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The origins of important characters from the Stella and Amanda stories. What will each story tell? What does the character have to say?

Fantasy Not for children under 13.

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Stella’s story

Once upon a time,there was a teenage girl named Stella.She had a best friend named Amanda she had known for an extremely long time…

…But Stella thought she was developing feelings for her.

Stella didn’t want to tell Amanda,though,because she was afraid of ruining their good friendship.She didn’t know how Amanda would react.

Was it worth telling her?

Stella didn’t want to risk it,so she kept it a secret.

One day,however,at school,she felt something in her throat.It was sharp and suffocating.

She left class and ran over to the girl’s bathroom stall and began barfing up….

“ROSES?!” Stella screamed.

But,that was impossible…

Later in the day,when she got home,Stella typed in the computer:

Barfing up flowers

Her result:

Hanahaki disease-A fictional disease most commonly used in fan fiction in which the victim coughs up flower petals for love that isn't returned.There are two known cures-One:Surgical removal of flowers.However,the person’s feelings and memories of loving that person will also be removed.Two:Revealing their feelings to their loved one and their loved one sharing those feelings.

“But…Hanahaki disease isn’t real…this can’t be happening..” Stella said to herself in disbelief.

She coughed up roses.

“Okay,so maybe it is real.” She said.

For weeks,her Hanahaki disease kept getting stronger and stronger,suffocating her lungs and piercing her heart every chance it got.

She choices,however.She could choose to tell Amanda her feelings and risk Amanda not feeling the same,she could have surgical removal or she could just not say anything and die.

You see,right off the bat,she didn’t want to get surgical removal.Her feelings for Amanda would be too precious to be taken away.

So,she decided to tell Amanda how she felt.

The thing is,it’s easier said than done.It’s how you feel about a person and if they don’t share your feelings…it hurts.Like death.

Stella didn’t want to die,but she didn’t know what to say to Amanda.These are FEELINGS,precious feelings that can't be WASTED.

So,as a result,the petals got worse and worse.

Finally,at a high school party,Stella began coughing up blood.

“Stella?! What’s wrong?!” Amanda yelled.

Stella ran off to the bathroom,So Amanda wouldn’t worry about her.

She knew she was dying and why she was dying.The flower petals she barfed up along with her blood confirmed that.

Stella never got to tell Amanda how she truly felt…


Stella woke up in steaming hot inferno.It looked like Hell.

Then,someone who looked like the devil walked up to her and said:

“Welcome to Hell,my daughter.”

“Daughter?! Hell?! What is going on?!” Stella asked.

“You died.You want to Hell because you never told Amanda your feelings.” The dude said.

“Who are you? Am I supposed to suffer for eternity?” Stella asked.

“I’m Satan.You’re not going to suffer for eternity,Stella,because you’re not an entirely horrible person.Trust me,I’ve seen some truly horrid people and you’re not one of them.I’ll just adopt you as my daughter and make you heir to the throne.Soon,you’ll be the Queen of Hell.” Satan said.

This was all too much for Stella to process.She needed some time alone.But before she left,the devil yelled:

“You’ll grow up,mentally!”

Her death may have been horrible and her afterlife might be weirder than her life,but at least the devil gave her important information.

Stella sighed.

Would she ever see Amanda again amidst this weirdness?

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