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Something is happening in the magical realm of Faenbel. The rulers are preparing for The worst. Read These Diary Entries to see how these kings & queens prepare to defend their kingdoms.

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Fall, Adalie Papa Nikolai Part 1

Fall, Adalie

It was five days until we were to leave, to leave for the long journey to a meeting of the rulers of Faenbel. As the ruler of Adalie, ruler of the gnomes, I struggled with knowing the doom that awaited all involved. I get up out of my bed and go to my most trusted friend Raynor, Elder of Magic. I walked to his home; I expected he and his apprentice to be having their morning tea and sugar cakes. Bernhard, his apprentice, answered the door as I knocked on the door. "Good morning Papa Nikolai; how are you this morning?" said Bernhard. "I am very well. Thank you," I said, trying not to look at Raynor. Raynor sighed

"Ah, my dear King, you can not hide things from me," said Raynor sipping his tea. He continued, "You have been troubled with something?" "Nothing more than usual," I replied. "But I have come here to discuss the magic precautions we will take on the journey?" I looked away, knowing that Raynor knows me well and knows when I keep things from him. "Well, "said Raynor with a reluctant look on his face. "We have been brewing a potion to keep you and seven of your men out of harm's way for the two-week travel it takes to get to the Hall of Faenbel." Bernhard added, "We have put potions on all eight swords for your protection." Raynor continued, "the Queen of Azura and the Queen of Cordelia have vowed peace. I can not promise anything from the Emperor of Fia or the Mad King of Hollowmoor. The King and Queen of Coventia have agreed to use their magic to ward off attacks from the Isle of Raedon." What men do you wish to accompany you on this important trip, My King?" "Well," said I, "I have been thinking, I would want Jacque, Andor, Coalan, Sebastien, Ansel, Hansel, and Mansel."

"Are you sure, my king?" Bernhard said with a shocked look, "Ansel and his brothers Hansel and Mansel have caused trouble in the past." I laughed. "Yes, dear Bernhard, I am sure. Raynor then signaled Bernhald to make his Bernhardy King. Earlier, you have said that nothing is bothering you, but as we have been friends since we were children, I know that is a lie." he continued, "my friend, what is troubling you?" I felt distraught and finally said. "my dear friend, there is a power that will come for us, all of us in the Realm of Faenbel." I continued, "I have been dreaming of a dark Power coming for us all. And there is nothing we can do." Raynor looked concerned. He said softly, "I have felt something coming to the realm, but I feel like we can fight it with good magic." I sighed and said, "We shall keep this to ourselves. For now, we mustn't worry everybody. I looked at Raynor and agreed. Later that day, I met the men I would take on this mission to the meeting of the rulers. They were all lined up and ready for inspection. I walked towards the men, and as their king, I explained the dangerous mission that was to come. They all agreed and vowed to defend their kingdom. I walked out of the inspection, satisfied with my choices that day. I went to bed content but nervous about what was to come. That night all I dreamt of was things from my past. The most vivid dream was the battle of the ember forest. Many people had died. A small group of soldiers and I were some of the only survivors. We were Knighted and given the titles of The Knights of the Ember Forest. Later on, it was made into A secret society that serves the rulers of Adalie. The Knights of the Ember Forest were brave heroes who survived the Battle of Ember, and we're given various titles with some of the highest honors given in Adalie. I Woke up and walked to the door of my bedroom. I summoned the guard down the hall and told him to tell Raynor we were to meet in the morning. I went back to my bed for a restless night. The following day I am woken up by the sound of the Adaliean Sparkled Finch. My mother sang to the birds every morning while making breakfast for my father, little sister, and me. I snapped out of my daydreaming, got dressed, put on my Robes, and headed towards The hall of The Unknown Knight. They're waiting at the Ember table where the remaining Knights of the Ember Forest are. Sebastian Le Fleur, Cian Lalni, Luca & Lujan Piellna, Jacque & Andor Rerolat, and finally, the new squires of the realm Alik & Ivan Hinalkan. As I walked into the Hall of the unknown Knight, I saw all the men that had risked their lives fighting for the people who live in Ember. I sat at the head of the table as ruler of Adalie and began the meeting of the Knights of the Ember Forrest.

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