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Alora is a young and sophisticated young adult. She is used to routine and order. Soon she meets a mysterious man at her own engament party. He turns her world upside down. And makes her realise, soulmates are bound for eternity. But what would she do if she finds out just how mysterious this man really is? Would Alora be able to accept the fact that he is a totally different species. One that loves the darkness and the smell of blood. Will Matteo be able to save his long lost beloved or will he lose her like he did centuries ago?.

Romance Romantic suspense For over 21 (adults) only.

#hatred #love #eternity #suspension #secretive #possessive #Vampire
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Authors Note!

Hi there Readers!

Before we start I first would like to point out a few things..

This book is highly fictional, some scenarios and names have been changed to fit the storyline. Also, if you are not 18 and older please skip this book. It has very garffic scenes, rape scenes, explicit scenes and strong language. So be aware of some of the chapters ..

And please, COPYING this book is not allowed unless I give written consent.

And lastly, I hope you enjoy the book and that you would also fall inlove with each character, live yourself into each chapter!

Please leave positive feedback, we are not here to bring each other down🙂❤️!!

Lots of love

Night Sky Xxx

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