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In the tumultuous world of Azuma Pirate Lord, where pirates roam the seas and adventure awaits at every turn, Azuma stands as a formidable figure. Once a lone pirate left for dead on a desolate island, Azuma rises from the brink of death to become the feared captain of his own crew, commanding the majestic vessel known as the Crimson Serpent. With a crew as diverse as the seas they sail, Azuma leads his band of misfits on daring escapades, seeking treasure, glory, and redemption. But as they navigate treacherous waters and face off against rival pirates, corrupt officials, and supernatural forces, Azuma must confront his own past and the demons that haunt him. As secrets unravel and alliances are tested, Azuma and his crew find themselves entangled in a web of intrigue, with each twist and turn revealing more about their destinies than they could ever imagine. From epic sea battles to heart-wrenching betrayals, Azuma's journey is one of danger, discovery, and the relentless pursuit of freedom on the high seas. But as the stakes grow higher and the dangers more perilous, Azuma must steel himself and his crew for the ultimate challenge that awaits them, one that will test their courage, their loyalty, and their very souls. For in the world of piracy, where every decision carries consequences and every victory comes at a price, Azuma and his crew must navigate a path fraught with peril if they are to claim their rightful place as lords of the sea.

Adventure Not for children under 13.

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Part 1

Within the dim confines of a desolate cave, a man lay sprawled amidst a pool of his own blood. His once-vibrant black hair now matted with dirt and sweat across his face, contorted with pain. His hazel eyes dulled by the harsh reality of his predicament. Clad in a tattered pirate coat of black and red, he was a lone figure abandoned on a small, forsaken island.

The callous crew of pirates had pillaged his belongings and plundered his supplies, leaving behind nothing but his weather-beaten ship to mock his misfortune.

As the cold tendrils of death threatened to ensnare him, a glimmer of hope caught his eye—a solitary red ice crystal nestled behind a jagged rock. Summoning the last vestiges of his strength, he dragged his battered body toward the small object, praying for it’s icy embrace to quench his thirst and sustain his dwindling life force.

Bruised and bleeding, his clothes torn and his hat cruelly taken by the marauding pirates, he clung to the faint hope of survival amidst the unforgiving cavern.

As he reached the small glimmering gem, his parched lips faintly bleeding, wasted no time in devouring it’s cold, refreshing essence. With each desperate chew, he felt a fleeting sense of relief wash over him, the icy shards melting against his parched tongue, soothing the urge of thirst that consumed him. But as the last remnants of the crystal dissolved within him, an overwhelming wave of exhaustion struck him, sending him into the depths of unconsciousness.

CHAPTER 1 A New Chance

After an hour of drifting through the empty darkness between life and death, The man awoke back inside the cave still in pain. He rose to his feet, still drenched in his own blood. The weak pirate made his way outside as the pain began to subside. He opened his shirt to see his wounds closing at a fast rate. “How strange, but I don’t have time to worry about this right now” His name…was Azuma Kenousa…

Emerging from the mouth of the cave, the healed pirate squinted against the gentle rays of the fading evening sun, it’s golden light casting a warm glow across the tranquil beach. A soft breeze brushed across his torso, carrying with it the scent of salt and seaweed. The sand beneath his feet was cool and slightly damp, a testament to the tide that had recently receded.

His gaze shifted to the shoreline, where a group of men in black suits moved with purpose, their figures silhouetted against the backdrop of the vast ocean. They hauled cargo with practiced efficiency, ferrying it to a large ship that bobbed gently in the water nearby. Azuma's eyes narrowed as he observed their movements, a plan forming in his mind.

"Hmmm, without my sword, this will be difficult," he muttered to himself, his voice barely audible over the gentle lapping of the waves. "But if I wait too long, I'll miss my chance of taking their ship and getting off this damn island"

His attention was drawn to two figures seated by a crackling campfire not far from the shoreline. Their swords lay within arm's reach, glinting faintly in the dying light. A sense of urgency pulsed through him as he weighed his options, his eyes scanning the beach for any signs of opportunity.

As Kenousa charged towards the group of adversaries, their startled shouts filled the air, followed with the harsh clicks of pistols being drawn. "The bastard's alive! Kill him!" A deep stern voice commanded, their voices laced with surprise and alarm.

The men in black suits turned towards him, their expressions a mixture of shock and hostility. Among them, a large bald brute stood out, his muscular frame imposing as he bellowed orders. His sleeves were torn, revealing muscular arms that bulged with strength. The rest of the squad resembled C.I.A agents, clad in sleek suits and sunglasses that obscured their eyes, giving them an air of enigmatic menace.

