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sir do you know where the little dog is?

nowadays people are getting more cruel, they are doing horrible things, let me explain to you the cruelty of people in New York children disappeared their parents never found him but it was always the children of the poor why they are always in the street without any security there are children their parents could not stay with them because he had to go out to work they stayed alone so the millionaires used this situation to do business with the children a woman has two children the first is 15 and a little 11 years old their father died she worked in a store to go to work she leaves the little one with her sister The young girl wanted to go out with her friends, she left the little one at the neighbour's, without thinking the neighbor left the little one alone to go shopping. The little one saw a little dog, she went out to pick her up, the dog fled, and she followed her. the little one didn't know how to get home, a man in a car saw her he told her little one what are you doing all alone in the street, she said I'm looking for the little dog he told her that the dog was tell him he's going to take her to see the dog, she got in the car and he's taking her to a big house on the mountain. In a room he told her to wait for him, he's going to get the dog she stayed there waiting but the gentleman had not returned. In the window she saw children playing outside she went out she saw a gentleman she said to him sir you know where the little dog is?

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