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Another examination and warning of the outcome from societies behavior and where we have gone wrong.

Non-fiction All public. © Michael W. Taylor 2022 ©

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What Takes Place Above... So Happens Below

Dry like a well.

Sick of this hell.

Confined in a cell.

The final ringing bell.

Hard to tell what's

worth saying.

It's not worth


A messege portraying

stained images of pain.

An ongoing demon-stration,

of living in vain.

Now, what has sustained,

grains, meat, milk and honey.

The plow has been traded in

for sabatoged seed and money.

Too sunny where the polar bear

lives, now hundreds drown everyday.

Humanity takes but so rarely gives,

until everything's gone...

Squandered away.

I guess I got a lot to say, if I can

pick these words out of the

chaotic storm that is in my head.

Arrange them just right, so they

can correctly display what too

often is neglected to be said.

We have become the parasite.

Tethered to the teat of a

friendly foe.

Evil don't care if you're black

or white, it's just another tagged toe.

I thought you should know,

that you're in the wrong fight.

By my might, I will continue

to teach what is right.

I lead by my concience and

not by my sight.

And at night their true

forms you will know.

What takes place above...

So happens below.

What happens this fall.

Can't kill them all.

Distracted by shopping malls.

Got em' by the balls.

It calls to you.

Input code command.

It knows your every move.

The new normal plan.

The fall of man predicted.

Nothing more to gain.

Manufactured sickness

in the toxic acid rain.

No shame and no remorse

as narcissistic ways pacify.

A game of who has more,

therefore more people have to die.

People still ask why, when the

problem lies in the way we've become.

Too many people getting high,

ignoring signs of what's to come.

They're trying to make us all dumb.

When you're under the thumb, you

can't wave your corporate flag and

convince me you are free.

We're all flies stuck in the worn out

gum of this Illuminati playbook they

call a society.

What used to be wrong is now right.

Feather and tar everyone that

you know.

Evil just loves when we neglect

The Light.

It wants to put out your soul.

The fruit is now rotten, don't

take a bite or the posion will

take it's toll.

I take no delight in preparing

these words tonight.

Those that don't listen are fools.

What takes place above...

So happens below.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

June 6th. 2022 ©

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