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The New House

The new house smelt funny, it wasn’t like I expected, I wanted to go back to our other house, but like everything else I couldn’t. “Casey, come help me unpack” my mother called for me, but I ignored her I picked out my room and the movers placed my bed where I directed them to. I laid down on my bed but kept getting this strange feeling I was being watched, so I left the room. I bumped into my sister “move it Shania” I said, and she looked up at me, and in a very low voice said “sorry” I kept walking, and she picked her room and screamed. My mother and I rushed into the room, “Shania, what’s wrong!” We both look at her, and she pointed at the closet. My mother opened the closet and Shania covered her eyes, “look shy it’s just a closet” my mother shook her head and walked out. I hugged Shania and saw the tears running down her cheek, “don’t cry Shy, what did you see?” She looked up at me and wiped her tears. “It had a long neck and black scary eyes, and it was smiling at me” I swallowed my saliva as her description was so vivid I’ve been having dreams about this thing that’s what I call it. In my dream I see this same being long neck black eyes just staring into my soul, and it’s smile well let’s just say it’ll stop you dead in your tracks. Shania looked up at me and asked me if she could sleep in my room tonight “please Casey I’m scared” I nodded my head as I could use the company after those nightmares I’ve been having. Me my mother and sister all ate dinner and said our good nights and me and Shania walked upstairs she kept staring at that room and looking away and ran to my room and hid under the covers. “Shy, what’s wrong, what are you hiding from?” I said, smiling at her, “want me to close the door?” She nodded and laid back. I laid next to Shania, and she hugged me tight I could feel her shaking, I closed my eyes and went to sleep. When I woke up I looked over at the clock “3 AM” I grunted and reached over for Shania, noticing she wasn’t there I panicked and started to call out her name “Shy?” I whispered enough so she can hear me. I turned the corner, and she was sitting in front of the closet playing Pat a cake. “Pat a cake Pat a cake baker’s man baked me a cake as fast as you can” all while looking at me and smiling like the long-necked being. Shania is pulled into the closet, her scream dull and quick. I ran downstairs and woke my mother up, “mom wake up it's shy, she’s…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, my mom, she wasn’t mom anymore. “Mom?…” I said backing up and hitting the wall, my mom had the smile and the eyes, my mom spider crawled away. I slowly crumbled to the floor, “this is just a dream, this is only a dream, wake up!” I slapped myself over and over, but it was no use, the madness was getting to me. When the police finally recovered Shy and my mother’s body, I could hear the officers say that they had never seen someone’s neck pulled so far up in that way. I survived the madness, but somehow I believe it’s become a part of me… I moved out of that house, but wherever I go, the madness has followed me…and I’m rather kind of enjoying it.

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To be continued...

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