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This world is so beautiful To make this world enormously wonderful there ain't any gender bias between boys and girls. But even today in some countries there is discrimination between male and female , those questions of the Withered and poor females that dont have any answers. World is run on their sake And they are the one who manage it. But they are the one who bare the most cruelty.... Why? (All rights are reserved. Copying is liable for penal action.)

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Question no. 1

My India is great

But every day the honor of some or the other girl is tarnished, neha was raped and stabbed death by some rogues who was studying in 12th grade. A pile of sorrows have fell upon over family , to provide neha with justice her parents were wandering at every door step. Eventually a mean politician to get publicity, provide neha's brother with a government job instead of fighting for justice.

At home, riya was staring at the picture of her dead sister then glanced at her brother, and scof out to her mother with a sniff that

Riya:- mom! I have to die like my elder sister that's how brother's gonna get the job isn't it?

Mom and her whole family after her remarks went into the state of shock.

Riya's eyes were filled with tears and with poorness in her eyes again remarks

Riya :- isn't it mom?...✍️

jaswinder chahal


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This is the True
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