a boy with an ordinary life didn't expect that going into the forest with his friend would come with more than he expected. finding out that his part of an ancient bloodline that must stop the dark lord from entering the realm of human. how can his world be more fucked up. this is the first book of the trilogy . leave reviews and vote.

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Chapter one

Jack evens life hasn't been rosy growing up at the orphanage, he felt different from the other kids while other may know their parents. Jack arrived at the orphanage in a bucket in the orphanage door with nothing except a paper with words that read jack evens

"Hey dude are you going to school today' jimmy said glancing at the road heading to school

"Yes man" jack replie with his eyebrow raised at the strange question

Jimmy is jack's best friend, only friend since everyone at his school or orphanage finds him weird. He has known jimmy since the first grade

"Well there's a rumor that there's something in the forest because 3 people have disappeared, and I want us to check it out ya know" jimmy said

Jimmy has said alot of stupid things and done some stupid things like saying to Ms Williams she looks like a snake or almost blowing up the school lab, but this takes the cake

"Did you hear what you just said" jack stares at this idiot

"Well yeah" jimmy cheerfully smiles

"Let me repeat what you just said. 3 people are missing and you want to us to go out and investigate what happen" jimmy states

"Unless you are scared I can understand that and don't forget tony said he's going to beat you up today, in some way I'm saving you" jimmy replies

Jack didn't feel like getting beaten up today

"Fine let's go" jack Reluctantly agreesand what could go wrong. He signs at his thoughts, I just cursed myself? Fuck.

Jimmy smiles

As jack and jimmy entire the dark forest. jack couldn't help but feel unease at the forest and for some reason his instincts are telling him to get the fuck out of there.

"Man I don't think we should continue, something about this place feel weird" jack said looking at the shadows in the forest

"Don't back down at me right now man, are you with me or not" jimmy encourages him "we will be fine"

'I'm with you"

As they continue deeper in the forest in becomes darker and jack instincts are screaming at him right now, they're raving at him. jack looks around the forest and sees red color on some of the trees with claws in prints in them as he continues to investigate, he hears a growl in the back as he turns his back he sees the most terrifying creature he has ever seen in his life with blood hanging on it's jaw.

"Jimmy are you seeing what I'm seeing" jacks whispers with fear running through his whole body

"Yes I'm" jimmy replies obliviously scared.

The creature starts to move closer to them. jack and jimmy too off running away from this demonic creature, no matter how much they run the creature gains speed and moves closer to them, as the creature moves close, jack glances in the back and sees jimmy is strangling as the creature moves closer to him. with a plan formed in his head jack jumps at the creature and start to roll with it down hill.

"Jack" jimmy shouts.

"Run don't look back" jack says.

As the creature stand up. jack nods at jimmy and continues to run in the opposite direction so that the creature doesn't follow jimmy, running deeper into the forest. jimmy stands at the top of the hill watching the creature pursue jack deeper into the forest with guilt in his heart jimmy runs and hopes jack will be okay.

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