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– Maybe this was the reason why I never allowed myself to fall in love with you because deep down, I suspected you were up to no good and I didn’t want to end up broken-hearted.

Short Story Not for children under 13. © Felicia Evreux

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Gideon Robinson is the popular one, the star attacker of the lacrosse team.

Freya Zhao is a loner; always drawing and daydreaming between classes. She’s the young woman with straight A’s and most of her classmates consider her annoying and show off, the professors never cease to say how incredibly intelligent she is.

Out of nowhere, Gideon starts spending time with Freya; walks with her to class, sits next to her at lunch, and asks her out. He was all distanced from his friends, which is odd since before Gideon decided to get closer to Freya he was always surrounded by his friends. Freya noticed this early.

Gideon thinks she’s eating from the palm of his hand, and Freya decided to let him believe that for months.

Freya hears a conversation in the hallway when she was walking to her locker, a conversation that concerns Gideon’s behavior towards her, which is all the confirmation that she needs to put end to this game.

Freya walks out of the school and sees Gideon waiting for her next to her car. There were only a couple of cars left since she stayed doing homework in the library.

– Make the nerd fall in love with you. That’s an easy task for you, right? – she voiced right in his face, and he didn’t even react

– What are you talking about babe?

– Your friends were laughing about it in the hallway. I know everything

– That’s not true

– Just tell me the truth, for once

– I won’t deny that there was a bet, but it was established that it had to make you fall in love with me in two weeks, I said I didn’t make it and I had to pay my lost

– You could’ve easily said that you made it, for the sake of your ego

– I had no proof to make them believe me and I can be many things but I’m not a liar – he articulated –. It’s been five months, and the bet only lasted the first two weeks

– You did lie when you decided to talk to me in the first place

– I got to know you and I stayed with no bad intentions

– Why? – Freya wanted to know desperately what exactly was motivating him to stay

– You’re way more interesting than the fashion-obsessed bulimic headcases that are dating my friends, there is always something to talk about with you, things that matter not TikTok trends, nails, and clothes

– You still lied to me, you didn’t go to the cafeteria and sat next to me that day just because this was our last semester, and you only knew my name

– If it occurred to me to tell you that someone dared me to spend time with you, would you have collaborated?

– No but I would have preferred the truth, if you would’ve said that it was for a bet, I could’ve helped you if the punishment for losing was too extreme – Freya articulated –. That would’ve spared me from feeling that you utilize me

– Effie, please let me explain

– You don’t have to, all that I understand is that you used me – Freya stated –. I didn’t push you away when you came because I thought having a friend wouldn’t hurt and I let you in, I simply thought he’s handsome and he wants to talk to me; why not? So, I really tried but maybe this was the reason why I never allowed myself to fall in love with you because deep down, I suspected you were up to no good and I didn’t want to end up broken-hearted

– Initially, I was up to no good but now I promise I mean no disrespect – Gideon sighed –. Having you as a friend is something I’m liking a lot – he looked down and bit his bottom lip –. Can we start over?

– I don’t know Gideon; I feel hurt and betrayed – she voiced –. I need time to think about if I still want you in my life or not

Gideon sighed and nodded reluctantly.

– Of course. We’ll do this your way

Freya nodded and took a step forward to open the door to the driver’s seat of her car.

Gideon moved out of her way thinking she wouldn’t like it if he tried to make her stay a little longer.

Freya drove away from the school and away from Gideon without saying that she would text him or call him when she gets her mind right.

He already felt that this meant goodbye.

The thought of losing Freya made his heart sink.

Gideon took out his phone as he sighed heavily. He intended to tell her the truth himself, but it appears someone beat him to it.

He had to find out who did spill the beans in the hallway and make them pay.

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