Without hesitation, the agents unleashed a barrage of gunfire, their pistols flashing in the dim light of the evening. However, Azuma was already ahead of them, his movements fluid and agile as he slid beneath the hail of projectiles with practiced ease. "Your aim needs work," he taunted, his voice carrying a hint of amusement.

In one swift motion, the pirate shot to his feet, delivering swift, precise strikes that sent the three gunmen sprawling to the ground, their weapons clattering into the sand. The pair of swordsmen, undeterred by their comrades' defeat, charged towards him with deadly intent.

"Hmph, I may not be good with guns, but swords are another thing," Azuma remarked confidently as one of his assailants attempted to cut the young pirate down with one slash. With lightning reflexes, Azuma caught the blade between his three fingers, halting it’s deadly arc just inches from his skin.

"If you call yourself a true swordsman, then you overestimate your skill," he chided, a smirk forming at the corners of his lips. With a swift kick to his foe's ribs, Azuma sent the thug stumbling backwards, releasing his grip on the blade.

As the sword spun through the air, time seemed to slow for a moment, each rotation imbued with a sense of anticipation. Then, with a satisfying clatter, the weapon landed squarely in Azuma's waiting grasp. He hefted it, feeling the weight of it’s blade and the promise of the edge.

"Heh, finally I at least have a weapon now," Azuma muttered, a fierce determination gleaming in his hazel eyes. The scene crackled with tension, the clash of steel and the rush of adrenaline filling the air as Azuma stood ready to defend himself against all odds.

"Tsssk, you bastard!" The other swordsman charged at Azuma, his blade gleaming in the dim light. With precision born of years of combat experience, Azuma deftly parried the oncoming strike, his own blade clashing against his foe's with a metallic ring.

In an abrupt motion, he closed the distance between them with alarming speed. A sharp crack rang out as Azuma's forehead met the swordsman's nose with bone-jarring force, breaking it instantly.

Blood spurted from the wound, painting the sand crimson as the swordsman staggered back, clutching his face in agony. “Y-YOU BASTARD!” Seizing the opportunity, Azuma struck swiftly, delivering a powerful blow to the back of the man's head with the hilt of his sword.

The swordsman collapsed to the ground unconscious, his sword slipping from his grasp. Azuma stood over him, his chest heaving with exertion, a grim determination etched across his face as he surveyed the aftermath of the brief but intense skirmish.

"There, now to find their captain. A group this big is bound to have someone pulling the strings," Azuma comented, his voice carrying a quiet intensity before retrieving the second sword from the unconscious thug. With a swift motion, he twirled the blade in his hand, it’s sharp edge catching the faint light of the setting sun.

As he approached the assailant ship, his eyes caught a closer look upon the vessel. It was a typical sloop pirate ship, it’s sturdy frame casting a formidable presence against the backdrop of the evening sky. However, it was somewhat smaller than the average pirate vessel, a compact design that hinted at swift maneuverability and agility on the open seas.

The ship's hull bore a light brown shade, weathered from years of sailing the tumultuous seas, while black flags fluttered ominously from the masts, marking it as a vessel of piracy and adventure.

Before anyone could respond, panic erupted among the men as one of them seized a nearby gun. In a desperate attempt to defend themselves, they fired a shot straight at Azuma. With lightning reflexes, Azuma's blade sliced through the air, intercepting the bullet with a burst of sparks that illuminated the dark beach.

The sharp clang of metal meeting metal echoed across the beach as Azuma smoothly slid his sword back into it’s sheath, his eyes still fixed on the trembling men before him. “I will ask you all once more…where can I find your captain”

"No need to search for him, the captain is right here, feel honored to be killed by one such as I. You may call me, Captain Kazamo" a deep, stern voice spoke up across from the deck above. Kenousa's gaze shifted past the trembling crew to behold the imposing figure of Captain Kazamo. Towering over the deck of the ship above him, the captain's bare torso revealed a tapestry of black tattoos etched across his tan sun-kissed skin, a testament to years spent under the relentless glare of the sun.

His eyes, a piercing emerald green that bore into Kenousa with an intensity, sending a faint shiver down his spine. Dressed in nothing but black pants, Captain Kazamo exuded an aura of raw power and authority, his very presence demanding respect and obedience from all who stood before him.

“If anyone’s going to die…I’d say it’ll be you” Azuma unsheathed his blade aiming it toward the captain. “So then, are you going to make a move, or should I?”

"Tsk, if you want to die that badly, then I won’t stand in your way," Kazamo growled, his movements a blur as he unsheathed his blade with lightning speed. Just before his strike could find it’s mark, Azuma's own blade intercepted it with a resounding clash. "Sword slash: Sudden strike," Azuma declared, his voice filled with determination. With swift footwork, he maneuvered to the side, launching a relentless barrage of sword strikes that seemed to blur into one seamless motion. Kenousa found himself standing behind his opponent, the captain's bare back now exposed to him.

