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A young FBI agent sets out on a mission she never experienced before. The most dangerous and difficult mission she had dealt with in her life along with her most faithful and loyal friends. Together they go through the journey of loss and betrayal and who knows the worst.... Death and something that they never felt before... LOVE. What will the secret agents follow ? Their hearts or their mission ? Will this mission be a success or fail ?

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"Number one, clear." I said in a hushed voice into the walkie talkie.

"Number two, clear." Clark Hassenberg spoke into his walkie talkie.

"Number three, clear." Emma Davis said.

"Number four, clear." Logan Sawyers informed us.

"Close in." I said back to all of them as I sneaked up closer to the enemy target.

I held my breath as I stealthily peaked behind a wall. My walkie talkie clutched tightly into my hands. A man dressed in all black with a gun in one hand and a bag of white powder, presumably cocaine, in another was running down the hallway. I knew I was this close to the guy. If only I could jump at him from behind and whack him with the walkie talkie I was holding. I kept my eyes tight on him when suddenly he glanced sideways and start running towards the opposite

"He's heading your way, Logan." I informed him through the walkie talkie.

"Got it." He replied instantly. Then came the big part. I stood, leaning against the wall through which I intended to hide myself. The wall felt cooler against my back. I glanced at my watch. 30 seconds. Only 30 seconds. The other two must have done it by now. My signal would come up any second. I bit my lower lip again and again, my walkie talkie clutched tightly in my hands.

"It's on. That's your cue, April!" Emma's voice rang in my ears and without sparing any single second, I took flight towards the right. My boots made loud thud noises but I didn't care. Emma and Clark were there to help me. I bolt in front of the steel door. Letting out a breath, I crouched low so that I could come up to the level of where I had to place my so-called password.

"Password?" I asked steadily.

"509375." Came Emma's response. Clever girl, I thought, smiling to myself. As soon as the correct set of digits were placed the steel door slid open, presenting itself for me. "Anything I should worry about?" I asked.

"Yeah, about your size!" Said Clark.

I rolled my eyes. How can this arrogant guy plan a joke on me in this situation? I was about to say something when Emma's voice rang again. "You got 20 seconds, bud. Clear your way quickly!"

I shoved myself in. All I could see were boxes packed and stuffed everywhere. Finally I found the tons of cocaine the gang had been smuggling all these years. I can't wait to see the look on Mitchell's face when he sees this. He'd be so happy. I got inside deeper until I came to a peculiar box. Removing it I saw another set of code words patched neatly on the wall. "Again?" I asked.

"The reverse of the previous one. 573905!" Emma instructed. "And 10 seconds to go."

Without wasting another minute I shot out the numbers. If I had wasted those 10 seconds, the main door would slide close and the room would fill with some kind of poisonous gas. Anyone who tries to steal it will be killed within seconds. What a plan! The reverse numbers were to jam the door. The authorities of the smugglers had installed it for themselves. Great move!

"All done!" I said, once I was sure the door was jammed. Now my team could easily move in and out.

"There's another guy here. I need backup." Logan informed all of us, out of breath.

"Coming for backup. Emma, Clark. Close in some more." I informed all of them simply as I started running towards where Logan was.

I turned a corner and saw a guy take a punch at Logan, but he was too inexperienced as he was able to simply dodge it and knee him in the stomach. Another guy kicked him on the side, causing him to fall to the ground. I felt a rush of fury watching my teammate getting hurt. The guy I saw earlier, who had the bag of white powder, started to pull his gun out of his pocket. Before he could even aim it at Logan, I was already there before he could even aim it at him. He was caught off guard when I suddenly jumped upon him. I grabbed him around the neck. tackling him to the ground. No, I am not heavy. I just know how to take them down.

The other guy tried to pry me off his mate, but I simply kicked him in the face. I saw Emma and Clark coming into view. Logan had enough time to sprang upon his feet and attack the other. He was a complete match for those muscular men. I was only a girl yet I was black belt in Judo Karate. I'm not muscular, or bulky. I'm a simple slim and skinny girl but yes I do know how to handle my attacks.

Clark signaled something to me. I squinted my eyes to see what he was saying since he was far away. "The police are here." He called. I nodded at him. Police are here and so is my team.

"Wilson, watch out!" I heard Logan yell at me, using my last name.

Whenever we're out on a mission, we always call each other by our last names. We have to keep our identities a secret in case of nearby enemies. I know I know you're all wondering that we used our first names before. That's because me and my tooti frooti friends forgot in the rush. Logan's shout just kind of made me remember this. I turned around to see why Logan was yelling at me, but was welcomed with a kick to the shoulder. I landed on the ground, but got up quickly.

