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In the middle

I wanted to be there,

there at the lightness, I'm here on

a place where nothing is growing anymore.

I'm not going to watering dead plants. I want

to be there, where the entousiasm and the laughter is.

I hear it above me, and I see the lightness above my head.

I want to go there, I want to be a part of it.

A part of the joy and the lightness, all around me.

But now I'm here, how I must get out of this?

I have a wall around me, I lean on it and suddenly

it loses a brick. That wall stands for my fear, and that

fear keeps me in my comfort zone. And I took out another brick,

and more bricks till it's big enough to put myself trough it,

find my way out of there.

And I walked a few stairs, and I was above at the middle of

the joy and the laughter, and the lightness was there, all around me.

I felted so good, it felted like a kind of rebirth, after all that time

downstairs with that big wall around me. I was happy that I get

there, on my own power and I begin a new life, that I just deserve,

I lost the fear inside of me, a new life waited for me in the lighness,

I find the right way, that was cristalclear.

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The End

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