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This is a final story of a mind, not any mind but my own.

Short Story Not for children under 13.

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Not the end, but a new beginning

we stand, not alone but amongst of many, we may be the same of biology, but not of mentality, we further but only to get close.

we see, not of nothing but of everything, wonders are based on exploration, the mind is a strange place, more than the vast of space, it must be explored much as it should be cared for.

we hear, the sounds of much, it is many sounds we hear, anything has a sound, and we hear to know more of like a voice or song.

we feel, not of touch, but of heart, it is something that occurs when a connection is made, not mechanical, not electrical, but of sensual and mind.

thistle of a branch, high as a tree, the sweep of the wind, a blade of grass, wounds can heal but a scar still lasts, it is a memory, a reminder of what had happened.

my dearest of friends, homing of a fire, rest like a bedtime light.

i thank you for the times of fun, the days of tears, the hearts of love.

i have felt many things but heartfelt touch is not one of them, i felt emotion, no hugs.

I am no longer scared of the unknown, due to accepting the status of no matter where i am, wherever i go, i will not be alone.

this is the final message to a newer beginning of creation, life comes with death, but neither cannot be the same.

goodnight newcomer love is something I regret not saying to you now but, i love you.


-markus deity

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The End

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