All he could feel were the cold hands of death that were slowly pulling him in. Although he knew he was about to be grabbed away from this world he knew and had grown to love, he had only one thought on his mind," Draco I'm sorry". for he had let death pull him in from his duty and loved ones, he had been too weak, he had failed. Harry Potter is dead, killed by a dragon on a hunt, or at least that's what was said to have happened, but what if this is far from the truth. What was the true reason for Harry's potter death and who is behind it?, this is the question Ron plans to find the answer too, with help from a new friend (maybe more) of his. The characters of Harry potter do not belong to me they belong to J.K Rowling. But the plot belong's to me is dead.

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Harry is what?

This had gone too far. Rita had gone too far, making up a lie like this, this was beyond her. How could she just come up with something like this and expect everyone to believe it? The problem was that people were starting to believe it. and it wasn't helping that Harry and Hermione weren't here to back Ron up, suddenly realization hit him.

'Harry isn't here and now that he thinks about it He hasn't seen him for the past two days, thought of horror hit him, and he ran faster than his legs could carry to the Gryffindor common room. He had to find Harry there was no way that Rita was right. right?.

But the look on Hermione's face, the look of immense sadness and grief present, all his suspicion and denial had been confirmed. Harry Potter Is Dead It was true. To say that Ron was shocked was an understatement. He felt so many emotions at once. Anger, sadness, frustration. But most of all Grief. Although He was frustrated. How come he didn't know of this beforehand? He had to find out from the daily prophet of all places.

He wanted to know how this happened. Who did this to him? And why did it have to happen to him? The only person. He could trust to ask his question at this moment was Hermione. But at the moment. She was crying her eyes out. All he could understand from her crying was ''Harry...Harry, why did this have to happen to you?..... You were just a boy. She was clearly in deep mourning, but he had to find answers "monie" he tried to sound calm "do you know where his body is?" He asked she stared at him a while before finally speaking, "I don't know where they took him too". Ok so that didn't help at all, but it looked like she knew more so he asked "do you know what happened?.

Hermione was barley responsive all she did was look at him then looked back down curled into a ball crying her eyes out, it could not be possible right he refused to believe that he was dead.

time seemed to go bye in immense sadness, classes where now over, and students where beginning to come into the common room, he looked out the window, it was sunset, he could not think or do any thing all he did was sit still falling deeper and deeper into his depression, because he had just lost his one and only best friend, and somehow he felt that it was his fault.


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