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This is series 2 in the short stories the thing that lives in your closet

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My Friend Casey

I was so excited to have my friend Casey over for dinner, it’s been a few years since her mother and sister passed, I get a knock on the door “hey case!” I say, wrapping my arms around her, “hey Marla, haven’t done much to the place, huh?” Ouch, that hurt to hear, I just smiled and asked her if she was hungry. She said, “oh, I could eat” I walked to the kitchen and pulled out my tuna casserole and served Casey some. “So how’s life and how’s the boyfriend” she looked up at me and responded with “dead” my heart sank to the floor. “What do you mean dead, Casey?” She looked up at me and just smiled, “he’s been dead for a year Marla” I got up to get drinks and in the corner of my eye I saw Casey with someone else. When I turned to face Casey, nobody was with her, she just smiled and tilted her head a bit. “What’s wrong Marla? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost” I giggle nervously, “are you staying the night or are you leaving?” I asked hesitantly. Casey smiled and asked if she could have the attic to sleep in, “uhh yeah I guess” she said thanks and ran up to the attic. Casey was telling me about this being with a long neck and creepy smile. “Those are just ghost stories Case” Casey looked at me and frowned “there’s one more I forgot to tell you about her name is laughing woman they say she can never stop smile laughing” I looked up at Casey. “Psst yea right Case like I believe that” Casey grew impatient “if you don’t believe me I’ll show you tonight at midnight meet me in the attic” it turned midnight pretty fast, and I went up to the attic. From my surprise I saw the smiling creature and I saw the laughing woman, they both stared into my soul. “C… Casey…?” I called out her back to me, she turned her head fast her eyes were completely black, and her mouth covered with blood. “Casey, stop messing around! I know this is just one of your damn pranks, please stop!” Casey charged at me and I went tumbling down the attic stairs, hitting the floor pretty hard. I groaned as I saw Casey standing over me. “You will suffer the same fate as my mother, sister, and boyfriend did.” As Casey raised her hand with the rugged knife before she could use it, I grabbed the casserole pot and threw it in her face. Casey screamed in pain, it was enough to burn her face as I just pulled it out. She screamed reaching for me And before I could run I heard gunshots, Casey fell to the floor bleeding out. It was Casey’s father, never in my life had I been so happy to see him.

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To be continued...

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