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Day One Of Rp

In This Role Play I Am Angel Dust From Hazbin Hotel And My Friend Is Alastor

[Intro] it was the night before the extermination, and charlie was all in a depressed tizzy. so me being the awful drug addict that i am i enter your office without knocking and sit on your desk. "hey puddin" i say flirtatiously "let me suck your dick"

''Ha No'' *He Write*

"awwww please" i try puppy eyes

"Nope" |He Got Up|

"where ya goin hun?"

Back To The Hotell.

"aww your no fun!" i start pouting "why are always so mean?" i ask all depressed

|He'd Teleport To The Hotell|

I stomp my foot in agitation "WHY IS HE SO GOD DAMN DIFFICULT!!!" i scream at the to of my lungs the storm off to find cherri bomb

|He Grin|

Cherri seeing that angel was depressed asks what's wrong [cherri] "whats up angel?" [me]"Al doesn't pay any attention to me i can't tell if he's playing hard to get or just hates me" cherri sits next to him and hugs him [cherri]"well if he doesn't like you just move on i mean you always do so what's the difference?" [me]"i think i actually love him..." [cherri]"oh god are you sure? i swear if he hurts you i'll-" i cut her off "there's no point, thanks cherri i have to go back to the hotel i'll see you later" [cherri]"wait!" i turn around "what?" [cherri] If you really love him, don't give up it's impossible to ignore you forever" that makes me grin "you're right! thanks cherri" i walk back to the hotel with new hope when i find you i walk up to you "we need to talk. no flirting just talk" husk looks at me like i've lost is


|His Ears Pins Down As Eyes Glows Red|

i stand my ground without blinking or flinching "Don't think you can scare your way out of this one Overlord Alastor Radio Demon!" me using your full title startles you a bit but doesn't deter you

Please Got Out My Room. Now.

"Or what? are you gonna hit me? gonna try to kill me? well news flash Mr high n mighty IM ALREADY DEAD SO WHAT THE FUCK ELSE ARE YOU GONNA DO TO ME I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU" i start screaming (also charlie husk and vaggie are listening through the door) i start walking towards you pointing my finger and all "WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO ACCEPT THAT SOMEONE MIGHT ACTUALL LOVE YOU IN THIS SHITHOLE OF A HOTEL!" [charlie} It is not a shithole" she whispers getting shushed by the others [me]" YA KNOW WHAT FUCK YOU I'M DONE WITH TRYING. IT OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T MATTER THAT I LOVE YOU! IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT I HAVEN'T FUCKED ANYBODY SINCE YOU CAME HERE. IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT FOR ALMOST A YEAR I'VE TRIED TO IMPRESS YOU" at this point i'm crying with my arms at my side and my head down "YOUR NEVER HAD A HEART WHICH IS WHY YOU STOLE MINE IT'S WHY YOU NEVER PAYED ANY ATTENTION TO ME IT'S HOW YOU IGNORE ME YOU CAN'T FEEL ANYTHING! AND I FUCKING HATE MYSELF FOR LOVING YOU! BUT YA KNOW FOR THE FIRST TIME I CAN'T WALK AWAY AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY!" i walk up to you and slap you while your stunned "fuck y-you"

I storm out trampling everybody outside the door

|He'd stare at the round as he never had real love|

|He Cry A bit as he Frown|

i'm in my room crying that you can hear through the walls. charlie tries to talk to me but i kick her out and light a cigarette to try and calm down, when it doesn't work i throw it across the room along with many other things

|He'd sat on the floor as he cover his ears due to ringing|

I Start Screaming Until Vaggie breaks my door down for making charlie cry. i only end up kicking her in the stomach screaming "GET OUT BITCH" eventually i run out of things to throw so i collapse against the wall in a panic attack

|He pick Angel up|

"what do you want from me Alastor" i mutter begrudgingly even though against my will i snuggle up to your chest noticing that you smell really good

|He'd put him on his bed|

"Why Are you being so nice to me all of a sudden" i mumble confused at your sudden behavior "what so different between now and an hour ago i get it you hate me i'll leave you alone i just needed to get it off my chest i'm sorry" i start to try to get up so i can leave but you won't let me.

|He grabs his arm| Please... Stay..

i flinch "why should i? unless you have a reason, let go of my arm so i can leave" i say irritably

|His Ears Goes Down| I've been liking you ever since i met you but i got scared you wouldn't like me back so i pretended to not like you..

"great i'm so high i'm hallucinating" i mumble still trying to get away

Your Not High..