"Weak girl." The guy who just kicked me spat. At his words, I gritted my teeth and ran at him. I did a flying kick at his face and stood above him when he lay on the ground numbly "Shut up." I muttered.

I saw the police take the guy I just kicked away. The police also took away the other guy who Logan took care of.

"Good job you four." Mitchell, our boss, said.

"When did you get here?" Emma asked, surprised, removing her elbow pad.

"Just in time to see the two men get arrested. Never thought you'd all cover it up in just six hours. Amazing" Mitchell then turned to look at me. "I need to speak to you tomorrow morning at seven sharp."

I looked at him confusedly but then managed to simply nod at him. He never likes to be questioned. He may seem like a nice guy, but he can be really strict when he's mad. He was a tall, strong man who always appeared in a proper, pressed suit. His tie matching the contrast of his shirt, his dress pants pressed neatly making him look like a complete gentleman. He used to recruit us. He's a high ranking officer who handles most of the cases and reports to the men above him. We were really close to him, especially me since my dad and him were best friends.

"Alright, I'll be there." I said with another nod.

"Good. Great work all of you." He announced again as he made his way to the locker room where the boxes of smuggled cocaine lay.

"Good work, Wilson!" Clark said as he patted me on the back. I rolled my eyes.

"You can say my name. The men are already arrested and nobody is around." I said.

Clark nodded his head. "Good job, April!" He said happily as he picked me up easily and placed me on his shoulders.

"Put me down!" I exclaimed in shock, gasping at the sudden gesture. Behind us I could hear Logan and Emma laughing.

Clark grinned but let me down. "Fine. Be that way. He said as he fake pouted and walked away.

"Let's go back to the agency base guys. It's already one in the morning and I'm so tired." I said to Logan and Emma.

They nodded their heads and walked with me to the cars which will drive us back to the base.

"Me too," Emma said, sliding beside April. "Now that the drama is over. I feel like every fiber in my body is tingling!"

Clark turned to face us as Logan sat beside him. "And I'm starving! I wanna head to the Ice-Tart!"

Emma frowned at him. "You gotta be kidding me! Look at the time. We're all exhausted!"

Clark pouted like a five year old kid. "Please! I'm so hungry. One cone!"

Emma made a face. "Logan, snap some sense into this butthead!"

Logan turned to face us, a small grin spread on his face. "Actually I'm hungry too. I'm with Clark. One cone won't hurt."

Emma glanced at me helplessly. "April c'mon!"

I waited for a second. Both the boys looked at me with excitement. I had to make the decision before we moved away from the spot. "Ok fine. Just one cone!"

"God, seriously!" Emma rolled her eyes. While the boys clapped with excitement.

You may be confused about what's going on right now, so let me inform you about everything. Logan, Emma, Clark, and I are all secret agents. We are all members of the FBI and we were currently on a mission. We four are always put in missions together because our boss, Mitchell Jonathan, says that we have good teamwork. After all, we've been training and going. Logan and Emma are my really close friends. Emma was the first to become my friend then came Logan and then Clark. I started training to become an FBI member with them when we were ten.

Our first mission together with some other adults was when we were eleven. The four of us had our first solo together when we were thirteen. Yes, we were all very young, but we had our reasons. Ever since then, our missions have always been a success. We've never failed a single one and we're not planning to anytime soon.

"One chocolate cone, and…." Logan turned back to us for our order.

"Ours chocolate vanilla mix." I said.

"One chocolate, one pista and two chocolate vanilla mix!" Logan said to the girl dressed in a pink uniform.

"Right away, sir. Have a seat." She said with a smile penning down the order.

Clark beamed happily at us. "I'm so happy I could kiss you right now." He said, grabbing Emma around the neck. She tried to frown at him but his innocent cute face melted her heart and she cracked a smile. I watched as the three of them laughed and chatted. I couldn't help joining in. Tension was over. Now it was time to relax.

Logan, Emma, Clark, and I all live at the base. We have our reasons though. Logan's mom passed away and his dad is in jail. Logan's mom actually passed away when he was only nine. His dad would then constantly be coming home drunk and abusing him Because of this, he started learning karate to defend himself. One day when his dad got home drunk, he didn't want to put up with him so he tried to leave the house. Logan's dad followed him outside though and started abusing him. Logan used his martial art skills, but almost died that night. One of the neighbors saw what was happening and called the police. Down at the station, the police arrested Logan's dad and informed him about how he was actually a member of the FBI. Because his dad is now out of the FBI, he was forced to become a member of it.

Emma's story is a little different. Emma's parents were both secret agents of the FBI, but they kept it a secret from her sister and her. While Emma was in the car with her sister and parents, they got into a car accident. Her parents didn't survive, but her sister and she luckily did. Since Emma's parents are now dead, she and her sister were forced to become members of the FBI. Her sister unfortunately died because of a heart attack during training. Her sister's heart became weak because of the car accident and it caused her to get a heart attack when a knife was thrown next to her face, but not close enough to cut it, during training.

