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The Journey

It was summer of 1907, when a little boy adventure off into the might jungle. The boy, known as Bobby Jones Brown, made is way through the jungle, when he came across a little monkey.

The monkey seemed scared and frightening of the boy, but the boy ushered the monkey that he was going to be okay. The boy and the monkey adventure off further into the jungle, when the monkey was starting to slow down. The boy stopped and waited for the monkey, but the monkey was to tired to keep on moving forward. Bobby Jones Brown set up his tent and built a fire, so little monkey can take a nap. The monkey was so tired he slept till dawn, so the boy went into the tent and went to bed and got back up at the first sight of sun light.

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CH Caroline Horstman
Wow nice work!(=
April 02, 2023, 03:05

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