circusghost Samantha Roberts

In the seemingly innocent playground,at 12:30 P.M.,the legendary clown’s bride roams around,searching for wee little victims. Those who dared to venture there were never seen or heard from again. When six year old Vicky and her ten year old friend Samuel decide to check it out,things go..out of hand.

Paranormal Not for children under 13.

#paranormal #fantasy #dark #ghost #death #gothic #adventure #circus #action #Clown
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Chapter One

Once upon a time,there was a playground.

It was just like any other playground.There were swing sets,slides and all that other fun stuff.Small children played at the playground,Teenagers hung out at the playground and parents watched over their children,whether young or old,when they were at the playground.

But…if a teen or child was to go the playground at exactly 12:30 P.M….They would never be seen or heard from again..The playground never closed,so they could go there…if they dared.

This is the sinister story of an evil,child-taking playground.


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