Clark has both of his parents. They are divorce but they split up on mutual understanding. His father found out that his mother was in the FBI. He asked for the divorce to secure his son since Mrs. Hassenberg had always been on very dangerous missions. But when Clark grew up he showed his interest in being a secret detective that Mitchel took him in. Tragedy struck when his mother's mission failed. She escaped from being captured but the injuries she sustained forced her to quit the FBI.

My parents were also members of the FBI. We knew about it though, but we tried to stay calm about it and not make it such a big deal. Our parents died in an accident which caused me to be forced into being a secret agent. The story will have to be told later though because I'll probably start sobbing if I think about it. The death of my parents still makes me feel depressed. For now, I need to get some rest after we get back to our agency base. That's why Emma and I are much closer. We both share the same pain of losing our parents. I was now extremely tired when we left the ice cream parlor. I fell asleep on Emma's shoulder and her head on my head. After all, I have to meet up with Mitchell in less than six hours.

"Morning." Mitchell greeted me at exactly seven sharp in his office, just like he planned.

"Morning." I replied back to him, keeping back a yawn.

Mitchell's smile that was recently just on his face, instantly disappeared as he looked at me seriously. "I have important news to tell you. It regards another mission." Mitchell started off. Another mission? Usually, all the secret agents have around a week to rest before they have to go on another mission. What could be so important besides the normal ones I always do?

"The mission you just completed was your three hundred ninety - ninth mission. All your missions have been a success and I am exceptionally proud of you because you went on your first one when you were quite young." Mitchell said to me.

"Why does it matter ?" I asked, biting back another couple of yawns. Right now, I wish I wasn't the leader of my team.

"It matters because this next one I am putting you on right now is a dangerous mission which will take longer than normal ones. Since you've never failed a mission before, I think you're ready for this type." Mitchell said, somehow proud and somehow determined to make the next one a grant success.

"What's the mission?" I asked curiously, yet cautiously.

"Come sit." He said, walking me to the table and asking me to sit down. Robin the steward came and poured us some tea. We both flashed a smile. He was my good friend.

"There is an illegal gang on the loose. Information about any of the members of this gang are unknown. However, all I know is they've kidnapped people and stolen drugs." Mitchell said, pouring some sugar in his tea.

"I don't get why this mission is so dangerous. Why did you say this would take a long time? I've gone on multiple missions like this before." I said with a small chuckle.

"This isn't like any other gang you've caught and arrested. Did you know this gang has killed more than forty people? This gang is sneakier and more malicious than any other gang member you've met. And they have some information about launching an attack on the Europe side. We want to know before it lands in the wrong hands. Apparently it has landed and God knows they might be working on launching that thing." Mitchell explained. I saw the look on his eye though. He was leaving something out.

"So they are terrorists ?" I asked to which he nodded.

"Extremely dangerous. They don't care who comes in their way. Men, women and children, even infants. They'll slaughter all. And they are going wild. We need to stop them. Now!"

"I'm not afraid of them and neither is my team. But tell me what are you not telling me?" I asked suspiciously.

He looked taken back for a second but quickly recovered. "Well, it's just a minor detail about the mission," Mitchell said.

"Tell me." I urged him, draining my cup. Robin came forward but I shook my head and he went back.

"You need to recruit four other people for this mission." Mitchell said.

"That's not what you were going to tell me. Just tell me already!" I nagged, losing my patience. I was already tired and sore and now I was sitting here in front of my boss, planning a mission to which I wasn't getting enough information. How pathetic! Mitchell sighed. He seemed to have read my mind and he was in no mood to play with my temper. He knows I was like my Dad. Impulsive.

"You're going undercover as high school students," Mitchell said.

"WHAT!?" Emma shrieked. "Did you just say that we have to pretend that we're normal high school students !?" She asked, shocked.

I nodded. I just told Emma, Clark, and Logan about the mission. They've been in all of the ones I've gone on so of course I was going to choose them to be on the team. That's three down. One more person to recruit.

"Who else are you going to recruit?" Clark asked, not really fazed by the situation. He seemed cool.

"What's the deal with being a high school student for the mission? I don't understand. I'm seriously not in a mood to study!" Logan crossed his arms.

"I honestly don't know. Do you guys want to go take a walk in the training center with me? We can go see if there are any agents there that are good." I asked, helplessly.

They all agreed. The training center was a huge room which was connected to around forty other big rooms. The training center is where all the secret agents train. There's guns, knife's, axes, bows and arrows, and basically any weapons you can think of. There are many rooms that are filled with obstacles and training dummies. We split ways as I started walking with Logan around the training center.