Kazamo froze for a moment, his expression darkening into a sadistic grin. Despite the blood gushing from his wounds, staining his back and chest crimson, he remained standing, his eyes gleaming with malice. A long, deep slash marred his back, the blood oozing from the wound, while several pierces crisscrossed his bare chest, forming a gruesome tableau of agony.

A pool of blood collected at his feet. Yet, amidst the pain, his grin remained, twisted and malevolent. "Hehe," he chuckled, his voice tinged with sadistic pleasure. His eyes gleamed with malice. "Hehe, you’re pretty quick, aren’t you, brat? Looks like I’ll have to show you who you’re dealing with," he taunted, his voice dripping with venomous amusement. With a stretch of his hand, he aimed his palm at the ground, preparing to unleash his power.

As the built man aimed his bare palm toward the ground, a chilling silence fell over the beach. The crew members of the ship, terror etched on their faces, scrambled aboard their vessel in a panicked frenzy. They knew all too well the dreadful power their captain wielded.

A malevolent purple mist began to seep from his palm, slithering along the ground like tendrils of darkness. With each passing moment, the mist thickened, obscuring the sand beneath. Without warning, skeletal forms began to emerge from the mist, their bones creaking and rattling as they took shape.

The skeletons, grotesque and eerie, stood tall around Kazamo, their hollow eye sockets glowing with an otherworldly purple light. Some were missing limbs, their bones jagged and broken, while others clutched rusted weapons in their bony hands.

The crew watched in horror as the undead monstrosities rose from the ground, their fear palpable in the air. Kazamo's sinister grin widened as he surveyed his newfound army, reveling in the terror he inspired.

"Now then, let’s see how you fare against my undead horde," Kazamo taunted. The skeletons surrounded Azuma, their empty eye sockets fixed on their prey. Meanwhile, the dark captain watched from a distance, his smirk growing wider as he crossed his arms in satisfaction.

As the legion of undead closed in, Azuma remained calm and focused, drawing his second sword. The undead horde unleashed a barrage of sword strikes, only for the skilled pirate to deflect each attack with precise movements.

Sparks erupted from his blades with each deflection, illuminating the darkness around him. Kenousa's dark hair flowed in the air, swept by the force of each strike. The legion of undead let out deep, demonic groans as they pressed their assault, their movements driven by their master's dark will.

Despite overwhelming odds, Azuma stood his ground, his determination unyielding as he faced the relentless horde.

“You must really be underestimating me if you think these bags of bones are going to be able to defeat me” Gripping both his blades He spun as fast as he could, shredding through each one of them, their bones shattering into the sand before he came to a stop. The captain watched as his horde of undead cracked apart, falling to pieces all around him.

The tyrant clinched his fist enraged, advancing right for his target before sending a fierce punch right for the pirate’s face. “YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” Azuma moved his sword at immense speed before slowly sliding it back into it’s sheath. Kazamo hit the ground lying dead in the sand. “There, time to take his ship and make my way back to town. I will gather a new crew and hunt down the ones that betrayed me”

Forcing the crew off the ship, the pirate sailed away from the island heading out for the nearest town to form a new crew…


Azuma stood upon the deck, his gaze fixed on the horizon where the violet sun dipped below the edge of the sea. The calm breeze brushed past his face, carrying with it the unmistakable scent of sea salt that filled the air. He wore a large crimson red tricorn captain's hat adorned with a grand white feather, adding to his imposing presence against the backdrop of the open ocean.

As he pondered the vast expanse of the sea, Azuma's thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of his second-in-command, Saido Oranami. Saido, with his striking white hair, approached Azuma with concern in his green eyes. He was dressed in a sleek black cloth shirt paired with pristine white pants, the contrast of colors accentuating his authoritative demeanor.

"Captain, what are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you get some sleep for tomorrow?" Saido inquired, his voice carrying a tone of respect and loyalty to his captain. Despite the late hour, the sense of duty and responsibility never wavered aboard Azuma's ship.

“I can’t sleep, I want to find something rare, something no other pirate has found before. I Azuma Kenousa will become the next pirate lord”

Few Hours Later…

The captain, Azuma, lay sprawled in a pool of his own blood, his vision blurring as pain coursed through his body. Saito, his once loyal second-in-command, stood over him, pressing his boot against Kenousa's injured cheek. A cold, calculating look gleamed in Saito's eyes, his features twisted into a sinister smirk as he delivered his betrayal.

