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Book 1 is about a boy who struggles to find who he is. In a world, without magic, he must find his place! Will he find his place or will the abuse stop him? Will he come into his magic he will he always be the freak without magic? Will he ever be a knight or is that just a dream? Will he ever find out who he is? Find out that and more in book 1 burning phoenix.

Fantasy Medieval For over 18 only.

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To those that read The Burning Phoniex, read with caution. There will be maiming, killing, and some very dark themes in this book. This book is for young adults. As there is a darkness that will destroy and kill everything in its path and there is an evil prince who will do anything to get what he wants.—

This short novel contains some mental and physical abuse. Physical abuse occurs only in Chapters 4 and 6. Death, very descriptive brunt skin, and a darkness. You have been warned!

Happy reading! I hope you enjoy my story!

~Aqua Midnight~

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