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Samara’s story

Once upon a time,there was a sweet and kind girl named Samara.She lived happily with her mother.

Until,one day,when a letter arrived.Samara’s mother read the letter fearfully and told Samara to be careful.

Samara didn’t understand,but she listened to her Mother’s advice.

One day,however,a knock came at their door.

Samara’s Mom was nowhere to be found,so Samara opened the door.

To her horror,a woman in a vibrant orange cloak was trapping her Mom in her arms,bringing a knife to her face.

“I told you to give me the money or you and your child dies! I said it clearly in the letter!” The woman yelled.

“And I told you that you should earn money by working,not be stealing and killing! Samara..don’t listen to her.Get help.Then,you RUN.Do you understand me?!” Her Mom asked.

Samara was scared for her life.This strange woman was going to kill her Mom and she was supposed to RUN?!

“What about you?” She asked.

“Don’t worry about me,just RUN! NOW!” She yelled.

Samara ran upstairs to pack her things,crying.She could hear footsteps behind her.Maybe it was her Mom?

She opened the door.No.

It was the strange woman.

Before she could even scream,the woman grabbed her by her neck,pinned her to the floor and stabbed her several times with a knife.

Samara woke up dead.She found her mother.Her Mom was entirely black,like a shadow,except for the rouge blood dripping down her face and her white eyesand white mouth.She had white wings on her back.

Why did Samara’s Mom look like a demon?

“It’s because I’m sadder than you.That was a friend,you see.She’s going to steal our money,because she has none.She killed us and now she’s going to fake her identity,pretend she’s family,so she can have the money and be “the last member of our family who is alive.” You don’t understand and that’s okay.I’ll get back at her.” Her Mother said.

Samara went up to her and hugged her.She had her Mom with her and that was what mattered.

That very night,her Mother vowed to haunt and torment her and her daughter’s killer,forever,until the day she died,so that shecould pay for her crimes.It’d be a fate much worse than death itself.She’d make sure of it.

Because no one hurt her and her child without paying some kind of price.NO ONE.

Characters in Gacha Club:

(There will be two pictures.The second picture will show Samara as a bloody ghost).

Samara (alive):

Samara (ghost):

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