"Sorry, captain, I'm done following your orders. The crew and I have agreed that we'll do better without you. I'm taking your crew and ship as my own. Enjoy dying alone on this worthless island"

Behind Saito, the crew members sneered and laughed sinisterly at their fallen captain, their loyalty now shifted to their newfound leader. Azuma's world spun as he lay helpless on the ground, the bitter taste of betrayal heavy in the air as darkness threatened to consume him.

[End Of Flashback]

“Saito you bastard, when we meet again, I won’t hesitate to kill you” Making his way to the captain’s quarters, Azuma entered a large wooden room with a king-sized bed with white sheets and dark-red pillows with a dresser and mirror right above it. “Sigh, now it’s time to finally get some shut eye before I reach land tomorrow, after getting betrayed then fighting off that fellow captain, I’ve gotten really tired”

As the pirate drifted into a restless slumber, his ship bobbing gently on the open sea, a smaller vessel emerged from the distant horizon. With practiced ease, the newcomers tossed ropes over the side of the larger ship, hauling themselves aboard. Among them was a group comprising three men and a woman, the latter assuming the role of their leader.

"Alright, men," she commanded, her voice carrying authority. "Search for any treasure or items of value while I locate the captain of this ship"

The group dispersed across the deck, their eyes keen for any sign of plunder. Meanwhile, their leader strode confidently through the vessel's corridors, her determination unwavering as she sought out the ship's master.

The woman had long blue hair with hazel eyes wearing a blue hooded cloak. She was tall and had a calm but serious expression as she made her way across the deck towards the captain’s quarters. Azuma awoke and could hear footsteps above him up on the front deck. “Ugh. Can’t I go a few hours without something interrupting me?” Rubbing his eyes, he got out of bed grabbing his blades, walking over to the door. He opened it to find the area empty. “Hmph, they must all be on the upper-floor”

“Don’t move” A female voice uttered behind him. The blue pirate stood behind him wielding a knife to his back as she looked at him with a cold stare. “Hehe, you really think you can beat me with a mere knife? Your stance shows that you have experience killing others with a mere knife-“

The woman cut him off, stabbing him in the back before pulling the blade out drenched in blood. “Now lay there and die, you could never beat me, Naiomi the blue assassin” The man turned towards his attacker, kicking her into the captain’s quarters as she hit the ground. “Like I said, it’ll take more than one mere knife to kill me”

That’s when a small knife with a blue handle darted past him piercing his cheek, causing blood to drip from his cheek before it quickly closed back up. “Sigh, how many times do I have to tell you, a knife won’t be enough to kill me” Azuma slowly walked over to the assassin lending his hand out to her, I’m not one to kill those that don’t deserve it” She looked at him looking into his hazel eyes as he gave her a calm look.

Her face went red as she blushed standing up. “Just who are you? I know my blade struck your cheek, yet there doesn’t seem to be a wound”

“After being marooned on an island by my mutinous crew, I was at the brink of death when I found a crystal. I originally was going to use it as a water source to keep myself alive. Though, once I regained consciousness, I somehow gained the ability to regenerate at a fast rate. So if you want to continue our little shuffle then be my guest. But I’ll just keep healing until you’re out of stamina”

Just then the trio of men appeared behind them with two of them being thin wimps wearing tan clothes aiming pistols at the pirate captain. “Step away from lady Naiomi!” The idiot fired a shot missing Azuma aimed right for their leader when Kenousa quickly pulled out his sword, deflecting the bullet.

“Hmph, watch where you fire dumbass” The blue assassin blushed once more looking at the pirate before pulling out two knifes. “Two of you are nothing but fools, I have no further use for you both aside from Kenzu” In a sudden movement, the two men on both sides of the woman’s 2nd in command were struck in the throat by her knifes as they collapsed, dead before they even hit the ground.

“Naiomi, was that really necessary? You know you could’ve just thrown them overboard” The man responded with a sigh. He wore a black cloak with red eyes and a scar across his left eye along with black hair. “Sometimes you can take things a little far, but you’re lucky I have nowhere else to go”

“We both know if you really wanted to leave you would’ve left by now. So, what’s your name…captain? Anyone this strong is surely someone I’m willing to work with so long as I’m 2nd in command” She gave him a seductive smirk standing close to him. Kenousa started at her with a look of suspicion before turning away from her. “If you really want to join my crew then go ahead, but if you try anything…I’ll kill you without hesitation”

The woman gave him a pouty face before replying: “Alright fine, it’s only fair you wouldn’t trust me at first, but I’m sure you’ll warm up to me” She leaned on him with a smile before walking past him. “Kenzu, you will be taking orders from Azuma as well from now on, if you have a problem with my decision…I’d be happy to stick you to the wall of the ship” She pulled out a knife between each finger.

