Paris has had enough of France getting all the credit, so they decide to make a group of cities who want independence. They call it “ the Independent City Union” and they help members declare independence from their countries. Follow Paris, Cairo, French Guiana, England, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Quebec and Hong Kong in their adventures for independence!

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The Beginning

In the beginning, A planet was formed. To this day, we know this planet as Earth. On earth there are seven regions known as continents. In these continents are areas we know as countries. In these countries are cities, unless the country is a city-state. Of course, you would know that by now unless you’re about two years old. But anyway, some cities wanted independence from their respective countries. One of them was Paris, who is more determined than ever to gain independence from their country, in this case the country being France.

“Oh! I can’t believe this! All the hard work I do, France gets all the credit! I am the one who built the Eiffel tower, after all! Without me, France would be much less popular and probably be barely talked about, and I will get the credit that I very much deserve!” Paris ranted throughout the night. “If only there were other cities that have the same situation as me, or at least something similar, so that we can team up and gain independence from our respective countries!” Paris continued. “ Oh wait, that’s it! I will secretly host auditions to join forces with cities who want independence from their countries! Members, me and the others might be able to declare independence from all of our respective countries! The main problem is figuring out how to do it without France and other countries noticing.” Paris figured out. “Eh, whatever. I’ll just send them and hope the countries don’t notice” Paris got straight to mailing. After lots of consideration, This is the message they sent. “Hi, it’s Paris, if you are a city and want independence, then join my group! All you have to do is respond saying you want to join, and you’re into auditions! Also, try to hide this from you’re main country. Thank you, and I’ll see you there! Sincerely, Paris.” No responses came for days. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, months turned to seasons. After a very long time, Paris finally got some responses.

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