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any pov Well, years have passed since now United ended, and since then Josh and I have been together and other couples too. We're happy, and no, I'm not living in Brazil and he's in Canada, we're living together in Los Angeles We had the support of our families for this and so we made the decision Every sunday we have lunch with our friends and that's really good, saby's son is so cute!

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A dog?

Any: love please

Josh:Any we already have 3 dogs, why one more?

Any:It's just one more to close!

Josh: You won't give up right?

Any: no no

Josh:ok, we'll find a dog you like, ok?

Any: okkk I love you *gives a kiss*

Josh: I love you too

Any: let's go!

they go to the car and keep going to the place where there are dogs

getting there

Josh: now it's just a choice

Any: ok

Josh:Stand still and let one choose you

she stands still and one comes close to her sniffing her foot

Any: I already chose! This one

Josh: How cute, is it going to be this one right there?

Any: yes

they take the dog and go home

the dog:

Josh: what are you going to call him?

Any: Mike

Josh: nice name, now we have 4 children love, Bella, Aurora, Luna and now Mike

Any: Yes, Bella being a big sister for the 4th time

Josh laughs





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