“Hehe, come now Naiomi, you know your threats have never worked on me like those two dead fools. But fine, orders are orders, makes no difference to me. So long as I get a good meal and some beer, I really don’t care”

The captain looked at his new crew and smiled crossing his arms. “Alright then, from this day forward you’re part of my crew. Our first priority is getting to land and find a way to get supplies. I’m sure there’s some food and drink aboard this ship, but probably not enough to travel a far distance. So we need to find the nearest town and plan our next step”

“That won’t be an issue, as a traveling assassin, I’ve managed to get a few maps from other low-rank pirates as well as draw up my own map of each island and country I’ve discovered or traveled to. With the amount of gold I’ve saved up from hunting pirates and sometimes finding gold aboard their ship, getting supplies will be easy. But you owe me” Naiomi blew him a kiss before going down the hall over to the 1st mate’s cabin to use as her room while Kenzu fell asleep against a large crate down in storage...

After a few hours of sailing, they finally reached Anamoa island, an island that was one entire town in the middle of the ocean. They made their way up to the docks and stepped onto land looking at the active town as citizens were walking in and out of shops.

“Hmm, feels like it’s been a while since I've seen such a lively town, hopefully we can find some good resources here” Azuma commented.

“We should captain, this town seems like it has plenty of things to sell, maybe you can think about getting yourself new swords while we’re here” The blue assassin remarked. Azuma looked at her, explaining that they should wait till they save up more gold before buying things like weapons and armor. “At the moment, we should only use the gold for either food, water or an inn if we plan to stay somewhere or if the worst should happen to our ship”

"Of course, captain," Naiomi replied with a warm smile, stepping beside Azuma as they traversed the bustling streets of the town. The buildings loomed tall around them, their brick facades casting elongated shadows in the dim light of dusk. The roads and pathways, mere dirt trails worn smooth by countless footsteps, crisscrossed through the town like a labyrinth.

As they wandered, Azuma's keen eyes caught sight of a quaint shop nestled among the other structures, it’s wooden exterior illuminated by the soft glow of lantern light. Intrigued, he veered towards it, the aroma of fresh fruit and vegetables wafting enticingly through the air.

"Good evening," Azuma greeted the merchant standing behind the wooden counter with a friendly smile, his tone amiable as he addressed the bald thin man behind the counter. The merchant, clad in a simple green cloth shirt, black pants and dark complexation, hesitated upon seeing the trio standing before him. “Sorry, would you three happen to be pirates?” He asked with a slight worried tone.

Azuma's smile faltered slightly at the merchant's cautious question. “Yes, why is there a problem?”

“Uh, yes sir, I'm sorry but all pirates spotted are to be arrest on sight and if struggle are to be executed. It’s not my decision, but the sea corps general is very harsh, if I pretend I didn’t see anything, I could be arrested as well”

Kenzu's gaze narrowed, a glint of murderous intent shining in his gleaming red eyes as he hovered his hand over his blade, ready to draw it at a moment's notice. "Should I keep him from alerting the sea corps?" he offered, his voice laced with a hint of threat.

Azuma shook his head, his expression thoughtful yet decisive. "No, I have a better idea," he replied cryptically, a plan already formulating in his mind.

A few minutes later, a group of sea corp officers appeared, patrolling the area with a sense of authority. They were dressed in crisp white suits, adorned with the emblem of a blue sun on their torsos, proudly displaying their allegiance to the sea corps.

The merchant waved both hands, signaling the sea corps officers to approach as they made their way over to him and Azuma. Kenousa, his voice a low whisper: "Get ready," he instructed, a hint of urgency in his tone.

As the sea corps officers stopped in front of them, the merchant pointed accusingly at Azuma. "I found a pirate!" he called out, his voice echoing through the quiet streets. The officers turned their attention to Azuma, who tensed, his hand instinctively reaching for the hilt of his sword. The situation was becoming increasingly precarious, and the crew of the Azuma Pirates braced themselves for what might come next.

Naiomi and Kenzu had crouched behind a stack of crates, as they witnessed their captain's plight. A gunshot echoed through the night air, causing Azuma to stagger back, a pained grimace contorting his features followed by blood seeping from his shoulder. Though he managed to catch himself, his grip tightened around the wound as he struggled to remain standing.

"Let’s go, pirate!" the middle officer ordered, his voice laced with authority as he approached Azuma. With cold efficiency, he seized Azuma's arms before forcing them behind his back. His grip unyielding as he led the wounded pirate towards Anamoa prison.