"What about him?" Logan asked, pointing to a guy who just threw a knife at a rubber dummy. . I glanced back at him to which he grinned. I returned it.

"Let me demonstrate." I said, faking an over dramatic voice as I walked up to the barrel which held some knives.

I picked up two knives and threw them straight at the training dummy without looking. The guy who previously threw a knife at the dummy's stomach stood with his mouth gaping open. I turned around to look at the dummy myself to see that I've hit its brain and heart.

"Lift your shoulder up more and don't make your wrist too stiff." I advised the guy. He nodded and thanked me.

"Dang girl! You got some fine throwing skills." Logan said playfully.

"Why thank you very much." I said in a posh accent.

"What about her then?" He asked me as he pointed to a girl with blonde hair, tied up in a ponytail. She looked a couple years younger than me.

"Let me watch her for a second." I said as I stared at her intently.

She was practicing her sparring with another agent. The girl was training on attacking right now while the other agent, possibly named Caleb, was simply defending all the attacks. The girl was actually doing well. "She's pretty good." I admitted.

"Does she defend well though?" Logan asked.

"Maybe a little sparring with me can answer that question." I said as I started walking over to the girl. I felt a hand hold me back.

"Go easy." He warned me. I scoffed and nodded.

"I barely know her. I'm not that cold hearted." I said to him as I got out of his grip and walked up to the girl. My plan was to do a little sparring with this girl. I've seen her around a couple times, but I never really got to meet her.

"Hey." I said once I reached the mat. She turned to face me and instantly smiled. "Hi." She greeted me.

"Is that okay if we do a little sparring?" I asked her. I watched as her face went pale for a second. What's the matter? Oh yeah, I never lost a spar.

"I'll go easy. I promise! I just want to see how well you do." I said with a gentle smile. I may be the leader of my team but yeah I have soft corners. Emm….like I can never as much lay a hand on children and animals. Especially cats and dogs. They are my favorite. Emma has to grab me from running towards them.

"Alright then." The girl said. We got into position and started to do a short spar. She tried to kick me in the shoulder, but I blocked it with my arm as I sent a kick flying back at her. She barely dodged it and she attempted to punch me three times. I blocked two of them and dodged the last one as I sent a punch back at her. We spent three minutes while Logan stood and watched with his arms folded. He was an excellent reader.

"Good job." I said as I shook her hand.

"Thanks! You too." She said, happily. She was relieved that I didn't pull her guts out. I looked over at Logan and he had a satisfactory smile as well. I knew I had my last member.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"Rachel Sanders," She answered, wiping the sweat off her face.

"Nice to meet you. I'm April Wilson." I said.

"I know who you are. You and your team are one of the top agents here." She said shyly.

"Would you like to be in?" I asked her with a smile.

"What do you mean?" She asked me back confused.

"How many missions have you had on?" I asked her. Every agent always remembers how many missions they've gone on.

"Two hundred and sixty." She replied.

"Well, I'm going on my next mission. Would you like to join? I'll fill you in on everything." She looked at me and I smiled ear to ear.

"I'd love to!" She said happily. I grinned. Logan came up to us and nodded at me..

"This is Logan Sawyers." I introduced him. He happily held out his hand for her.

"Hi, Rachel." She said, shaking hands with him.

"Pleasure to meet you, Rachel." Logan said, taking her hand up and gently pecking it. We both laughed. He was a complete gentleman. He knows how to respect women, his teammates, his bosses and madams and even his enemy. He can give the best respect and attitude to them. "Come, let me take you back to our cabin."

"Really ?" She asked in surprise.

Logan nodded. "Yeah, since you're our team members then you should be with us. C'mon. I'm sure you'll like it."

"April!" I heard somebody call my name. I turned around and saw Mitchell walking towards me. "Yes?" I asked him when he was nearer.

"I heard you recruited your team members. Two boys and three girls, right?" He asked.

"That's right." I answered, stretching out my arm to introduce the new girl. "This is Rachel."

"Good,good. Now, here are your disguise plans. Go through it with the others as well." He said as he handed me a document.

After that being said, he walked away like nothing happened. I took the document back to my room. The front of the document simply read Disguise Plans.

Why do I have to be disguised? I turned to the next page of the document and saw my mission clearly written out there. Everything then just clicked. I remembered Mitchell saying that my team was going to have to go undercover as normal high school students. That means we would have to disguise ourselves somehow in case the illegal gang won't recognize us. The disguises for Clark, Emma, Rachel, Logan, and me are making us look like some stereotypical teens. I sighed and put the document away. I don't see how this mission is dangerous or hard at all. We're just capturing an illegal gang. We've done this many times. Whatever happens, this mission has to be a success.

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