emily-barlow Emily Barlow

Have you ever kept a deep dark secret? Maybe one that's buried so deep down, that it's out of control in your mind! Well for one teenage girl, she's about to discover a discovery of a life time and maybe a little scare too.

Paranormal Lucid All public. © Written and Published by Emily Barlow on 23rd June 2022
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The Move

Moving into a new home should be fun - Exciting even, but for me it really wasn't.

I walked into my new house for the first time, down the long hallway into the kitchen. It was a bit battered up but it can be fixed. I walked into the garden, the grass overgrown. I walked back and forward in a daze. Suddenly I saw something out the corner of my eye. I moved so fast, that I tumbled back inside. What could possibly be outside?

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