The blonde-haired officer's eyes gleamed with a mixture of triumph and disdain as he fulfilled his duty, unaware of the brewing storm of vengeance that awaited him and his comrades...

CHAPTER 2 A unique Prisoner

As the pirate was forcibly led down the hallway by the officers, he found himself enveloped in a dark corridor, the cold stone path stretching endlessly before him. Cells lined both sides of the corridor, their iron bars casting eerie shadows in the dim light. Surprisingly, not many prisoners occupied the cells; most were empty, their doors creaking open ominously. Rust and dirt coated every surface, evidence of neglect and abandonment.

The air was thick with a stale odor, a mixture of mildew and decay that seemed to cling to the walls. Rats scurried across the floor, their tiny claws echoing in the dead silence of the prison. Each step echoed ominously, the sound reverberating off the damp stone walls like a haunting refrain. It was a place of despair, a labyrinth of forgotten souls trapped within it’s suffocating embrace.

(Hmph, expected a lot more people to be trapped in here, either this town doesn’t have much crime...or the citizens are just that scared of the sea corps) The young captain thought. Azuma then staggered forward as he was shoved into the cold, dimly lit cell, the force of the push sending him crashing to the ground. He caught himself just in time, his hands gripping the cold steel bench bolted to the wall below the barred window. Dust and dirt billowed up around him, coating his clothes in a layer of grime as he rose to his feet.

The cell door then slammed shut behind him. “Wait here pirate, we’ll be back tomorrow for you’re punishment” The blonde officer announced as the trio of men laughed with dark smirks on their face before walking away.

Pulling himself up, he surveyed his surroundings, the faint light filtering in through the barred windows offering little solace. The cell was small and cramped, the walls closing in around him. Despite the dimness, Azuma's eyes gleamed with purpose as he searched for any sign of a way out, his mind already working on a plan to save not only himself, but any innocent souls trapped within the prison's grasp.

It was then that a voice called out to him from the cell beside his, breaking through the oppressive silence of the prison.

“Don’t bother trying to find a way out, the only way out is obviously a key which the guard carries when he makes his way through the hall every 12 hours”

"So, what, we wait until the guard returns and steal the key?" Kenousa snapped back, his voice tinged with frustration. A smirk spread across the face of the stranger standing in the adjacent cell.

Azuma observed the man's appearance in the dimly lit prison cell. He had vibrant, shaggy pink hair that stood out starkly against the drab surroundings, his piercing blue eyes seemed to hold a hint of mischief. The stranger was clad in a stylish white jacket adorned with intricate black designs, paired with form-fitting black jeans. On the left side of his torso, Azuma noticed a small heart emblem, and a larger heart adorned the back of his jacket.

The young man stepped up to the bars, his hands casually tucked into his pockets. In a swift and unexpected move, he kicked open the door of the cell with a rusty screech, revealing his confident and daring nature.

“How did you get the door open so easily!?” Azuma questioned, his face filled with surprise and minor frustration

"Simple…I stole the guard’s key hours ago and have just been sitting in here deciding when to leave. I was planning on jumping the guard for fun but then you showed up so might as well change plans and leave now. Heh. It’ll still piss him off when he finds out I’ve escaped. So why did you get thrown in here?"

The pink-haired man twirled the stolen key on his index finger with a practiced ease, his aqua blue eyes glittering with mischief. Despite his casual demeanor, there was a hint of cunning in his gaze as he leaned against the cell bars, keeping one hand tucked in his pocket.

Azuma rested his left arm against the cell door, his expression unreadable as he studied the stranger before him. The dim light of the prison cell casting shadows across his features, emphasizing the glint in his eyes as he regarded the enigmatic figure with a mixture of caution and curiosity.

Azuma watched as the man walked over to his cell door unlocking it. “Alright pirate, it’s time to leave before the warden and his lackies return. I’m not sure, but I think unlike his mere guards, the admiral has some super-human ability, if I’m right, taking him on won’t be an easy feat, I’ve seen plenty of guards and citizens scared the moment he arrives. Either they’re just cowards, or my assumption is correct...By the way, you can call me Roxie”

“I’m Azuma, I came to free any pirates imprisoned here,” he declared, his voice echoing softly in the dimly lit corridor. Roxie chuckled lightly at the statement, a hint of amusement in his voice. "A bit too late for that I'm afraid," he replied, his tone tinged with sarcasm as they navigated through the shadows cast by the moonlight filtering through the barred windows.

As they approached the door, they caught sight of the warden making his way towards the jail. His blonde hair shimmered faintly in the dim light, contrasting with the stern expression on his face. Dressed in the same uniform as the guards but adorned with a golden star on his left torso, he exuded an aura of authority.

