was woken up by a big flash of light. He thought it was the police, but he opened his eyes. There was nobody around. He sat there for a moment trying to get his eyes to adjust. His music wasn’t playing anymore, he thought that was strange.

It was ten-thirty now. He decided to sit there for. A while longer, to try and completely sober up before he went home so he didn’t catch himself another drunk in public.

There was a fog setting in across the cemetery from him. He could see what looked like people. He thought maybe it was other people enjoying a Halloween stroll through the cemetery. But then things got strange.

He turned on the camera on his phone, and aimed it towards the fog. The fog seemed centralized on the west side of the cemetery. Then the pople started to move towards him, as did the fog. There was three people he could make out at this point.

They moved really slow, but as they got closer he realized he could see through them, and they in fact where not walking but where floating.

He got weirded out, and got up to walk home. But then one of the figures was in front of him. He stopped in his tracks.

He could see the features of a female. He stood there, staring at the girl.

Then she spoke to him, “what is the matter? You look like you just seen a ghost.” Then she let out this laught.

He kind of laughed himself, and said, “I think I have.”

“My name is Onyx,” she said. “ My birth name is Elizabeth Collins. Onyx is my goth name, that my friends gave me when I was still alive.”

“Krimson is my name,” he said in total shock.

He couldn’t wrap his head around the whole situation. He had never been able to see ghosts let alone talk to them.

He sat back own on the bench, because he started feeling weak, and light headed. He realized later that this was her way to get him to stay with her.

She floated towards the empty space on the bench, and sat down.

“Lets get to know each other before the sun comes up and I have to go back to the underworld,” she said. “I died when I was seventeen, from an overdose. I didn’t mean to. The year was 2004. I would have turned twenty-two November sixth. I got into the drug and goth scene when I lost my dad to cancer just seven months before I died. My mom was driving home from work when a drunk driver t-boned her, and she was pronounced dead at the scene just six days after they laid me to rest. She left behind my little brother, and sister for my grandparents to finish raising.”

“ Was that your parents with you walking across the cemetery?” He asked.

“Yes. They went back to our stones because they where nervous to spend anytime with a human,” she explained. “Tell me about yourself.”

“Oh,” he said. “Well I’m Krimson Johannson. I turned twenty two yesterday. I’m also gothic. I sped most of my time alone, if I am not working on my music. My family don’t do much with me because I don’t fit their mold, I guess. I’, an only child. I spend a lot of time here at the cemetery. I live in my grandparents basement. That’s about all. Oh, and I have a dog he’s a black lab named Jackell.”

“Wow you are interesting,” she said. “I had a black cat name Satin.”

“I’m allergic to cats,” he said. “ When I’m around them I go into anaphylactic shock.”

“That’s not good,” she said. “But you would forever be with me.” She giggled.

He laughed, and said, “I guess that is one way to do it.”

It was one-thirty now. They sat there in silence for twenty minutes. Then she asked him if he would like to meet her parents and see their stones.

He said, “yes.”

They both stood up and started towards the west side of the cemetery. They reached her parents, and she started talking to them.

“Mom, dad this is Krimson,” she introduced.

“Nice to meet you,” they said.

“Krimson this is my Mom Helda, and my Dad John,” she said.

“Nice to meet you ma’am and sir,” he said. “You seem to have a pretty amazing daughter.”

“Thank you,” they both said.

“Here are our stones,” Onyx said.

Her stone was a onyx stone with a little kid picture, and a butterfly on it. Her parents stone was some kind of marble, on her mom’s side had what looked like roses, and her dads side had a fish.

“Those are beautiful,” Krimson said. The picture of you is cute.” He smiled.

“Thank you,” all three of them said.

“You’re welcome,” said Krimson.

It was a quarter to four now. Krimson had to get home so he could get a few hours of sleep, before he left for the city later that day.

“Thanks for hanging out with me,” Krimson said. “I got to go home and try to sleepp before I have to drive into the city.

They said their goodbyes but before Krimson could get turned around to walk off, Onyx said, “please come back you know where I lay. But in order to see me it has to be dark.”

Krimson then said with a big smile, “I’ll most defiantly come visit you.”

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To be continued... New chapter Every 2 days.

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