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Life is sad, Life is painful, Life is lovely, Life is dreadful. Life teaches lessons, Like no one else can, I hope you'll find them useful, I hope it'll help.

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Why is life so hard,

The more details I lard?

It always keeps on changing,

and I'm a guest, simply ranging.

Why is life so complex?

Why is it so perplex?

What is the difference?

Between knowledge and ignorance?

Why is life a lie?

Why do people cry?

Why aren't my tears blue?

Which happen when I see you?

Why are roses red?

What's this burning in my head?

Why are violets blue?

What is false and what is true?

Why is there no answer?

For the question "why" ?

Will my searching be successful?

Or will I find a lie?


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To be continued... New chapter Everyday.

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