“You both aren’t going anywhere. This will only end two ways…either you both will return to your cells or die beneath my heel,” the warden threatened, his voice carrying a menacing tone as he faced Azuma and Roxie.

Azuma unsheathed his recovered sword, the blade gleaming in the dim light of the prison corridor, ready for action. Beside him, Roxie grinned mischievously, reaching into his pocket for something.

“Let’s see just how skilled you are, old man,” Roxie taunted, his eyes gleaming with anticipation.With a swift toss, Roxie sent a few small pink smoke bombs at their target's feet, the area abruptly engulfed in a thick cloud of smoke. Within the haze, Azuma and Roxie prepared to face their adversary head-on, their resolve unyielding as they stood strong, the halls fading into the thick white mist.

"Heh, let’s see what you can do when you can’t see!" Roxie taunted, his voice echoing through the smoke-filled corridor. The pink-haired pirate pulled out a knife, ready to throw it at their unseen adversary.

Before Roxie could make a move, a pillar of earth erupted from the smoke, taking the form of a massive hand. In an instant, it pinned Roxie against the cold stone wall of the jail, the force of impact causing the room to quake with a slight crack forming across the wall. Roxie let out a groan of pain, his body pinned against the unforgiving stone wall. "H-heh, not bad, old man," Roxie managed to choke out through the pain, his voice strained as he struggled against the restraining force of the earth hand. "But you've got a lot to learn about dealing with pirates like us" Despite the pain coursing through his abdomen, he couldn't help but maintain his cocky demeanor.

Azuma stood frozen in shock, his eyes widening at the unexpected turn of events. The realization of the warden's power sent a chill down his spine, but it also ignited a fire of determination within him.

“You youths are nothing but fools. I wouldn’t be in the position that I am if a mere brat like you could beat me” The smoke cleared as the admiral stood glaring at them with a cold expression. Azuma advanced the sea Corp admiral. Roxie once more, sent a knife aimed right for their assailant when the tyrant’s left arm morphed into an earth-golem-like arm, blocking the coming projectile as it broke on impact.

As the smoke dissipated, revealing the cold gaze of the Sea Corp admiral, Azuma's heart raced with adrenaline, his grip on his blade tightening. The captain took off, his hair blowing in the wind, running full speed. Blood trickling from Roxie’s bottom lip, grimaced in pain as he watched. Despite the setback, he remained confident, his eyes flashing with defiance as he prepared for the next move.

“Foolish brats” With a powerful punch, the admiral's colossal fist soared toward Kenousa, forcing the pirate to take a defensive stance. His blade was poised to intercept the incoming strike. However, the force of the admiral's blow was overwhelming, causing Kenousa's blade to shatter into fragments of glimmering steel upon impact. The sheer force of the attack sent him staggering back, the air knocked out of his lungs as he collided with the stone wall beside Roxie.

“D-damn it! What are we going to do against someone who can manipulate earth!?” The captain fell to his knees with blood dripping from his mouth. Taking a deep breath, he could feel his injuries slowly healing as the blood vanished.

“Ah, I see you too have gained some special ability from the mysterious ice crystal. However, healing yourself will only delay the inevitable” Raising his morphed fist towards the weakened pair, surrounded by menacing earth spikes. Azuma felt a wave of utter despair wash over him. The realization of their impending doom weighed heavily upon him, he gazed into the cold, emotionless eyes of their adversary. Despite his best efforts, the admiral's words replayed in his head, a grim reminder of their dire situation. With each passing moment, the sense of inevitability grew stronger, casting a shadow over their desperate struggle for survival.

In that moment, a chilling silence descended upon the chaotic scene as a katana pierced through the officer’s chest, blood dripping from the tip. The admiral's eyes widened in shock and disbelief, his grip faltering as he slowly turned his head to see Kenzu standing behind him, his blade thrust through the attacker's body.

The tyrant spat out blood, the air heavy with tension as Kenzu stood over the wounded adversary, his expression cold and devoid of empathy. With a decisive motion, he slid his blade out from the admiral's body, the sound of metal against flesh piercing through the night.

The stone hand crumbled, freeing Roxie while Naiomi and Kenzu walked over to their captain. “Glad to see you’re still in one piece captain, it’s not easy to defeat a warden, especially one with a super-human ability” Naiomi congratulated.

“I doubt I would’ve beaten him if it wasn’t for Kenzu” Azuma insisted. The swordsmen shook the blood from his blade before sliding it back to his side. “Tsk, I was just doing my duty of protecting my captain...also if I hadn’t saved your ass, I'm sure I wouldn’t hear the end of it from Naiomi”

“Well now that he’s taken care of, we should leave before more enemies show up” Kenousa suggested making his way towards the exit.

