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At the circus of horrors,restless souls lie.Secrets are to be uncovered.Lies are to be debunked. At the circus of horrors,hungry souls lie.Vengeful souls lie.

Paranormal Not for children under 13.

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Chapter One

Once upon a time,there was a little six year old girl named Abigail Marie Wallace and a sixteen year old boy named Charles Larson.Abigail was a little ball of energy and hopefulness and she had so much love to give to this world.

Charles was hired by her parents to babysit her and watch over her.Now,at first,he was annoyed that he had to babysit someone so little,but soon,they became close friends.

Charles worked at a circus.He’d dress as a clown.He’d also take Abigail there and show her the circus.She was delighted.

One day,however,on Abigail’s seventh birthday,her family took her to the circus Charles worked in and she had fun.

At least,one would think she did.

You see,she was in this tent,when,all of a sudden,a cloaked individual came behind her and raised a gun.

Charles,having seen this act,tried to get in front of her,to block her from the attack.He even tried screaming for help.He was still in his clown costume.

But,they both died.Right there.

His dead body was holding Abigail’s.It was quite a sight,seeing someone dressed as a clown holding a little girl so tenderly in his arms,their dead bodies filling the carnival with blood and broken dreams.

This is where our story begins.

At the circus of magic,death,tears and horror.

Characters in Gacha Club:

(There will be six pictures and the last one will have Abigail as a bloody ghost)

Charles (alive):

Charles (alive and in costume) (The costume added extra height):

Charles (now) (His tie and eye color changed after death.He gained snake pupils and claws too):

Charles (demon form):

Abigail (alive):

Abigail (now):

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