"oh yeah, prove it" i say dryly as i stop trying to wriggle my arm out of your grasp

|He Softly Kissed him on The Cheek As He Look Away Blushing|

i turn bright red and after finally freeing my arm i turn your face and kiss your on the lips softly

|He Blush Alot.|

taking a deep breath i softly ask "do you really want me to stay? "

|He Nod|

"okay" i say as i take your hand and lead you to the bed. after thinking for a second i add "don't worry i just want cuddles"

|He sat on the bed|

i lay down next to where you're sitting then comment "how come your bed is more comfortable than mine?" as i snuggle deeper into the pillows

|He'd lay down| Well i made the bed fluffy

i give a small giggle as i wrap my arms around you whispering "I love you Al"

|He whispers back| I love you too

"quick question before we go to sleep" i say

|He looks at him?|

"who's gonna tell the girls and husk?"

You Could if you want too

i nod giggling a bit "that's probably better i have a feeling charlie's broad likes me more than you and that's sayin somthin"

|He'd Fall asleep|

i do too after thinking about how cute you look when your sleeping. {The Next Morning} I wake up still in your arms realizing it wasn't a dream. the i see the clock and curse myself mentally for sleeping past the normal time and not calling cherri cause sh'e gonna kill him later. i look at your peaceful, smiling, sleeping face and decide to play with you a little. so i crawl up to you and start rubbing one of your extremely soft ears giggle softly

|He'd shaked his tail|

giggling i whisper in your ear "rise n' shine puddin' it's time for breakfast" then i kiss your neck just once so as not to push boundaries

|He'd let him|

"C'mon Suga ya have to eat and if i miss breakfast cause of you i'm gonna-" i don't finish because you wake up "oh good you finally woke up, it's time to eat and i'm starving"

|He'd wake'd up|

"Alright hun i really am hungry so i'ma head downstairs and bring breakfast to ya k?" i say getting up and stretching then heading downstairs

|He got up as he got undress to change|

I come back with our food and walk in accidentally seeing you, and almost dropping the food but i put it on the table next to the door "i- uhhh sorry" and i star to walk out flustered

|He didnt noticed him as he put his red and black tux on|

when you walk out of the room you see me in the hallway blushing while trying to eat an orange roll

You Ok? You Look A bit Red Dear.

having not noticed you walked out i jumped almost losing the orange roll "y-y-yep!" i stutter out "just f-f-fine" while thinking to myself 'how many people have i seen naked? why the fuck am i so damn flustered FUCK! if i keep getting this way i'll never be able to come clean about this shit' and more confusing thoughts, i was so in my thoughts that i didn't hear you trying and failing to get my attention

|He noticed them coming|

i finally snap out of it when nifty tries to start dusting me off. already annoyed i shoo her off of me much to her disappointment. then the other three show up [Vaggie]"And here I expected more fighting. Does that mean you're done making Charlie cry?" [me]"Charlie i'm sorry" [Charlie] It's Okay!" [Vaggie] "NO IT'S NOT" [Husk] "Chill wench" [vaggie] FUCK OFF HUSK] [Charlie] calm down love" [vag] "fine" [charlie] "Sooooooo, Why are you two not trying to kill each other...?" she asks in a suggestive way [me]"Because he's my boyfriend, Touch Him You Die." husk rolls his eyes and walks away dragging nifty and vaggie drags charlie away [me]" Well that went smoother than expected


"soooo what do you wanna do"

|He blink| Cuddles? Maybe chill?

"oki!!" i say happily as i jump on you and wrap my legs around your waist so i can kiss your neck again

|He smiled|

i smirk and whisper in your ear "oh so you like it when i kiss your neck"

|He Blush abit as he smiled|

i climb down gracefully and grab your hand "there's a place i want to show you"


when we get close to where we're going I cover your eyes and guide you for about 10 minutes and then i uncover them. what you see is a beautiful field of crimson spider lilies and black roses. "well what do you think it's kinda my version of the secret garden I discovered it shortly after i got here i haven't shown it to anyone else"

|He likes the flowers He picks up one and puts one in their hair|

i blush and kiss you on the cheek "i'm glad you like it"

|He sat down|

"you know when i found this place it was overgrown and trashed, i managed to clean it up and nurse it back to health in a way." after thinking for a second "oh! i fibbed a little cherri knows about this place she helped me clean it up. i'm pretty sure she's forgotten by now though." i sit down next to you and start playing with your ears.

|He Stares at the sky |

I start rubbing one of your ears

|He Rubbed his head on their hand|

"awww your so cute" i say as i lightly scratch behind it. then i moved around so that i could sit on your lap and kiss you

|His ears twitches|

i move my face down so i can start kissing your neck

i caress your cheek and start to leave a hickey

|He noticed|

i stop "wait is that too much?"

"sorry if i went too far i-i'll stop" i start to try and get off of you

|He love the Affection|

|He blush alot as his ears pins back|

as i continue i start to rub your ears again


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To be continued...

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