“But what about our supplies before we leave captain? We still haven’t gathered food and drinks yet” The blue assassin questioned. Azuma was about to answer her when Roxie approached them. “You guys need supplies? Don’t worry...let me show you how a true thief does it...”

The crew waited on the ship while Oda D. Roxie walked over to the merchant. “Excuse me sir I'd like to buy a crate of food and some wine”

“Alright sir, that’ll be 110 gold”

"First, I'd like to see inside the crate so you're not tricking me," Roxie demanded, his voice laced with suspicion. The merchant shrugged, turning around to open the crate as Roxie's smirk widened. In a swift and calculated move, he struck the unsuspecting merchant in the side of the neck, rendering him unconscious with a precise blow.

A few minutes later Azuma and the others looked over the ship to see Roxie approaching with multiple creates of supplies as he pushed them on wheels, up the wooden ramp before taking them to the lower deck where they keep storage. “Here’s your food and drinks, I thought about it and decided I'm coming with you guys”

Azuma frowned responding: “Why would you come with us? You don’t seem like the type to follow orders and those who won’t obey my command have no place aboard the ship”

Roxie smiled as the sea breeze brushed across his pink hair. “Heh, true I hate taking orders from those I see as weak or boring...but you seem don’t care what happens so long as you reach your we are two of a kind, I will be your thief and make sure we steal the treasure. How’s that sound, captain?”

Azuma Kenousa looked at him intensely before letting out a sigh. “Very well Oda D. Roxie, welcome aboard my crew”

“Thank you, captain! I will do my best to aid you in capturing all the riches this world has to offer. But first, we should name the ship” Kenousa looked at him as if he had said something stupid. “A name? What’s the point of naming a mere ship?”

That’s when Naiomi spoke up: “Actually captain, it is common to name your ship, especially amongst pirates. If you want to make a name for yourself, coming up with a unique name for your ship and crew is the 1st step for any pirate”

He thought for a moment before responding: “I can’t think of a name” The young captain responded perplexed.

“A name isn’t just something you come up with, it has to have a deep meaning behind it that represents the crew. In time it’ll come to you” The young thief told him.

CHAPTER 3 The Real Adventure Begins

With supplies and their crew grown, they set out onto the deep sea while Naiomi placed a large blank sheet of paper on a board against the wall in her room. She plan to keep track of where they traveled, slowly drawing a map for them to use for easy navigation once they’ve explored the entire world.

Azuma stood at the bow of the ship, his silhouette cast against the backdrop of the moonlit sea. The salty breeze tousled his hair as he gazed out into the vast expanse of ocean, his arms crossed in contemplation. The moon hung high in the sky, its gentle glow painting shimmering streaks across the water, illuminating the dark waves below. Small fish darted in and out of the moonlit patches, their playful splashes adding to the rhythmic melody of the sea. As Azuma sighed, the sound of waves lapping against the hull provided a soothing soundtrack to his thoughts.

“So, this is how you spend your free time? Staring out at the sea like a statue?” The man turned around to see Roxie sitting on the gaff of the ship looking down at him, his hand on his knee casually. “I’m just waiting until we reach our first destination, hopefully we’ll find some treasure or at least some weapons, could use something better than the warn out blade I stole from a group of low-rate bandits”

Walking to the back of the main deck, he responded: “I’m going to take a nap, wake me up if you see land”

"Aye-aye, captain!" Roxie responded with a playful salute, leaping from the gaff to the main deck with a grin plastered across his face. Meanwhile, the pink-haired thief strolled up the worn wooden steps, leaning casually on the galver—the ship's steering wheel. As Azuma made his way down the narrow wooden hallway, lanterns affixed to the walls casting flickering shadows, guiding his path. The ship's timeworn planks creaked beneath his weight, bearing the scars of countless journeys across the open sea. Passing by Naiomi's room, he paused to admire her serene sleeping form, bathed in the warm glow of the lantern light. With a soft smile, he continued on to his own quarters, the ship's rhythmic sway lulling him into a sense of calm.

He carefully settled into his king-size bed, sinking into it’s plushness adorned with several black pillows and a thick white quilt. The softness enveloped him like a calm embrace, lulling him into a state of tranquility. From his bed, he had a perfect view of the port through the open window, the moonlight dancing on the surface of the sea beyond. A wooden desk and chair were positioned nearby, inviting him to sit and lose himself in the mesmerizing expanse of the ocean. With the gentle sound of waves lapping against the hull of the ship filling the room, his eyelids grew heavy, and before long, fell asleep...

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